This week I worked with another trainer with a presentation on the phone. He wanted to see my description of my presentation, so I quickly sent it by email, or I thought. When I did not receive it, I checked the "Sent" file. Oops! I clicked a bad person in the Outlook Address Book. Same surname, but different surnames! How embarrassing!

Here are some tips for writing e-mails. If you regularly send CVs or e-mail clients, remember that your email will be in the wrong hands, so be careful!

first Do it seriously. Think about what you want to say before you turn off the message. Some people jump on and on. Others in their hurry are unclear. Ask yourself: Will the reader understand this?

2nd Be aware of the sound. Please note the e-mail sound. Can anyone be misunderstood? Never email me when you're angry. Wait until she settles before she writes. If you're not sure, let someone else look at your answer.

3rd Proof read. Make sure you wrote what you want to say. Incorrect words or improper punctuation can change their meaning. Read the book "Eat, Shoots and Leaves".

4th Keep it private. Do not send personal information by e-mail. Most people know that they can not send credit card information via email, but a friend of their friend evaluated their work by e-mail and was not free! Keep in mind that the email can be forwarded. Do not say anything you do not want the world to know!

5th Corporate e-mail. Read your email and assume your boss will read. E-mail is not confidential and the company has the right to read in the corporate environment. Use Yahoo or Hotmail for personal e-mails.

6th Stop crying. Do not write in all capital letters. It can be considered to be yelling on the internet.

7th Check the "To:" item before you hit it. It's so easy to enter a bad address or press "answer everything" if you want the "reply". Avoid the embargo.

8th BCC is not CC. If you send an email to a group, keep private addresses using BCC. Do not mistakenly send someone else's email. Some people want to keep their email address because today there are so many spam, and they do not even want to open the virus. Honor your wishes and send them a copy of BCC. This will allow you to submit a list without listing everyone on the list. They only see their own email address.

ninth Fonts, Colors, Bold and Italic Fonts. Do not use unusual fonts in color, bold or italics. These are not always the case for different e-mail systems and can be encoded for some people.

10th No subject. Be sure to put an item in the email. Everyone receives so many emails today. If you want to be sure to read yours, put up a compulsory subject to let the reader open your letter.

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