The rapid deployment of social media networks and social media media with social media networks is key to effective use. The social media planning plan allows you to streamline your social networking efforts by adapting social networks to your business goals. The social networking plan helps you track your results so you can see how effective each network is to reach your business goals and, if necessary, try other networks as well. So you can not waste time on a social network if it does not meet the same goals.

Here is an important element of the effective community media network plan 7.

first Creating social networking goals

Tip: Popular community media centers, as everyone else has them and feels that there is no way out, not a goal. Everyone knows Twitter, Linked In and Facebook, but they are not the only social networks.

Is your goal to alert your brand? Do you support your products? Leading companies? Share your expertise? The network of people with similar thinking? Do you get references? Then, choose a social network that meets this goal and you will get more success than simply randomly selecting it. Goals are business goals. Articulate them and describe them. Statistics say that those who describe their purpose are more likely to reach them. It is no different in social media networks.

2nd Carefully choose your social networking page

Because there are literally hundreds of social sites, you have to try to find what fits your business goals. Twitter, Facebook and Linked In are the most well-known (Twitter is the location of the clock) and while they are excellent sites, they are not the only social networking sites.

Just sticking with these three means you're on the most popular pages; nevertheless, make sure you do not miss out on other or more business networking opportunities. For example, while building relationships is the cornerstone of online or offline business, some business community sites are more open to promotion than networking, while others enhance the promotion of a product or service to a different extent or prohibit products.

Here are some business social sites that are worth seeing. To see the links, see "Blogging not much more for social networks" like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, where you'll see that I'm mentioning Biznik. Supports products in your business profile and sites and paid revenue for the links

Entrepreneur Support your business on the Entrepreneur Magazine's Social Network Take Advantage of Email Marketing and Virtual Exhibitions is a start-up community that deals with expert advice and finance It's great for businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals to explore their products, services and new business relationships, find suppliers, and continue new developments You are the newspaper and mag Create Your Own Social Network

If you already feel that some of your business social networks are opting for a limited number to participate. It is almost impossible to be active in more than three at once.

3rd Decide Your Ideal Relationships

Who's Looking For? Though you may have hundreds of connections, if you decide who you want to reach and make deeper relationships on the front, your social network will be more effective. Looking for corporate executives, authors, writers, recruits? Make it clear who you want to join because it determines how you can connect with them. Focus on finding similarly mined people who share the goals and meet the target market. Be selective, do not accept all the invitations that are yours.

4th Attend consistently

After you've selected social networks, you regularly participate with valuable content, sharing expertise, answering questions, listening, and establishing new relationships. It must also show how it can meet the identified needs. Drive traffic to your own websites by inserting your signatures, sites, and blogs into messages, articles, videos, and more.

5th Plan Your Time for Social Networks

It's important to release your time before joining social networks and this is where your social networking plan helps. Many businesses go in without a real plan, find other things that have priority and are quickly overwhelmed with the time needed for full participation. Be patient and develop a strong, focused network that supports your business goals.

6th Monitoring and Measuring Outcomes

Small businesses suffer from lack of time because they do everything themselves. Take time to build solid relationships, but make sure that these are relationships that move toward your goals. If you've been successful in social networking from the start, you can keep track of how successful you are going to meet and adjust accordingly. Successful actions include, for example, the number of bids received, the deposit of the free offer, the number of tracked or tracked leads, the connection to the e-zine or the like. While traffic to your blog or website is good, you need to make sure you're tied up with what you're doing between your financial goals and plans.

7th Review from time to time

How to maximize your time on business social networks? Are your changing networks still relevant to your goals 2-3 months later? How do you activate your activity between these goals? Do you have to try another network? Review your social networking plans and pinch as needed.


1. Establish Business Goals in Social Networks

2. Select community pages for these purposes

3. Decide Your Ideal Relationships

4. Fully and consistently participate

5. Plan Your Time for Social Networks

6. Measurement of results

7. From time to time, review the plan and modify it if necessary.

Follow this 7-step plan and is more likely to be a more focused business community experience.

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Network marketing is the three options: transport infrastructure, marketing, application development, marketing methods and permissions. The network's practical ability in sports marketing when there are three similar shift manual gears, driving a car and mechanics.

Internet marketing is the same where you live because it is a global marketplace.

There are no banners because they are cheaper than printing. Facebook, because their child is to be. When you start your business goals for the site and focus all the energy to help improve the results of this goal, Dong Xi's name and Keyi try to see how it works. Or you can look at things, he said, "I do not see how this can help me achieve my goal, now if you ignore something, it may be really important and local staff will realize that you made a mistake but only the larger

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Internet marketing is clear, the next question is usually: "Yes, but where to start." A new and existing customer is a direct entry point. In the past few days, and when people want a business, they turned to the yellow pages. Today, customers can find it on the Internet, if you are not there, they turn to the following: 1,

Is network marketing a competitor? How do they compete in the ranking of major search engines in the country? What traffic does your site have? Use the right tools, this valuable information can be found at your competitors: What is the product or service with the customer to resolve or not provide any good? How can you best illustrate these benefits? Clear and consistent information on the placement of products on a reliable and solid basis is very important for offline and online marketing efforts: how much money can your customers receive and still generate profits? What are the individual buyers, do you have the value of life expectancy? This is the answer you need to decide on the effectiveness of network marketing programs running on key issues.

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Video sharing sites are much more fun and entertaining. Sites such as Google Video, YouTube, Metacafe contain many funny, interesting, and useful videos. Funny stripes and comedy videos on the video sharing website use good stress relief tools.

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Online Games such as Yahoo Games, Pogo, iWin, Shockwave and New Reasons are all great sites that include thousands of free online games for all ages. These games are often Flash, Shockwave or Java and can be played on your browser without having to download and install the game. There are stress relief games to combat everyday stress in business and personal life. Websites such as, and have many free online games, computer games and flash games. Not only this, but there is tons of fun games.

Social networking sites have a lot of fun and features like chat, video and photo sharing, tagging, writing comments, updating status, and more. Messenger services and VoIP provide chat and group conversation that allow enhanced communication.

Listening to music is another great way to reduce stress and fun on the internet. Many websites provide online music that covers almost all available languages ​​on the Internet. Free internet radio stations, Live FM radios, Music libraries are the source of internet music. You can also listen to live music and video recordings online.

Additional advice on stress management in web pages about health benefits. Many websites provide guidance for meditation, yoga and tai-chi. These sites provide video games for yoga, meditation, etc. For.

Usually, the internet is a great source for entertainment and entertainment. The internet is an ingenious tool that delivers a lot of fun. The internet is a great communication application.

If you want to transfer some of your data files from one computer to another in your office, what will you do? One option is to execute a floppy or a CD and copy the data from the source computer and go to the destination computer and download the file. This method is very time-consuming and can not be copied more than 1.44 megabytes on the floppy disk, 800 MB on CD.

What to do if more than 2 GB or more data needs to be transmitted? You can use LAN here. LAN is a group of two or more computers that can share information and resources. Depending on the size of the network, a computer can be placed every 1000 if the computers are stored in one building or one location. Here I'm going to tell you how to build a 5-10 small computer local network. First, you need to know the tools needed to install the LAN.

Computers: – Obviously, two or more computers are required to create a network because a computer can not create a network.

Cables: – Depending on network size and usage, you can select the category of cables. You can use a CAT5 cable for a small network that supports 10/100Mbps. However, you can also purchase the Cat 6 cable that can support up to 1 Gbps. Here I will use the CAT5 cable.

Hub / Switch: – This is a device that is placed in a central location and connected to each computer. These devices can be 4, 8, 16, or 24 ports. They come with several ports. Today, switches are used everywhere because they are much larger than HUBs.

NIC: – Network card required for PCs. Here you can get a 10/100 or 10/100 / 1000Gbps card. Again, this depends on your needs and budgets. One endpoint of the network cable connects to the computer to the network card and switches to another end. Note: Most computers now have a built-in network card so you do not have to buy a network card if you already have a motherboard on your computer.

RJ45 connector: These are the small sockets that need to be punched at both ends of the cables. You do not have to buy these connectors separately because the available cables are available on the market, but of course if the desired cable length is not available, you will need to pin the RJ45 connectors and strike at both ends of the cable according to the wiring standard .

If you already have all the tools you are ready to connect between computers and certain Windows settings. Follow the steps below to build and operate the network.

first Step – Open the computers individually and install the network card. As mentioned above, if you have a network card built into your computer's motherboard, you do not have to do this. It's better to buy a computer with a built-in network card, saving you a lot of time.

2nd Step: – Connect each computer individually to the hub / switch. After connecting all computers, just switch on the switch.

3rd Step – You must now make some settings on your computer. Each computer must be unique to identify that another computer can identify. People only know people in their name, computers identify each other's unique IP address. These are 32 bit octets, in 0 and 1 formats. An IP address is written in decimal form, such as There are two ways to deliver IP addresses, sitting on each computer, entering the IP address, and the other through the DHCP server. You can specify the DHCP server as a Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 Server service that automatically sends the IP address to the computers as they start up. A 10-20 PC small network does not require a DHCP server, but it is very confusing for a large network and it is time consuming to manually enter the IP address. In our scenarios, you can manually enter the IP address because we have only 10 PCs built. Now log on to computers with administrator privileges and follow the steps below to assign an IP address to your computers.

a. Click Start – Settings – Network Connection, and then double-click Local Area Connection.
b. In the new window, click Properties and scroll down the new window to select the TCP / IP protocol. Double-click on it, or click Properties to enter the IP address.
c. In the open window, enter the IP address in the specified location. Under the IP address only subnet mask can be selected. Once you enter the IP address, the subnet mask will automatically appear depending on the selected network class.

Once completed, simply save the settings to the application and click OK. Repeat all three steps on all computers, but do not forget to give a unique IP address to each computer. You can check the connection between computers if you start a command called PING on each computer. Just go to the command line and type ping IP ADDRESS (for example, Ping, then reply to another computer with the IP address of, remember that the PC you are trying to ping it. If you receive a message saying that TIMING REQUEST means the PC trying to turn off the ping or there is a problem with the connection. So you have to check it out.

These settings are sufficient to run the LAN up and running on the IP settings page. There are also some options that you can set as long as you have installed these services on your network. For example, DNS, Gateway or WINS.

Network automation is automatic automation of physical, virtual, virtualization, testing, deployment and operation of physical and virtual assets. Every day network tasks and functions are performed automatically. By combining hardware and software solutions, large companies, service providers and businesses can automate control and management of repetitive processes and improve network services availability

Today's networks are fully capable of performing the following tasks:

  • Discover Topologies
  • How to Manage Bandwidth and Find Faster Routes for Performing the Best Calculation Routes
  • Perform Basic Reason Analysis
  • Update Routes and Install
  • Set Performance Indicators
  • Software Update
  • [19659010] Collaboration, automation, orchestration simplifies network operations involving complex configurations and management of assets, while providing business agility to adapt to a constantly changing environment. Automation can be interpreted as tasks that can be replicated without human intervention and the orchestration process has to be linked to a set of tasks for the execution of a process or workflow.

    Network automation is a rapid expansion of network infrastructure, an exponential increase in network traffic from video, social media, data, and applications. Furthermore, as computing performance continues to decrease in costs and virtual computing continues to grow, network automation becomes available to more businesses. Various network automation can be applied to local networks, virtualized environments, data centers, and public and private clouds.

    Automation Benefits

    For many organizations, lack of agility for network change has been a bottleneck, preventing these companies from installing a robust and highly sensitive data center infrastructure. Automation is the cornerstone strategy for service providers, which increases the agility and reliability of the network while controlling operating expenses (OpEx) and investments (CapEx). To improve operational efficiency, margins, and customer satisfaction, service providers can automate routine and complex tasks that are time-consuming, repetitive, or defective. Openness and interoperability of automation support APIs, standard protocols, and open source automation systems (for example, Ansible, Saltstack, Baba and Chef). Service providers and businesses can take advantage of these automation frameworks to accelerate network automation migration

    Automating Automation Automation Automation enables organizations to benefit from:

    Lower Costs Automation reduces underlying complexity of infrastructure, configuration, configuration and management of services and network, dramatically less personnel time required. By simplifying operations, consolidating network services, reducing floor space and cycling less used tools, staff should be reduced to troubleshoot and repair, and to save energy.

    Improving business continuity Human error, companies can offer and deliver higher quality services in multiple sectors and geographic areas. For example, Juniper Networks "Service Now" is a remote, automated troubleshooter that allows Juniper to quickly and proactively detect the customer's network problems before they become aware of it.

    Increasing Strategic Workforce automating repetitive tasks with human error, companies increase productivity that promotes business development and innovation. As a result, new jobs will emerge for the existing workforce.

    Greater insight and network control -Automation helps to change IT operations through analytics. The network becomes clearer and can understand exactly what is happening in the network, can it be controlled and adapted as needed.

    Increasing business agility -Automation enables companies to develop operational models for the market. You can add new features, test new applications, and troubleshoot problems. The pace of implementation of the development is reduced, resulting in greater competitiveness and flexibility and ultimately greater profit for the company.

    Network Automation: Build or Buy?

    to automate the network, the next choice is to do it yourself, outsource it, or do you have a combination of both? Answering these questions can help to make a decision:

    • Which network automation technologies are best suited to your needs?
    • Do you have any staff who have expertise in automation technologies?
    • Is there enough staff to automate automation technologies?
    • If not, will your salesman offer professional services that can help the team automate the network?
    • What are the risks involved in automation and how does it reduce the risks?
    • What are the benefits of automating sooner rather than later?
    • Do you know how to start automating the network?

If you do not know what the social media network is, you'll be amazed at what it is. Social networks are grouping individuals into more specific and defined groups, such as rural communities or perhaps an adjacent section.

Although community media networks can be implemented personally as well as organizing a group of specific interests, they now prefer Internet use, where new friends can meet in all walks of life across widespread social networks across the globe.

The Internet is full of millions and millions of people who are waiting to meet new people, gather and share insider information and experiences from the first hand on random things in life that create friendships and, if possible, professional associations. People are also widely using social networks in their business endeavors and the services they offer. This is one way to know your business, products, and services worldwide. Social networking helps you make more traffic to your site by visiting online visitors, and at the same time creating sales and new customers.

When talking about social communities, websites are the most commonly used platforms that enable social networking. These web pages are also known as social networking sites that allow users to connect to the network. The Socialization section may include information on the profile of profiles and other members of the community, the confidential and public information sharing, and the sharing of social media networks; organize and merge them into your online profile.

Making friends is just one of the many benefits of socializing yourself. The other is diversity because the Internet gives you the ability to output data as most Internet users get access to the Internet. This means that you can organize and combine all the profiles on a page, and today you can add a personal profile in real life.

Friendship companies that can go through social networks provide individuals the opportunity to share talents and other important information that can be mutually beneficial for both parties. They are mutually beneficial in the sense that they will be able to help each other conduct business, and now only as online friends but also as business partners.

As we have already mentioned, social networking is often involved in groupings, more specifically in individuals or organizations that are in a larger group. While some community community websites focus on a particular interest, others do not. Once you are in the social networking community, you can freely create your own interest groups and you can freely accept and eliminate group members if they do not meet standards or if they do not share their common interest with others in the group.

In addition, social networks are geared towards clusters and the community of defined interests and preferences, as well as social and business interests.

Have you ever heard of Google Adsense? Well, if you do not make a short and shocking topic. Texas kids have recently reported that they are $ 2,000 a month if they simply allow Google to place text ads on MySpace and Facebook sites. But woah, how is this possible?

Well the most important thing is to make money online through traffic, and traffic is like air. Without being dead, there is no way. As these kids have thousands and thousands of friends, this means they can get thousands of hits each day on these ads and banners. And despite receiving just one click or one hundred percent, revenue will rise at the end of the month.

If you think you're making money online through online social networking sites, these keys fit into the arsenal. Keep in mind that millions of people are members of this site and sign up for updates on profiles and recent updates every day. While doing this, they usually see friends' pages, friends, friends, etc. You can view the profile of everyone on these social networking sites, whether or not you want your site to be.

So what if you are promoting a website or a product?
Well, that's the best part. These social networking sites have left nothing and there are groups and communities of people of all ages and places around the world. You can be sure you find the community in almost every topic you want to exploit. By targeting specific communities, we can increase our conversion rate and offer you a better chance of making money on the web.

I'm trying to achieve this now. No matter how much you want to make money online because you can find a way to do it as long as you have a visitor. With these social networking sites you can be assured of the visitors. You may be able to directly promote products if you sign up as a partner based on your understanding of how you think your friends are most interested. So tell your friends that they love baseball. Why not sign up for a free clickbank account and place some links to baseball products on your profile and page. Each time a linked click is clicked and a sale is made from the link, then you're probably ready to go, so what's wrong with trying it out?

Ad is essential for every business to succeed. This is also true for network marketing. Are you out of control with your personal business? Did all of your friends, family members, and colleagues complete your ad? Are you tired of wallets, magazines, business cards, and other advertising modes, such as expensive ads in newspapers and correspondence?

Network marketing involves a large number of people, as only 1-3% of them are connected to the downlink. To reach a large number of people, this ad mode is very expensive. By the way, not many people read newspapers. Newspapers are constantly closing down or no longer printing on paper, but they charge for reading on the Internet.

Literally, thousands of people search for available tools using various tools on the Internet. There is a way to increase your advertising network marketing activity. Every entrepreneur knows that effective advertising is the key to success. That's why companies spend a lot of money on television, radio, leaflets, and phone calls. Unfulfilled without adverts. Regardless of whether this is a deal before business, an internet based business, health care or a construction company, it will be avoided without advertising.

After many years of network marketing success, many network marketers find the opportunities offered on the web to boost their advertising performance beyond their wildest imagination.

The biggest public is to advertise on the Internet and there are many new ways to expand ads and build relationships that look at network marketing. Some of these advertising tools are available: banners, personal websites, site captions, blogs, emails, and auto responders. You have the power to use the finger tips of the Internet to increase managers with these advertising techniques.

These advertising tolls are very self-evident. They simply follow the simple steps to create ads for these businesses that work in your sleep state. The internet will never sleep and will not make the advertising tools you have created for your personal business. Automatic messaging automatically sends emails to your leads when you tap the link on your accepting page or blog.

Theses are such amazing new features that can be found on the Internet for any business that is used to increase their productivity. They will work as your network marketing business builds in your sleep. View.

With online social networks, your friends and family can stay online. Earlier, before the Internet became all the comprehensive tools, people came to groups in which the members were associated with some common interest or features. The idea was to physically meet other people like yourself and broaden your community. The same principle works in the online model, except it gets much faster and easier. Now you are joining a social networking site and getting to know your friends – family members, friends, and colleagues. New members joining each other invite their families, friends, and colleagues to join and invite their family, friends and colleagues to join, etc. This creates a highly interconnected network and created a community in a very short time. In the community, you may not know everyone, but an inserted text or link that is 3,000 miles away.

Lead generation and improved conversion rates for companies are the major challenge for promoting social networking. You can add your registration number to the marketing mix using social networking. Additionally, publishing links on your network pages is a painless, inexpensive and fast process.


I recently went to a pub-crawl that is unique, fun and a great opportunity to meet new people. This mapping was open to everyone from tourists to locals. The mapping company did not do much to the public. No television or radio ads have been created and no ads or articles have been published in a newspaper or magazine. Despite the lack of publicity, they reach the maximum event limit for days. What the company did – published a brief note announcing the crawl on your site, and each employee published a comment or a beep for a link that returned the web page to your social network. For example, they used websites such as Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Wait a minute. Before the skeptics get tired of being friends and families only; which means that family gatherings are not events; let me clarify. Yes, I'm sure some of the participants were the organizers' family and friends, but most of the participants were people who stumbled on the link. People who are friends of friends who have seen the beeps and members of the community. & # 39; fans & # 39; who previously participated in the event organized by the organizer.

The story is moral, social networks can help create qualified clients. What are you losing?

So here are some Social Networking marketing strategies that can increase the number of participants in your event:

Increase awareness by publishing social network account events: Social networking sites contain huge user databases, for example, Facebook has 101 million users . By publishing details about your event in your account, you can increase your attention to your event. If you can add an event link to your post or tweet, you can also direct traffic (people interested) to your site. In addition, the generated traffic will be more relevant than what typical ads are receiving.

Publish Events for Different Social Network Accounts: People connect to network accounts, just as they choose TV. Style, usability, attitude and brand are created. To create awareness among different types of personality, you need to provide details, comments or tweets about your event on multiple social sites. Do not forget to start commenting and tweeting to get the maximum possible exposure

LinkedIn and Facebook also have special "Events" sections in which everyone who's connected with you is informed and people outside the group can see them keyword search course.

In summary, adding social networking to your marketing mix can be a reality for you and your company. Allows you to build your brand, generate events, make direct sales on your website, and increase your attendance.

TCP / IP Protocol

TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) is a set of rules that are available for connecting the Internet to various Internet devices. We can say that this is a communication protocol that has a host that has access to the Internet. This is a good topic for a M.Tech dissertation in networking. If you choose this network theme for research, here are some basic introductions.

TCP / IP transmits end-to-end data transferring devices with certain features, such as addressing, mapping, and acknowledgment. TCP / IP is a combination of two protocols. TCP controls the messages by splitting them into packets. The IP controls the transmission of these packets from the sender to the receiver.

TCP / IP Protocol Layers

The following four TCP / IP layers:

Application Layer


Internet Layer

Physical Layer

TCP / IP communication mode. The application works as follows:

The application layer consists of various data exchange applications such as HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), FTP (File Transfer Protocol), SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) protocols

between the host and the user. Use the UDP (User Datagram Protocol) protocol.

The Internet layer is responsible for transmitting packets over the network and uses an Internet Protocol (IP) for this purpose.

Physical layer provides interconnection between nodes.

Advantages of TCP / IP Protocol

Easy to change.

Compatible with all operating systems.

Can be scaled to determine the most appropriate route.

So this is a good topic for M.Tech dissertation and research. Students specializing in subject counseling can get help supervisors on this topic. You can also explore more details about the subject on the web.


Another good computer network theme for a M.Tech thesis for NS2. NS is the Network Simulator. It is an open-source, discrete event-based network simulator that is primarily used for research purposes and education. It helps you simulate routing protocols (IP, TCP, UDP, etc.). Creates a simulation environment for studying the network. The following steps are followed when creating the simulation environment:

Topology Definition

Model Development

Configuring Connection


Analyze Problem


Topologies, the network's behavior. Behavior is analyzed by tracking events. NS2 provides textual and animation-based simulations.

Advantages of NS2

Can support multiple protocols.

Graphically depicts network traffic.

You can support multiple algorithms for routing and queuing.

NS2 is a very good subject for a M.Tech dissertation on the computer network. It is not only theoretical knowledge, but also the practical experience of the network simulator tool. You can get a thesis from NS2 from an expert who has practical knowledge of how to use the tool.


MANET is a mobile ad hoc network and another good choice for a Thesis on M.Tech in networking. In MANET, nodes can be configured independently and are able to move freely in any direction and can often be linked to other devices. MANET was originally used for defense purposes. MANET is the challenge of weak signal strength, reliability, power consumption and other problems.

MANET Features

Each node is independent of nature, so each node acts as a host, as well as a router.

Based on the distributed nature of security and configuration operations.

The network is dynamic in nature, so every node can join and exit from the network at any time.

Network nodes are associated with less memory and power.

In MANET bandwidth is still fluctuating.

MANET creates a symmetric environment that each node has the same attributes as responsibilities and capabilities.

Blocks MANET Routes

There are certain obstacles on MANET Road that need to be overcome. Some of these:

Reliability of transmission is influenced by certain factors, such as data loss, interference, and clutter.

Transmission speed is limited to a certain range, but data rate is reduced.

Packet loss may occur during data transfer.

Frequent road sections.

Lack of firewall results in network security issues.

This is just MANET's presentation to give an overview of what is going on with this topic for M.Tech's thesis.

Network Security

Network Security is a set of rules that ensure the security of your organization or your personal network. You can choose this topic for M.Tech's thesis if you fully understand that data is being transferred over the network. Network security also includes the security of physical hardware. Network security in the software means that access to the network is allowed through id and password.

When a user tries to access the network, authenticity must be verified with times and passwords. This is to prevent malicious users from accessing the hacking motive of the network.

Types of Network Attacks

Active Attack – During this type of attack, the hacker tries to change the data while it is moved from one node to another.

Passive Attack – During this type of attack, an outsider monitors the organization's system to consistently find the vulnerable ports.

The following are some tools for network security:






(practical + theoretical) Security

then select this topic for the M.Tech dissertation. In addition, a supervisor will be assisted by computer network experts.

Network Topologies

The network topology is the layout of physical and logical nodes. This is a light theme for the M.Tech thesis. Some Common Physical Topologies:

Bus – In the bus topology, each node is connected to the main cable for the bus, so each node is directly connected to each other node.

Star – In the star topology, each node connects to a central hub so that each node is indirectly related to each other.

Ring – In this topology, nodes form a closed loop so that adjacent nodes are in direct contact with each other.

Token Ring – The token ring topology protocol is used. A token is moved from one node to another. A node that wants to retrieve the data needs to get the token.

Network – In a network, each node is directly connected to each other node. It can be a full net or sub-network.

Fa – This is the linkage between bus topology and star topology.

Chain Daisy – In this topology, each node is linked to two other nodes, but does not form a closed loop like ring topology.

Hybrid – Combination of two or more topologies.

If I'm afraid of the complex subjects of M.Tech's thesis, this topic applies. Easy to understand and work. Just go for it.

IPv4 / IPv6

This is another important topic in computer networks and is a good choice for your thesis or project. Ipv4 is the fourth version of the Internet Protocol, while Ipv6 is the sixth version of the Internet Protocol.

IPv4 features

uses a 32-bit address.

The address should be separated by a decimal number.

The header contains a check amount.

Broadcast addresses are used to send data packets to other nodes.

In this protocol, Internet Protocol Security is optional.

Ipv6 features

uses a 128-bit address.

The title is hexadecimal, separated by two.

The header does not include a check amount.

Mediated titles are not used to send data packets.

The Internet Security Protocol is required.

It is a good area to study how data is transmitted over the Internet. You will learn IP datasets from Ipv4 and Ipv6. This can be selected by M.Tech as a thesis.

OSI model

OSI means open interconnection. This is another good topic for a M.Tech thesis in the computer network area. Provides a network framework for implementing protocols in layers. Seven Layers of the OSI Model:

1. Physical layer – This layer is responsible for transmitting digital data from source to target.

2nd Data Link Layer – This layer checks the data error with the MAC address. Transforms the bits into data frames.

3rd Network Layer – This layer checks whether the data have reached the destination or not by examining the source and target address.

4th Transport layer – This layer transmits data over the network using TCP protocol.

5th Session Layer – This layer handles events and queues. It supports multiple connections.

6th Presentation Layer – Provides encryption and decryption of syntax and overlay application layer.

7th Application layer – End-to-end user applications use protocols such as HTTP, FTP, SMTP.

It differs from the TCP / IP model. Your supervisor's supervisor comes from a computer network specialist.


Wireless Local Area Network. This is another good choice for M.Tech's thesis in the computer network. This is a wireless distribution method that uses high frequency radio waves with a single access point to the Internet. In other words, wireless communication between two or more devices, allowing users to move in a limited range. Most common in homes or offices. The WLAN-connected component is the station. There are two types of stations – Access point


Access points are base stations that transmit and receive radio frequencies for wireless devices. Customers are mobile phones, laptops and desktops connected to the wireless network.

WLAN Operation Modes

There are two ways to operate WLAN:

Infrastructure – In Infrastructure mode, the base station acts as an access point and all nodes communicate at this point.

In ad hoc – Ad hoc mode, mobile devices directly transmit data with an equivalent method. There is no base station in it.

WLAN Benefits

Many devices are eligible.

Wireless LAN is easy to set up like installing cables on a wired network.

The wireless network is easier to access than a wired network.

WLAN Disadvantages

It is difficult to expand the network.

Faces security issues like hacking.

Interference is another problem with WLAN.

WLAN is another lighter topic for a M.Tech thesis. Used everywhere. Supervisors can get help from network specialists on this topic.


Knowledge of data privacy. In the M.Tech thesis it is also easy to choose a topic in networking. The encryption protocol used for data transfer over the network has three main purposes:




Encryption uses two methods to maintain data confidentiality:

Encryption – converts plain text into some other form, which is known as secret.

Decoding – In this technique, the converted text, that is, the encrypted text will be translated to the original text.

There are two cryptographic algorithms. In the symmetric key, both the sender and receiver use the same key for encryption and decryption.

In the asymmetric key, both users have a different key to encryption and decoding.

This is a familiar topic and very easy to understand. Take the thesis specialist from this area to get started on this topic. IEEE 802

IEEE is the Institute of Electrical Engineering and Electronics. The IEEE 802 is a very challenging and very good topic for the dissertation. IEEE 802 belongs to IEEE and deals with LAN (Local Area Network) and MAN (Metropolitan Area Network). Specifies the features and protocols of the physical layer of the data link layer and the OSI model. IEEE is divided into 22 additional sections that provide a broad range of services.

IEEE 802 splits the data link layer into two layers: Logical Link Layer (LLC)

Media Access Control (MAC)

You can choose any subfield as part of your project or thesis. This is a very good area to explore.

These were some of the topics of the M.Tech dissertation in computer networks. In addition, you can select any one for networking or project. You can explore these themes more.