"It's not what you know, but the one you know." We all heard this – that's true. Consider this fact:

61-85% of people are applying for a new network.

Here are my 10 mysteries that help improve networking skills.

first Know yourself and your personality: Outgoing, cordial and trendy young people, the network group you want to join will have to match your style and attitude. Want to meet different types of people to successfully manage your career, but you need to make sure they are fit for your own personality, think of it as a marriage, the perfect partner!

2nd You are on the agenda: When you are participating in network events, set some "goals" – want to be on the event? Relationships? Literature? Ideas? Warning I did not say "Job". Of course this is a decent job. Effective networking aims to create relationships that can help your career in the right direction to meet your goals.

3rd Know your strengths – what you can bring to a table that no one else knows – what makes you or your qualifications alone among your competitors? A "good communicator" is not a unique ability before you engage in any event, write down all your skills, or go on a biography to give it.

4th Learn your audience: need to get acquainted with helping you reach your goals? This network organization serves the audience if you have

members who are your audience or if not, you are probably not the group for you.

  • Groups of Obedience, Education and Support Groups
  • Prospects: a group that is your ideal target market or the ideal target market; […] 19659010] Professional Business Group Decision makers often get the name of Google before they meet you Professional organization can increase its online presence

5. Remember – the more you give, the more you go out, this is not always about you!

6th Learn how to start a conversation. Concentrate on at least 3 open-ended questions. And no: "Looking for a colleague, can I help you?"

7th If you're afraid, take a friend to the events. Networking becomes much easier when you meet new people with your friends and with you.

8th You know, if a group is right for you and your career or business – and if not, with some of the groups you will not understand after the first meeting; others take the time for the gel. For example, if you are active in the group and meet the right people, then it may be good. The goal is not to collect business cards; the goal is to build relationships that have grown with you, your career, and your business. This is the reason why one of the most important reasons for the group is to build relationships that only want to make food. Do not forget to follow the contacts you entered.

ninth Keep in mind that you have to take an active role to get the most out of it. Networking is more than just about to emerge. It's all about commitment.

10th So what is networking? – you just have a conversation with your friends.

These steps will build your confidence and practice will be second nature. Keep in mind that networking is a two-way street. A good network builder gives the network, maintains its network and builds a positive, ongoing business relationship. Enjoy building your network and your career to the next level.

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