Recently with a coach, I reminded you how many trainers think that marketing is too much for work. This coach said he hated marketing and reflected his bank account! That is, the customers and the money ran out of stock.

If there is a common theme among the coaches, that is, they do not like marketing … they just want a coach. But when it comes to bottom rows, the reality is that you do not make money on the workout – you only earn money from marketing. So the question is how to make marketing enjoyable and entertaining, so will we really do it?

I imagined the last day when I created a workbook and worksheet for our monthly training package. When I was thinking of how amusing the members through these materials, I realized that the title of these documents could be better! After all, the coaches are doing too much work, so you really want more "work", that is WORKbook and WORKsheet? Then he came to me. I rename my stuff "Playbook" and "Playsheet". Then the idea is to play, not to cooperate with the materials.

This shift in perception can also be applied to marketing. I know this is a leap, but what if you give a marketing schedule, you call it "playing time"? I've done this already. I tell my friends that I'm no longer working on my business – I play with my business. I'm so excited to get up every morning so I can go to my office and play "on my computer.

The "Do To" list is now the "Get To Do" list. Business gameplay includes things I like: I'm writing e-mails and promotional instances (I like to write), I'm designing graphics and web pages (I love art), I make educational materials (I like to create things), and talk about prospects (I like to meet people and know more about them).

So now, if you are one of those coaches who do not like marketing, I'd like to ask you how to do it instead of "playing". "How can you change your marketing perception to make your business go to market? (19659002) To consider this perception in your business, here are some useful steps:

  1. Take some time to figure out what you can do when you spend your "working time" in "playing time".
  2. Check out how you talk about your business during the conversation. Talk about it as enjoying all aspects.
  3. Change the "Do To" list to a "Get To Do" list and see how your attitude changes.

nervous or unbridled vibrations from hate speech will not be consumed in marketing. Instead, the joy of marketing vibrates, so it becomes more attractive for prospective customers. By shifting your perception, you can make marketing more enjoyable. Why not try?

As more people travel business and pleasure than ever, the more they need to learn how to effectively exercise away from home.

Travel should not put the fitness program into a grinding death. Be creative in practice, be more realistic and more efficient, regardless of how busy your route is.

Research shows that 4 x 15 minutes exercise is as effective as a 1 x 60 minute session. The result – more efficient use of time, greater energy consumption, more than four times the metabolic rate of metabolism, and the physiological production of happy hormones and endorphins throughout the day to be energetically, well-spirited, and mentally alert.

So how do you relate this to practice? Before setting up your breakfast, place your coaches and play for a 10-minute run, one step or go swimming. After lunch, walk 15 minutes around the hotel. This also helps the digestion process so you do not feel full when you return to work again. As the rallies completed the gym, a quick 15-20 minute circuit explosion on the workout. Circuit training ensures that your heart rate continues to increase, maximizes your energy costs, saves you less time in your workout, and creates a new training response to your body for adaptation and response. Forget about 3 10. If you have a gym, you should do each exercise one by one, alternating with muscle groups. Then press the shower to get ready for your dinner engagement. It's really as simple as that!

You have to be disciplined to do it for the first time, but once you've tried it, it will be as routine as cleaning the teeth – and you'll be fantastic!

Here are some tips to increase your physical activity while traveling:

o Schedule the exercises as you organize business meetings. They are just as important and indispensable to prosperity, especially when traveling on business.

o Brainstorm while collecting while walking in a meeting room

o Walk along the airport while waiting on board.

o Walk on the escalator instead, you will find it arriving faster than travelers!

o Pick up the stairs instead of the elevator, or pick up the stairs early from the floor and walk your way.

o Pack the resistant pipes.

o Pack the jumper.

Try these simple yet powerful steps to maximize your business, productivity, and performance while on business.

Good luck for your future workout.

With respect to health,

Daniel Remon.

Fitcorp Asia specializes in qualified fitness professionals in Executive Fitness Programs.

I work with men and women who are fresh from the relationship. Hurt, betrayed and broken, some want revenge. Others often dazzle more people not to deal with what they feel. Nobody wants to hurt. But this pain, it often leads to a more successful relationship in the future. If we neglect to examine our part for a failure {missing, if it is a better term} connection, then we will bring the same behavior to the next. And what I often see, the pattern must be repeatedly and repeatedly repeated. So what are we doing?

I work with a very strong and independent woman right now. At present, they are caught with such toxic behaviors that harass their relationship. Because of the lack of boundaries, communication and lack of intimacy, they mean very dark moments. I really believe in taking the time to develop who we are, in order to bring our authentic self to our relationships. How many changes have occurred after they are "received"? In other words, find out who you are and exactly who you ever met in the first conversation. I'm not talking about putting all the cards on the table from the start. I'm talking about being honest in your affairs and making yourself right.

I remember working with a couple who came into my office after three years. Your friend was shocked to find out that his girlfriend did not like playing football with her on Sunday. Although it does not sound like a big business, the first two and a half years, it was Sunday's rite. When he suddenly said he did not want to do this, he thought he did not want to spend time with him. When we started diving in the sudden change, he could finally find out he never loved football. In fact he hated the first day. He admitted he was just happy.

When we are not authentic, we end up imploding. Think about how many Sundays you've been wasting in the past 2 and a half years. While applauding his willingness to compromise, he realized that this is no compromise at all. When his authentic self finally could not take it away, he started. And while she was relieved of relief, her girlfriend had no idea what was wrong and why she did not want to spend more with her on the weekend. With some honest communication in Sunday activities, you can intimacy and compromise. A quick solution to a longstanding problem.

What if it went different. Suppose they broke up and did not deal with this issue and talk about the next relationship. We have a good chance of meeting him. But turning to my current, strong, independent client when I asked myself to take care of yourself. He said he did not know how to think about the issues. I said it was not the reflection. It's about discovering who you are in the absence of others. When we feel ourselves, we feel comfortable with others. Really comfortable. One thing to compromise on a relationship. This is completely different to compromise.

Take the time to find your voice. Learn how to use it. Compromise is an integral part of any relationship. However, you can not compromise if you have not yet expressed your opinion. You will never know your opinion unless you know your authentic self.

Sweet Chili Tofu:

Sweet chilli pepper is a light dish that can be cooked. And the rice goes well. It is recommended that Tofu or Extra be used with Tofu to prepare the recipe. Ingredients:

• Tofu / Extra Tofu (Diced)

• Cornstarch

19659005] • pepper (1965)

• olives (19659005) • pepper (red (19659005) • sweet pot (from supermarkets)


1. Add maize starch, salt and paper into a bowl. Then fill in the tofoot

. Prepare yourself in the preheated pan and cook for approx. Bake for about 5 minutes with olive oil until slightly brown. And keep them sideways.

3rd In the same skillet add pepper and onion, then approx. Dry for 2-4 minutes until it becomes soft.

4th Add tofu in the pan. Cook for two more minutes.

5th Then get a serving bowl and pour it on a sweet chili sauce.

Sweet chili tofu is ready to cook for 10 to 15 minutes. White rice or brown rice can enjoy this recipe. This recipe belongs to one of my favorites. Although you need many ingredients to make a recipe, it's easy to cook. This recipe is Jamaican Inspired Jerk Tofu


• 1 red onion

• 1 Jalapeño

• 1 spring onion


• Barnacukor )

• Vinegar (apple cider / white vinegar)


• Peanut (half teaspoon)

• Cinnamon powder (half teaspoon)

• Peanut (half teaspoon) ] • Peanut (half a teaspoon)


1. Disturb the Vegetables

2. Take a mixer or a food processor to mix all of the ingredients in order to smooth it up.

3rd Add the spices to the blender

4. Cut the Tofu from the egg into the shape of the steak and place it on the plate

. Add the beef over the tofu.

6th Keep in the refrigerator for 10 minutes a night.

7th Get a pan. And fry the pickled tofu with low heat for approx. 4-5 minutes until golden brown.

Note: You can use a grill with a smoky flavor. The rest of the roasted marinade sauce can be heated by an extra. Taste it with rice or broccoli. Jerk tofu is delicious and should be added to prepare vegan meals. So you can try this on vegan grilling. Tofu Salad Wrap: ]

Tofu packaging is one of the cleanest foods in preparing vegan meals. Preparation takes 10 to 15 minutes. 100% fine and easy. So this is a great meal. Ingredients:

• Vermicelli (minced and diced)

• Edamame

• Spring onion

• Stoned Garlic and Onion Pastes

• Soy Sauce

• Salad

Preparation :

1. Drop everything in a hot pan until the tofu appears to be golden brown. Make sure you keep the heat in the center.

2nd Add a pinch of soy sauce to the pan (the last minute)

3. Now add the salad with boiled tofu.

The tofu pack is ready to enjoy. If you like, add carrots, avocados, mushrooms and peppers to the ingredients. You can add a little sauce (like sweet chili sauce, stir with sauce, sauce and sauce) to the packaging

Many people want to earn money online. This is understandable because it is much easier to stay home and earn money because it is more comfortable in your own home. Not to mention, you will be your boss. One of the common misconceptions about people is to be a computer guru to make money online. This is not true at all. If you know how to do the most basic things on your computer, you can earn online money.

People's mistake when earning online earnings is trying everything. They're doing a thing for a month, and they're going to change something completely different. This is bad because it usually takes more than 1 month to start seeing the inbound price of a good amount, so if you keep changing the method you want to use, you will not do anything. Most importantly, make money from the Internet, find something that works and insists on it.

What are the methods? Very few, I list some of the most common ones.

One way of affiliate marketing. This method is probably the simplest, since you do not have to buy any product or sell anything, just advertise it. Suppose someone tries to sell an e-book he has made to throw a football. Promote this e-book and the money received comes from a commission. Mostly, the commission is 50%, so you can make good money.

Another way to make a lot of money, create your own e-book and sell it. This book can be anything, so if you know a lot about a particular subject like throwing a football, you'll make a tutorial on this subject and sell it online. This method is more difficult than other methods, as it requires expertise and good money. My personal recommendation is not to create an e-book until you have an online earning experience.

Another source of online revenue is e-commerce. What it is, selling actual products to people instead of advertising them or creating them. You need to know the subject and have good social skills, though it's online. This may be difficult for some, as it is very time-consuming, so I would not recommend this to beginners.

If I should suggest a method to start making money for the money. I would choose affiliate marketing. If you learn how to do it right, you can start earning income at a time.

There are many factors that take into account the value of art, such as fair market price, size, material, exposure, experience, critical recognition, and self-esteem. Among all the factors, the ladder is probably the most ignored, but still the most important one. What the artist deserves is exactly the same as what he deserves to do. How important is your art? What will we do to separate you from the arts?

Unfortunately, most artists are emotionally disadvantaged and can easily be separated from their work by praise. Most artists are willing to give their work to anyone who has an empty wall and a positive note. Although spells are great for the ego and serve as a wonderful motivatore, they do not outline the value of the artist's work. The first step in promoting product value is "Never stop". So if you never throw it away, how much do you pay for it? Simple to see how much you are

Most projects, especially the two-dimensional projects, have a size and material that is negligible compared to your time. The artist's lessons must be valuable resources used in each project. Think about your time the next time you take out the car for repair. Check out your account. Only one engineer made a six-dollar car in his car and paid a hundred dollars for the workforce. Time is money, and time as an artist is valuable. Think of other professions, such as attorneys, doctors, and therapists. In most of these professions, they do four or eight years of education, making most of their skills a year of inability to work and spend thousands of dollars for their time.

The artist can continually improve their whole life and include what they are exposed to in their art. For comparison, the artist's time is invaluable, but artists should also consider the market and have to pay a reasonable price. It's worth ten, twenty or fifty dollars an hour.

Set your own rate, then start watch your lessons. When you start the piece, note it in a journal. Please note the start date of the project and track the actual hours spent on the project every hour of the day. At the end of the project, download your lessons. Now there is a baseline shape from which to work. Like any other profession, labor is not the only determining cost on the bottom line. You should also consider how much time you have devoted to building your reputation. Do you have a gallery display? Galleries provide exposure. They also undertake any jobs sold due to exposure. The amount of commission must be calculated for the price you would like to receive. Did you get any prizes or took part in the competition? Competition provides exposure, and prizes boast of critical recognition of their work. How many jobs did you sell? Each time it is sold, consider raising the price in the next painting. If you make a sale, you're likely to make another. Every sale is a demand indicator, the more it is looking for your job, the more customers willing to pay the price. Do you have any work on collections? It does not matter much to Fannie's wall. The more prestigious the collection, the bigger the prestige is to rub your work. There are collectors who buy only when someone else has bought their work and makes the appeal appeal a part of a collection. These metrics do not have a set value, but as a business person they should keep active awareness of them.

Use the journal and continue the update. Occasionally check your successes and add your personal value to your work value. Always remember that your goods are goods, never sell.

This Little Pig refers to a young baseball player, a peewee. Here's why the little pork is quite homely, all the way home. "

The Hickory Dickory Dock comes from nine, ten, and eleven-year-old songs

The cup of rotten food comes from the old word for spooning -" spooning. "The most attractive women run away with those who

Jack finds it hard to come from the ancient art of candlelight, they see it as a fortune.

Polly put on the kettle and is a prominent rhyme that tells people that when you turn your kettle off, and should not be left to anyone else, this was part of the government campaign of 1700.

Mary Mary Quite, referred to as the silver bells, is a reference to a long forgotten plant type, but the Romans bought it but died in the Edwardian times [19659002] My son, John, who was sleeping on his trousers, actually referred to a named Puritan who started a campaign in his pajamas during sleep, as they were banned.

The Lion and the Unicorn are not fighting England and Scotland in Scotland, but fighting against Judah in Scotland during the crusades. Judas is also represented by a lion.

I guess you've guessed now that not all of these stories are true, really only one of those. The answer is the fourth. For those who thought Hickory Dickory dock was true – in fact the Hickory Dickory Dock depicts eight, nine, and ten.

The web is developing very fast. Thousands of social pages are featured on a continuous basis. Millions of everyday people get acquainted with the web. Usually, in most situations, individuals use the online market to search for ideas, interact or even entertain them. Only a very limited number get online to run a small business or money. By doing this, you can let me share with you what I think is the acts that every regular net end user has done at least once.

Browse through a news portal

From the starting point of the network, everyone is faster than anyone else. I think almost every person who has lost several hours of hours than in real life has had the opportunity to read or Guardian at least once to read the latest news or discover what we are is happening on earth. from any specified period

Send a Person

Another significant web result for the web is email, shortly-tagged e-mail. Nowadays, many email addresses exist and billions of dollars appear each and every hour. It is nothing but the desire and the need of people to communicate and share information with each other. Although there are many different methods available, electronic mail can be safer and allows you to quickly monitor your behavior and organize your conversations. Could anyone browse this article who did not work on an email account at least once since the internet has appeared? Actually I question such a thing!

Find Something

Discovery of search engines, especially Yahoo, has transformed the method that men and women have access to information. At present, nearly 85% of people are looking for something in a browser on in the web browser. Indeed, it utilizes one of the most favorable research formulas that you have ever discovered, so it is so successful. I love MSN myself and take advantage of it every single day. Google has recently become so popular that the word "Google" has been advertised in the English dictionary.

Enjoy the video over the Internet

YouTube (which is also owned by Google) is the most demanding picture-sharing site among the net's story. It's so huge that we spend hundreds of hours of video content online every hour. Everyone likes video content, looks more than the typical published information, and resembles virus-like behaviors.

Creating a Facebook Account

Sometimes called Web 2.0, social platforms have changed the way in which data is currently being scanned, evaluated, scanned and transmitted with cyberspace. Facebook is today the second most popular web site after Google becomes almost accessible to all people in the world that have access to the web. It is so famous that some literally spend a lot more time with it and then work other kinds of things in the real world. Currently, there is a much greater opportunity to ask the young man what is and get a positive response than to try to get the same kid who is a popular publisher and gets the right answer.

DVD packaging is available in many different styles. In fact, digital video is often wrapped up in the same case types offered for CDs. These common styles include a wide range of c-shell cases, cut jackets, glue nodes, digipaks, kick out cases, fingers and jewel cases. In addition, there are translucent Blu-ray cases and of course the standard album case.

– The c-shell is a front plastic case with a plate securely sealed.

– The cut jacket made of cardboard. The disc slides on the stage.

– The adhesive is only a plastic circle to which the plate is attached by a middle ring; In this circle there is a piece of glue on the back.

– The cardboard digipack is collapsed and is equipped with a plastic tray to hold the disc.

– Plastic kick outs is a safe and easy way to store the disc. The disc is safe in this style until it is cleansed with the handle.

– Sleeves are the cheapest DVD packaging and are found in many different materials.

– The jewelry case is clean and can be purchased with or without a clean black or white tray to hold the disc.

– Blu-ray cases are actually translucent blue. Usually, only actual Blu-ray discs are kept. (Blu-ray is an optical storage disc)

– Standard albums are generally black, although available in color versions. They are located between one and six disks. The album's sleeve is also offered in a thin line style, which is basically just a thinner version.

If you are in large quantities of DVD packaging, you can find wholesale service providers online. By purchasing wholesale you can save a significant amount of money. The majority of vendors selling such cases also offer other office, package, delivery, and media content. You can get more discounts to buy more items so if you just want to expand your business to include more than you are now offering, then it's time to do so.

But what if they do not take part in a business that can get a large amount of DVD packaging? Do not worry; there are still many deals for you. Most disk cases are burdened by the piece, so in terms of quantity, the costs will still be quite low.

Now you know everything the average consumer needs to know about DVD Packaging (and then some about it). You are here to decide whether your style meets your needs. After making this decision, all you have to do is buy. Pay attention to purchase costs. Some stores have low prices but high shipping and handling costs. Other shops sometimes pay several pennies, but offer free shipping and handling. Calculate the best bidding costs and check your store feedback when available.

If you're a Linux geek, I'm sure you're in love with the terminal. If you've surfed the Internet for Linux solutions, you can often find pages that have some commands on the terminal at the terminal. This is why many people hate linux, as they have the impression that Terminals are the most useful graphical interface (GUI) in Linux. & # 39; The irony is that the same thing is that many people are invited to love linux.

Why narrow the terminals to many?

Everyone has occupied Microsoft Windows at least once in their lives, and many still insist on it. Yes, we all used Windows once, which is trying to drag users as much as possible. What was the result? These people (including myself) were unable to recognize the options of the command window. Yup, we did not know the power of the terminal. I'm saying that even MS-DOS is quite powerful.

Why do you have to fall in love with the terminal?

As mentioned earlier, we have seen many places in many places that we use a lot of things using the terminal. When we count a lot of screen captures, we get a lot of commands. Have you ever wondered why? The answer is quite simple – it is far simpler when a person copies and inserts commands into a terminal window than a series of screenshots. Another advantage is that people often use different desktop environments, which are different graphical applications, and often have a separate solution for each desktop environment. Whether it's any desktop environment, the terminal solution remains unique.

If you need a solution by typing a simple simple command, you can always go to shell scripts. Shell scripts contain a lot of commands in a single file, and their execution means that they must execute these commands sequentially. What to do, just download the appropriate shell script and run it on the terminal.

How to fall in love with the Terminal?

first Start using the terminal.

2nd Learn about each command and try each one at the terminal.

3rd Use & # 39; man & # 39; and & # 39; info & # 39; to know a Linux command. (Use Man & info here.)

4. Learn shell scripts.

5th A & # 39; vim & # 39; scripts and programs.


Better late than never. Be aware of the terminal commands and fall in love with the terminal.

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