If you have an e-mail account, you probably have received a lot of emails from companies and people who want to sell something for you, right? This is because mass email marketing is one of the most popular advertising modes. The only problem with this type of marketing is when emails are sent to people who are not potential customers yet.

However, if these emails are sent to potential customers, such as the lead list, this may be a very powerful marketing type.

Provided you have a good targeted list for sending emails, it's important to think about the content that comes with your email. Yes, you want to advertise, but not too strong. You do not want to find some despair, though. Writing a newsletter is a great way to fine-tune advertising while actually highlighting the products or services you sell.

So, what's the main purpose of this type of marketing? You want the reader to read through the email and decide to buy, as this will bring the revenue to you. Product feedback in e-mails helps the reader to verify the purchase of the product.

As you probably know, spam is a big problem that makes e-mail marketing look bad. Be sure to report newsletters and emails in a way that is not spam. Be true and true in your writing. If someone thinks that an email spam is simply not read or deleted. If this happens to your emails, the whole email list will now look like a spammer and this will be a disadvantage for your business.

Email marketing is not a novelty, but it's a great thing to help your business if you do it well.

Creating e-mail leads is a very important method used by Internet marketers. These emails help increase traffic to a particular site, and these managers help the online marketer to sell various online products to visitors who are interested. This makes the email lead generation very important in the internet marketing business.

Internet marketers generate emails with multiple tools and are listed here:

1. Purchase e-mail leads: there are Internet marketers who come from many sources from the various sources from which they buy the drivers. This will help them to pay a huge amount of lead. One disadvantage of these types of wires is that these wires are much less sensitive as they are not directed against a particular part.

2nd Enable e-mail lead: This is another way of sending e-mails. This is done by first directing visitors to the site by optimizing the search engine. Once the visitors reach the website, they will read the content of the site. Again, if the content is rich and delightful, the content reader will be tempted to get more details from the internet marketer and choose your emails on the site. These opt-in leads are much better than purchased leads. This is because these people are genuinely interested in the products and the internet marketer will have much better results through marketing through the wires created.

3rd Co Registration Email Lead: This is another way to create email managers that are very inexpensive and useful in business. Many people use these Co registration emails, which have a good impact as they provide much more help than other types of email managers in creating business and selling products for many people. Co registration lines can be purchased, but at very cheap prices and the number of leads depends on the webmaster's budget.

Email managers are very helpful in expanding business on the Internet and are generally used by Internet marketers. The huge potential of e-mail increases business, which is very important for e-mail generation.

Email marketing is still the primary way for direct communication to customers. But customers have received emails by e-mail and have to open it first before they read the email. So the subject of email is so important. Here are 10 ideas to increase the open prizes for email marketing.

first Ignite Their Interest

Do not tell them all about the subject line. Feel your interest and ask them to open the email to find out more. Note what they see when they receive your email and put the words in the right order to find out more.

2nd Use your personality

Pass your personality to your email marketing. You need to finish the incoming mailbox, and if it's appropriate for your subscriber, describe the subject line just as you did when you sent it to a friend.

3rd Make them curious

If you know the audience is sending e-mails well, it should not be difficult to deal with curiosity topics.

4th Do not be too smart

Be careful about trying too smart on the subject of your email. If the reader's leg tricked when he opens the email, regardless of whether the bid is good, they want to sign up.

5th Using Keywords

Some people search for incoming mailboxes with keywords, so they include relevant keywords in the subject line of the email. Plus, when the email arrives, the keyword is immediately noticeable.

6th Customize

If you can use a person's name in the subject line, it's more likely that you will open the email.

7th Avoid Load Words

There is very little space in the subject line of the email. Check the different words to find out what works best for you. The general guideline is 1-7 words or less than 130 characters.

8th Dropdown

If you use a name of a famous person, or the name of a person who likes your audience, it will help you in the open proportion. But make sure you do this because you do not want the person to be angry, so make sure all this is positive. There must be a clear situation.

ninth Inserting a deadline

Utilizing the deadline for the subject line will tempt the audience to open it. If you have a special offer that ends in three days, say it in the subject line, but make sure you stick to it!

10th Ask a question

If the audience sees a question you want to respond to, you would like to open the email to reply.

Do you know where your online money is?

Money on the list … is on your own email list.

We've been online for a while now, thinking that all these people are pulling the six & # 39; or "seven" figurative incomes? I was there where you are today. Then I realized that all of these "gurus" are completely honest, they say: the lion's share of online income comes directly from the list of hot, sensitive respondents. Your list needs cash … really.

Are you sure you're writing e-books and compiling products that are sold online, but most of the products sold are listed on my lists and on the list of affiliates.

Simply put … if you want to kill on the Internet with any part of it, build an email list of people who are enrolled to hear what they say, want to see what they are offering. They will be friends of people in the email list who want to open emails.

Ok, so how do lists of emails work?

The email list is only a list of subscribers who have given you their name and email address in exchange for the information they provide. Usually a free ebook or software or something that is valuable to your prospects. Free resignation is very easy, as tons of free bets are available on the internet. Only free Google libraries & # 39; or "free" … I'm sure you'll find something in millions of hits.

The best freebie to offer, though would be the one with which you created it . It sounds like a daunting task, but it can be very simple. Find a PLR ebook / report on the topic you are interested in and transcribe. Always make sure that the ebook / report allows you to do this and make sure it is a unique plagiarism.

Fast List of Resale Rights for eBooks and Reports

1. For personal use only

It only means what it is … only for your own use, can not be modified, can not be sold, etc. The buyer has no right except personal use.

2nd Resale Rights (RR)

You may resell this product, but in general, you will not be able to change or sell any product other than your resale.

3rd General Resale Rights (MRR)

You can usually sell or sell the product with the MRR and allow your customers to do so. You can not change it in any way.

4th Private Label Rights (PLR)

If you rewrite the e-book and add yourself as an author, you are searching for it. Be sure to look at the interest of the particular eBook as it may vary from your rights to the product to the product. Always check to make sure it is not in violation of copyright laws!

You can even use Open Office, which is free and links will be preserved when converted to PDF format, in which format e-books and reports can usually be found.

or software development. Sounds expensive … right? You do not need to, just go to iWriter.com or fiverr.com and find a writer or developer to take care of the project inexpensive.

Well, did I get my free gift now?

Well, now it's time to marry, of course, the name and email address of the prospects.

The best way to do this is what is called a squeeze page. Here is the definition of "squeeze" & # 39; from Webopedia:

In the Internet and in the online advertising language, a squeeze page is a Web site that contains information that is of interest to marketed targeted readers. Squeeze pages are designed to get the reader's name and email address if they encourage users to join the email list to get more information about the subject.

Marketers will collect authorization-based emails and information that will be tracked later. There is still a debate about the actual definition of the squeeze site. Some people feel that landing pages provide additional hyperlinks to information and email opt-in list sign-ups to be a squeeze page, while others in the industry believe that they only view pages that include an email subscription they contain the press.

The trick is that the reader has to do very little, but to subscribe to his offer in return for the information. The name knot page & # 39; the information is shaken out of the reader, so he speaks.

I would recommend your own storage space to your squeeze site, but if the money is scarce, you can use Blogger, sometimes WordPress.com, or any freely available web page.

How do I track these subscribers?

Well, you can try to handle it all by yourself … free & # 39; to send e-mails to your list, but I do not recommend it! You may be overwhelmed soon enough.

No, I always recommend you sign up for an auto responder service. I use and recommend Aweber, just like most online marketing. Some worthy auto answer services are iContact and GetResponse.

Aweber only pays $ 20 a month and can not afford … why is there an email list in the first place?

I'm not going to show you in detail how to create your account, or when you send follow-up emails or emails, etc. As Aweber does well with this web site.

Good luck, and do not forget that money is actually on the list! & # 39;

Traditional marketing ideas offer new online marketing methods. The reason for this transformation is the fact that a large part of the companies achieved a high level of growth through online marketing, and that growth was at a very rapid pace. The pace of online marketing is incompatible with traditional marketing methods. Thus, the corporate world chooses the way of online marketing. Large and small companies are looking for first-class email providers who provide web-based ideas for marketing that would help them to raise their business to a much higher level. Web based marketing technology is not one-sided but there are many pages. However, e-mail marketing is the most popular among all the elements and stages of online marketing technology.

Targeted and interested customers are most likely to respond when using the online marketing method to work with them to develop and promote the business. The main reason for the popularity of corporate e-mail services in the current business world is certainly the probability of interaction with the company's customers. In order to send bulk e-mails that have been made in a very interesting way to draw people's attention, business email providers are sufficient for customers chosen by the company. Companies are vigorously supporting corporate e-mail services and can achieve tremendous progress at a very fast pace.

A number of well-known companies have high-skilled people and advanced technology resources, which are business-to-business email providers in the corporate sector. Labor and technology are working intelligently to provide a high level of satisfaction for customers. Companies offer a high degree of customer satisfaction by providing customers with online promotional offers that are effective in business and interesting formatted business emails.

Email Providers send e-mails after they have been designed for a selected group of customers in the company who want to develop business with online mode. Corporate emails sent to customers are informative and, in some cases, introductory. E-mails contain all the information that customers are looking for, such as the company's unique features, the latest features, and so on. Customers targeted by the company and sent the email will also get access to the company's contacts, and customers can also check the unique offers that the company provides. The authenticity of the company can be verified with these business emails. As far as online marketing is concerned, there are several areas that have not been explored so that the corporate sector employs professionals who are able to hire the entire marketing field in online mode to achieve great success in business.

Identification of Fraud

Fraud can be recognized in a number of ways. I'm discussing here three. The first is what I want to call "Something for nothing". It has hit our country, but it continues because of the natural desire of immediate wealth. The "Something for anything" type of scam means that someone sends you by email, usually from another country, and wants to give you big money to transfer a check that they will send to you and return them the money. The same applies to lottery ads. Newsflash: You did not win anything. If you pay money from them and send them the portion they want to get back when the bank finds out that it is fake then the bank has to pay a full amount.

2nd Number: Misspelling. I'm not an English-speaking expert, but 99% of emails that have been scammed contain a lot of incorrect spells. If I travel to another country, it would be very difficult to get language and spelling. This is another good way to detect fraud.

The last way to detect fraud when the sender asks for personal information, such as account numbers, or asking them to click on a link to get to their website. Sometimes the link will show you one thing, but the webpage you really go to is a fake site that steals your information. As my mom says, there's nothing wrong with asking if you do not know. If you suspect an email or a physical mail, ask me or another specialist. Safer than I'm sorry.

Report Fraud

There are several ways to report fraud. One is to contact the FBI Internet Criminal Complaint Center (IC3). You can fill out the online offense notification form and on the FBI website, you can sign up for updates when you report new fraud and warnings.

Another way to report fraudulent internet fraud is to contact the company whose name was involved. For example, if you received a suspicious email from someone who claims that Wells Fargo, there is a page on Wells Fargo's website to report it. The same applies to other companies such as Citi, Best Buy, Ebay, Paypal, etc.

Finally, email addresses are generally available to send suspicious e-mails. One is the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The email address spam@uce.gov . Your email provider may also list a title for the transmission of suspected fraud emails.

Protect yourself

It's a shame that you have to cover up with something like this, but online scams and identity thefts are alarmingly high. There are several ways to protect yourself.

1) Do not reply to any emails that appear suspicious.

2) Never give personal information to someone you do not know.

3) Do not click on any link if you are not sure about the sender of the email.

4) Log in to identity theft service, such as LifeLock.

Using automated e-mail marketing, you can increase your online business and make marketing more effective. As you probably know, email marketing basically sells a product or service to a subscriber via an email campaign.

Behind this process: Visitors to your site will visit the newsletter and are in the process. information to the subscriber, then sell it to him. You can do this by simply encouraging them to enroll, or by attracting a free product, on condition that they sign up for regular emails or newsletters.

While this model is very effective in selling, it can be tedious and time-consuming if the process is not automated. Automatic email marketing can dramatically reduce your efforts in any email campaign. If you already have an automated system, you need less effort and time to manage your subscribers.

Build trust

The philosophy is that if you regularly communicate with subscribers on a particular topic, you naturally trust in you as authority on the subject and the sale or recommendation of the product becomes easier. Continuous subscription to the newsletter is always a good indication of your interest in the subject you are talking about.

There are three important things to keep in mind for automated email marketing to achieve the desired results. Designing, Contenting, and Scheduling Your Newsletters

Designing Your Email Newsletter

Your newsletter design is very professional and reflects the subject you are dealing with. For example, if you teach graphical design in a newsletter, the newsletter may be colorful, yet simple and professional. The theme of this newsletter always has an impact on your email campaign.

In other cases, consider plain texts in your emails. This facilitates the creation of newsletters and is readily available in all e-mail software and internet correspondence. Most Internet marketers use plain texts in their emails.

Providing Useful, Quality Content

To be successful in the success of automatic e-mail marketing efforts, you must be very important in content. This is probably the most important factor for reflection because the philosophy of the marketing model is to build trust and credibility with its subscriber.

And if there is not such an impressive content that will inspire our subscriber's desire to read the mail, then there will be no marketing efforts.

In addition to useful and high-quality content, you must learn to create stunning titles and a powerful action call. If these features are missing in your email marketing campaign, then the question is missing.

How often do you send e-mails?

It is the last but equally important factor to consider in email automated e-mail marketing. Even though you do not have to ask your subscriber email each time, you need to make sure that your emails are scheduled as your subscriber decides when you have selected it.

within the time available daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. you can send newsletters. Every day of the week, it fits twice or twice in most businesses.

This does not mean that you can not send emails to your subscribers except for these schedules. However, you should do this carefully and make it clear that such emails are "special".

These three factors, when integrated into an automated email marketing campaign, ensure that your efforts deliver results to the results you are looking for.

Let's talk about how to organize e-mails so that they are more likely to read and act. This article is divided into two abbreviations: BLUF and ACE, which help you to look at ways of organizing professional emails.

I like the abbreviation "BLUF", meaning "Bottom Line Up Front". As most people in today's society will not read more than full screen texts, they should summarize how they are trying to communicate when they send their professional emails.

You do not have to worry about a summary when writing to your mom or your best friend. On the other hand, when you send professional communications, you send them to other busy people, so be cautious and attentive if you put the most important information – bing, bing, bing – at the beginning of the email because people will read the email the rest, will read the main points.

You are about to kill them immediately, for example: "The agenda of this weekly meeting is below, write down the person who will be responsible for this," followed by the agenda. Whatever you send, you can manually make one or two sentences that you can place right at the beginning of the email, and then you can quickly get in touch with that summary after what you want to say.

For those who are usually quite entertaining or for those who are usually just "disappointed" it is difficult for BLUF (at the beginning of the line) to "cut to persecution" because we are inclined to show what we are going to say a lot foreign information. However, if you begin to see that your professional emails get a much higher and more timely response, you'll realize that it's worth doing extra effort.

Another way to organize your email is to use ACE, which is the action of the action that people have to do, the "context" they need, and E is the "Ending" e-mail closes or closes properly. Here's an example:

Activity :

Get ready for the Senate session at the next Thursday (4:00 pm to 4:15 pm)

Context :

As Chairman of the Treasury Committee, the Kari Senate has been interested in the status of its findings so far.

End :

Create a 40 page single-sided publication, though this is not necessary. Thanks!

When I use ACE as my framework, I raise the action, contrast and ending in the email body because it encourages me to concentrate and all three parts. The reader knows how to organize the email. In most e-mail programs, including Outlook, you can set an automatic text input by typing a few letters to insert the structure directly into the e-mail message.

Of course, you do not need to use this structure for every e-mail, but if you have important time-sensitive and intentional emails (you do not want people to ignore, action), it is strongly recommended as a structure. Wrinkles are natural for certain people and not natural for others. BLUF and ACE structures are also useful for those who help in the clarity of e-mail messages.

And learn more about "destroying e-mail beast"

To send e-mails to your list of clients and contacts, you need an email organizer, also known as autoresponder. If you want to advertise or sell your emails through the list of subscribers, automatic replies are mandatory if you do not want your email marketing to become a complete nightmare.

Auto Response is a unique tool that helps you with email marketing. It helps you create a list of subscribers, gather email addresses, organize subscribers, and send emails to the list. After setting up the system, you can automatically send email to groups or categories or to the entire list.

Automatic e-mail

E-mail organizer or auto-messaging service is a kind of automated e-mail service that can organize and schedule mail e-mail and marketing. You can group people in the list into categories, so they can fit into different slots.

The list of customers and prospects is a very important part of your business. An auto-notification node is a list manager and automatic email submitting. You can load a set of emails first and set up the date of the email you want to send as well as the part you need to send the list.

For example, if you use the auto-response tool with 50 e-mails and send you once a week, subscribers are listening to you almost every week for almost every year. This is really a "set and forget" system that saves a lot of work and time and difficulty.

Single Message

Of course, you can send a single message at any time, like an email organizer. In this case, enter or paste the message, select the people you want to send, and then click Send. It's as easy as this; hundreds or even thousands of people can get in touch with a touch of a button.

Now you can ask how to add these subscribers to the list. Respondent services will also help, and even create an automated process for capturing subscribers.

Select Automatic Response

There are many auto responders (software) and auto responder services available. You can purchase your own auto-reply software and then send your message to your computer and email account. However, I do not recommend this option.

First, because it takes a lot of time for the computer and email service to send a large number of emails. Secondly, when your e-mail provider sees you sending a large amount of email from your account, it assumes that you are spamming and possibly acting against you.

Another, much better option for using a professional automatic answering service. You still find free e-mail services that I do not recommend because they are less reliable and include their own advertisement when sending their e-mails.

So, I suggest you pick one for the market leader and the best autoresponders market – AWeber or GetResponse. For a relatively small monthly fee, these auto-responders handle everything by installing, scheduling, and sending emails on the list of emails.

Web Forms

You can have any list of any of them. They create a web form installed on their web site to accept subscribers. Web forms are based on templates that can be customized. Next, you copy / paste a snippet of code that you add to your web pages.

The result is an opt-in format that appears on your web pages where visitors enter their name and email address and join the email list. If you are using a dual opt-in system (which you must enter), you must confirm your subscription before adding it to the list.


requires additional steps for people signing the newsletter or e-zine before they actually become subscribers. When submitting the opt-in form, you will receive an email from you asking them to click on a link in the email to confirm their subscription.

Both of the above-mentioned two response services offer many different tools and features to best serve your email marketing efforts. They also provide useful help with tutors and knowledge bases.

The list of subscribers with which you can send newsletters, updates, and bids is a great advantage of online business, so you definitely need one. You must have an "Email Organizer" (Automatic Responder) to manage your lists and email submissions. Worth the money!

Dear people, online marketers, let me clean the fog!

Subject lines may be the most serious elements of email advertising and marketing. But how could something be potentially short, enjoyable, impressive, tempting, just like at the same time?

Takes a mixture of all these emotions to design a complete email object. As a result, marketers question some of the most common investigations:

• Are shorter lines better?

• What should be the optimal counting of characters?

• Is the size size?

Frequently, responses to such tests remain in the statistical data that we will soon find out. However, to manage the numbers, we need to create a series of processes to analyze the actual data needed to create the catchy topic lines.

Collection of information

Generally speaking, it is a mistake to believe that the best question we need to ask is: what is the material size associated with a higher opening rate? The measurement data in this section are as follows:

• Subject line

• Number of e-mails sent

• Number of e-mails sent

• Unique opening rate

• Open%

• Number of clicks received

• click-through rate%

• Abolition Rate%

Evaluation of Information

Most of our lines lie between 4 and 9 words, which is simply considered safe. We've tested some key metrics with 4 to 9 or 10 or more spaces to determine the size of the subject line that provides the highest degree of interaction and we found this:

• Average open rate% found to be the highest 4-6 words.

• The average clickthrough was the highest compared to the open% ratio with 7-9 words.

Open prices were not actually linked to opening the click. Commitment seemed to be key here, not just e-mails. You understand well.

It is quite obvious that a 4 oral object line does not convey the actual intention of the email content despite the initial turmoil. That's why most people prefer an email, with a 9 topics, because they have a lot better feeling about email ideas from the beginning.

Take information and make it optimal

now you need to know what we are looking for!

We sent thousands of emails and find the metrics listed at the beginning:

• The Open Rate is the highest 4-5 words, averaging 6-7 words, the lowest being 8 or more in several words, the number of its opening opens the same statistics.

• Click the Open button The highest value is between 6-7 and 9 words, averaging 4-5 words plus 10+ words, while the lowest 8 words.

the highest percentage of clicks were 7 words, and the lowest 8 words. Obviously, the champion had 7 words for full interaction, 8 words as shocking. Nearly half of the efficiency was just a small word.

As for the number of characters, an average 7-word subject line should be an average of 35-49 characters. However, do not leave the characters. Instead, keep the words in mind.

What material ideas should be shared? Have you discovered other email secrets? Share it with the comments below.