Warm, oddly weird, certainly in the spirit of … there are things on this special holiday night. If you're looking for a slightly heated, tempting adult Halloween night, forget the sugar-powered energy, use these little text messages to scare some sexy places.

Sexual messages are not whimsical. Moreover, the wider the better the better. Sometimes you can ask a question (see numbers 1 and 2 below) that may cause source of spicy, sexy messages, but more often you want to throw a sweet, hot little fireball and see what fire is visible. These special gemstones are used to instill an evil grin on their faces and release an erotic force straight into their groin.

Before you send her a home-grown message, knowing that her sexy message is pounding … she's been driving all day and can hardly wait to meet you. Send him one in front of the audience and let me know exactly what kind of sparkling, sexy plan is later.

Do not forget. Plan ahead and make the fantasy you are realizing. At her desk, a couple of vampires go nicely under the number 3 below (or a silky black scarf in her purse to No. 8) and if you send the 6th number, make sure you're ready and waiting for it. [19659002]

  1. ur zombie queen is hungry. what will it nourish him?
  2. something wicked will be 2 nights. r u evil?
  3. 2nite i will bite what they leave
  4. my jack-u lamp needs a candle
  5. bob 4 my apples 2nite. do not have hands
  6. if I froze and lick you?
  7. I'm waiting for 4 something big n hard. not pumpkin.
  8. There are two knits.
  9. show me something 2 shake me
  10. my dear werewolf: i want to make my hand ur change
  11. me moan 2nite
  12. skeleton, bring ur bone
  13. u will be the best piece in my house

Happy Smokin & Hot Halloween!

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