Conversion of email marketing was created to motivate a user to complete an action or purchase. One of the growing ways of email lists (and profits) is to create e-mail marketing channels for all products, services, events, and more. Before trying exactly how to use an email marketing channel, see how to start multiple subscribers in your email list. Send highly targeted and personalized messages to your success and conversion email marketing channels.

Must be clear for the purpose of reaching out to your email campaign, as well as the needs of customers and the specific ones. In other words, the call for action must be clear. Below are some popular conversion hubs that can be created:

Abandoned Basket:

When a customer starts leaving your site but does not finish shopping, do not leave them. You must leave an abandoned basket that sends a series of messages that motivate them and finish shopping. The message can say something: "Did you forget to finish shopping?" Then a message can offer discounts or free shipping, and a last message can take advantage of the recipient's lack of fear if they do not make the purchase.

Get to know your client:

Always try to get to know your audience before you begin customizing your email marketing channel to meet your needs. You can develop in-depth personalities – so you can create unique content choices. Ask yourself the following questions: Why should someone subscribe? What about the subscriber? How do you connect to communication? Responses help you get the right mindset and delicious and useful ideas

Customer loyalty program: Create loyalty programs that benefit your most valued and loyal customers. For example, if you can create a program that will encourage the user to initiate a user's actions, and the user will purchase the first, second, third, or selected number. Messages in this channel explain how the loyalty program works and make customers feel prominent as a member of an incompatible group. Offering a discount when a customer joins the program and turns it into a conversion hub that is now leading to the purchase

You can also segment your email marketing list in an open and non-subscription list to make it more clear on the next email before sending a marketing campaign.


One of the biggest mistake most marketers today is, I believe e-mail marketing is dead. Many marketers today discard the e-mail marketing system to go to social media. Come here to think, social media seems much sexier than e-mail. But is a social media book really as effective as an e-mail? Before answering this question, let us know that a state is a well-known fact. You can send your friend's request on Facebook more easily than collecting online emails. But believe me, email marketing is worth three times as social media marketing. So what is email marketing?

Email Marketing Targeting Customers by Email. All emails sent to potential customers are considered to be email marketing. E-mail marketing involves sending a promotional e-mail or advertisement to a subscriber. With your email address. Many organizations today use e-mail marketing. More bloggers are now using e-mail marketing than ever. For example, if you've ever browsed a site and you see some fields where you need to get your name and email address to get a free e-book or update? This is the first part of email marketing.

Most bloggers use e-mail marketing because they increase the customer experience. With a well-targeted e-mail list, you can access well-established clients and prospects. You can easily and easily inform any given subscriber by e-mail. The email will be more visible than a Facebook post. The Facebook post will be included in the content of the content after the content is published.

Do you really need email marketing?

If you want to improve your customers or readers, experience, then email marketing. Forget the fascination of media art and social media marketing. Here we talk about efficiency. We are talking about greater commitment. Greater reach. Larger clickthrough rate and more. As many experienced marketing experts say, "money is on the list". Some even say "your net worth depends on your network". In the following lines I will explain the benefits of email marketing. In these explanations I will use statistics. Websites that create statistics will be described at the end of this article. So, get the benefits of using email marketing:

Possible Access:

Did you know that around 3.2 billion email accounts were created in the world in 2013? 95% of online consumers use e-mail addresses. The most interesting fact; 91% of consumers check their e-mail accounts at least once a day. Today we are browsing more with our phones than our computers. As a result, we will be more aware of the e-mails. Phones place notifications directly in front of our eyes.

It's easier to check an email today than a Facebook or Twitter post. This is because when we publish content, we have another million people. As a result, the most troublesome task is finding a particular post 3 weeks ago.

Actual Access:

Before explaining this section in more detail, you get interesting numbers. In the first half of 2013, e-mail research as a marketing channel revealed the startling facts. The most outstanding thing is this; 18% of emails sent during a campaign never reach their destination. 4% of the e-mails sent will be placed in the spam folder. This accounts for 22% of the e-mails that actually do not reach the desired buyer.

On the other hand, 78% of e-mails sent during the email campaign actually reach their goal. Think about it, if you send 1000 emails, then 780 e-mail will be sent. In addition, 91% of customers daily check their e-mails. This means that approximately 709 receivers see your email. This is great efficiency, as less than 30% of the e-mails sent are lost.

Now compare these numbers in the same way as the Facebook campaign. This revealed that 74% of Facebook entries were actually lost in the big content. This is a problem. This means that thousands of Facebook posts have lost 740 in the content stream. With this goal, our 260 readers have missed our posts. The other bad thing is that everyone who sees your content actually does not click. Less than half actually. It leaves us less than 130 people who are really interested in our offerings.

Click Through Rates:

In the previous section we talked about how many percent of the posts you see and how you like your posts and letters. Now let's talk about the people who actually do the actions and do whatever they want. Suppose you click a link. You can direct this link to a landing page or site.

Clickthrough rate is the percentage of people who received the message and actually clicked on it. The click rate of the beep is 0.5 percent compared to 3 percent of the email. These numbers look small for the first time. But that means people 6 times click an e-mail link as a tweeted link.

Keep up with the 1000 e-mail and 1000 community media posters. A clickthrough rate of 0.5% per thousand, 5 people actually click on the link. This is about social media. Sometimes click rates are higher, but these are special cases. The numbers used here are average.

3% clickthrough rate with emails 30 clicks for thousands. This is the best clickthrough rate you get on average. Numbers are not surprising, but effective numbers are not always surprising. The difference is because when people give you their email address they really want to hear more forms.

Your Readers Want This:

Most people use social media as their first to communicate with their friends. They rarely use business news and opinions. There are specialized websites there. In the survey, 77% of users said they would rather receive advertising messages in their emails. 4% think that these messages are preferable to social media. This refers to the fact that by sending an email, people literally provide you with a business meeting place.

Emails private:

For a reader, it's easier for problems to be private than open-minded. Everyone does not feel good if he expresses his deficiencies openly. If the user wants to express his struggle and can not see you doing what he is doing? He's writing an email. So you can tell everything. You can answer it exactly.

Soon I'll create a page where I'll send the user's request. Every weekend.

Email marketing and newsletters


You would like to use e-mails if you are proud of your online presence. Also, this is for you if you want to increase the reader experience. Setting up an email marketing campaign is not very expensive. We talk about $ 6 to $ 20. As months. Some services, such as MailChimp, still offer free services for the first 2000 subscribers.

E-mail marketing has not died. If anything, it will kill the silence between the subscriber and you. In an upcoming post I will speak about creating an email list. Thank you for reading it. I'll talk to you soon.

You can sell products or services in a variety of ways, one of the best ways to get a good old email. It's a great way to market without spending more tons of money and tracking which audience you're targeting. But more often than not, most e-mails are simply waved and ignored, ending with the growing vacancy of the Internet. With these tips you can find that the customer account will be bigger and get a much larger subscriber number.

first Easily subscribe to emails – This may seem dull, but pay when there is a subscriber form where possible. If you're running a blog, put it on. If you run a website, it will end at every possible site. If you are running social media groups, you have links and subscription links anywhere. People will not subscribe if they do not have easy access, and if it is difficult to log in, it is obvious that their transaction will not flourish with customers

. You can easily unsubscribe – When it's easy to sign up, subscribing should be as easy for customers as possible. If customers choose not to want their services anymore, do not make it hard to resign. You may feel like you are short of a conversation, but if your emails are spam, simply because the customer can not unsubscribe will only generate more questions for your business in the future

. Make sure subscribers know what to expect – Whether you run a blog or a business, it's always important that your subscribers know exactly what to expect. If you get a subscription, you can pay a welcome email. This ensures that you are aware of what you are getting into. If you specifically sell baby items, make it clear if people subscribe. Customers will not subscribe if they send the same items over and over again, so be sure to mix them up to now, but keep your customers knowing what they are doing.

4th Make it mobile-friendly – This tip should be a specific one. Statistics show that more than 60 percent of emails deal with handhelds, such as smartphones and tablets. If your emails are friendly with these tools, your customer base has been much larger than you expected. If your emails are not optimized for these types of devices, your chances are that you miss out on a huge number of subscribers, reducing your number of customers by margin

. Encourage Clients to Answer – Mostly, unlike old-fashioned paper-based emails, e-mail offers a great opportunity to open the world of meaningful conversations between both parties. This is a more valuable subscriber and may in some cases lead to business partners. Simply upload your emails with information and send them, sometimes it will be a little bit drilled so your emails are fun and fun to read and are likely to ensure that another person is adding your client to the market.

People at all stages of life, from MLM to franchises, to regular workplaces, to businesses are unsuccessful. In fact, not everyone can do anything. But he can help.

Some of the main reasons why people resign from network marketing companies.

first False teaching is for you. There is no really bad or bad way to doing business, but there are proven strategies that work. Sometimes confusion involves the old school compared to the new generation (for friends and families, creating online leaders) that largely depends on which group you join. To use the Internet, join a group where you can find tools that you can paste or select and drag the links to the sea to find the right one for you.

2nd He is not quite dedicated to go and do everything he needs to work. Whether it's talking, presenting, telephoning, blogging, etc. If you do not do it pretty or badly, it will not happen. The results will soon show you if you are doing pretty or badly, and especially you have to change it or change it at the beginning.

3rd Determining the priceless unrealistic goals. Everyone wants a house, a car, an early retirement, and although these are great goals, they are too far away. You have to set other goals to help you on the road. You have to start a more realistic view, possibly cover the car repayment and pay the mortgage first, then let the goals grow for your business. On the other hand, of course, if your goals are too small, it is too easy and will not succeed. Write down them and use them to drive.

4th You have no proper philosophy. You have to understand why it does not work. instead of simply saying "it does not work," ask yourself why it does not work for me, but it works and he and all the other people I saw when I joined and why I first joined? & # 39; Thinking is important to work every day. It is one of the biggest jobs and ensures a successful desire.

5th Not willing to repair yourself. You're starting a new home business, but you do not want to know anything about it. If you started a new job, you had to learn new skills. The same applies. You do not have to graduate in marketing, but you have to look for and get some points from the people who did it well. Teach yourself each time and increase your own value. Arrogance has no place in successful network marketing.

6th There is no teaching left. The moment you decide not to listen to or try new ideas because you think it's not good, you're more likely to fall away without creating a self-contained organization that is most likely to work illegally. Stay calm and do not be afraid to try new things. If you do not understand, learn.

7th She does not research the company before she joins. Undoubtedly a disaster!

8th Simply Incorrect & # 39; company. Sometimes it's true that people are joining the bad company and no matter how hard they work, do not click on the & # 39; them. Ten out of ten people are the same people in the next company they join, provided they learn from their mistakes. At check-in, you should follow the intestinal system instinct or not.

First and foremost, be right for yourself and help as many people as you can to succeed, then you will be successful. Good luck to everyone!

The health and vitality of your online business depends on how much traffic you can draw.

Whichever action is if your desire is to make money online, efforts need to focus on building building web traffic from various sources. This is not a big secret. In the bottom line, almost all of the internet stores are traffic, traffic, and traffic. Your net income depends on how many people you can attract to your site and the agreement between readers, subscribers, and subscribers.

Website traffic to enhance your lifestyle and traffic should use strategies such as:

Online communities

link to your site in prominent forums or forums, greatly increase your website traffic.

Affiliate Marketing

This allows you to target targeted visitors to the landing page and persuade them to become members of a particular item or become newsletter subscribers, that is, future customers.

ECommerce Stores

By launching or linking the ECommerce store, you can significantly increase your web traffic.


By creating legible blogs for linking to a site, you can exponentially increase the number of visitors to your site.

In addition to these web strategies, you can increase your site traffic by purchasing. To buy a web site traffic you just have to register with an internet traffic service and let the rest. Web Store Purchase will display your name on the well-known tracked sites that are relevant to the product and help people who read it to your site. This practice is perfectly safe and legitimate and can have a very positive impact on your web traffic.

However, when choosing a service for web traffic, it is important that you select a person who has succeeded in creating success for your customers. There is a big difference between placement on a different site and concentrated, targeted placement that not only delivers traffic but also brings the traffic you want and demand.

When choosing a service to purchase a website's traffic, look at your credentials, referrals, and make sure that their prices are reasonable. This will ensure that you get the quality of your deserved service and increase your site traffic and enrich your business.

Over the past decade, the business world has changed a bit. Instead of investing your marketing campaign on traditional marketing campaigns, such as mailing programs and advertising magazines, more and more businesses are turning to internet marketing. Finally, advertising and marketing where people and most people surf the web. For many, marketing on the Internet looks like landing on an alien planet but is not too difficult for internet marketing. However, it is important to understand the right path and the bad market mode to avoid making so many mistakes.

Keywords and Content

SEO will play a major role in marketing. SEO means Search Engine Optimization, and good SEO will prepare your site for search engine indexing. Highest factor in Google and other outstanding search engines is a huge factor in how many visitors you receive. In order to be on the first page of the rankings, you need to enter the right keywords, which means you need to know the type of words your visitors are using when they search for a site like yours. If you have a section, get familiar with all the terms and languages ​​and put them in your personal keyword list.

However, keywords are not the only important consideration. In fact, the old method of keyword charging – simply adding keywords to tons of keywords on your site that search engines do not realize they have no actual content – a frightening idea. Most well-known search engines still do not index these sites.

Instead, you need to provide valuable content on your site. Make sure you use your keywords in the content naturally and make sure the content is really useful to your visitors.

This is an invisible or almost invisible on-site marketing method. You will prepare your site to work as a marketing tool, thanks to the performance of search engines. Once you understand the importance of SEO on your site, you will be able to offsite and work equally efficiently.

Offsite Marketing

Offers offsite marketing opportunities. One of the best options is to write the original content associated with your own car. Instead of placing all of your content on your site, taking some articles into directories and making sure that the article contains links to your site. This will increase the number of links to your site, which may increase rankings. Even better, the articles that are small sales pieces themselves can attract more people to your site.

Click-to-pay marketing is another way you want to try with your writing articles. One disadvantage is that every time someone clicks on your site, you have to pay. This is not as effective as before.

Social media is extremely popular and it is worth to be smartly advertised. An idea about business on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you are able to connect with potential customers and customers to get you to know your business better.

I have an open microphone policy in my store room that allows members of the trading room to contact them in cash trading. It's not uncommon to talk to a room stall and hear a financial network that is heard in the background. I am convinced that trading in financial news may be very damaging to your trading success. These networks typically motivate individuals to evaluate current market conditions and predict the different aspects of trade and investment.

But there is a particular problem with acquiring trading information on the network. Each of them has an agenda to complement or supplement their trade. In addition to being on an agenda that is usually based on the political culture of the network, many of them just think of the potential results of daily market activity. How good is that?

To become a profitable trader, it is imperative to conduct your own chart analysis and start trading based on the analysis. In the short term, only diagram analysis is an acceptable way for trade and real-time indicators. It is not questionable whether the television "talking head" can predict the short-term price movement.

Today was a great example that our analysis is much more valuable than the brainchild of network commerce. I often listen to one or more financial networks before trading begins because I'm interested in NASDAQ shares. Among the morning panelists, there was a general consensus that the NQ would rise to a new level in the morning session.

Guess what? Breakfast NQ was a disadvantage, not the head. The market did not make the slightest attempt at the rally, but remained a humiliating continuous channel and spent a lot of time testing new lows. So much for television prognosis. This is usually just general speculation, which often coincides with the speaker portfolio. Even worse is the chance of speculation about how to do it .

Another great example of this misinformation about these "talk heads" market forecasts are based on overnight futures management. In my experience, as futures prices are falling from one day to the next, this only indicates a slight correlation that the cash traders planned for the day. So, the year after, you hear that "a one-day futures-price action indicates that the market is at a disadvantage", it can usually discard information about foolishness. Night traders and cash traders are two distinct groups and often have different goals and motivations.

In summary, I listen to music or just enjoy the silence, while trading and counseling by "experts" can cause you (or me) directed distortion. A day when there is a desperate difference is the recipe for disaster trading. Do yourself a favor and give up on "experts" and make your own trading decisions based on what's on the map.

It is a common mistake for businesses to make an internet marketing company fast lease – primarily based on price. Your site is a visual representation of your business, and a badly designed site can disrupt your visitors, misrepresent your products, and even lose your sales. Before you buy an internet marketing company, find the following questions:

1. How much experience does the Internet Marketing Company have? Are there any special qualifications or descriptions?

The industry's long service life is a good indicator of stability and skill. Online marketing companies that have been doing business for a while and have built a wonderful reputation are generally known for sound planning and customer service. Choosing an internet marketing company that has been going on for a long time means that it will be more likely to keep up-to-date and update the site in the future.

The answer to this question gives a general idea of ​​the willingness of a web company. Higher education qualifications are good. There is plenty of experience, and combining experience with higher education is the best.

2nd How many employees do you have and what role do you play?

Larger is not necessarily better than effective internet emarketing companies. On average, companies include a designer, a few web developers, analysts, and some sales and support people. Some companies are working with Just-in-Time staff, as needed, adding or removing them. This helps to preserve the too low level.

3rd In addition to Internet marketing, what other services does the agency provide?

A number of outstanding internet marketing companies branch out and offer other services, including web development and design. SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Web Content Writing, Social Media Marketing, Blog Promotion, and Google AdWords Management are provided by many experienced online marketing companies. Most importantly, find a company that offers the services you are looking for.

4th Does the internet marketing company spend time with you to gather entrepreneurial knowledge and provide formal suggestions?

It's good to choose an internet marketing company that saves you time to offer a unique solution for your site. Often, an online marketing company will provide you with a completed questionnaire to better understand your goals, competition and the needs of the entire website. Your site will play a big part in brand brand design. It is therefore important for the internet marketing company to have a clear picture of the goals of internet marketing.

5th What is an Internet Marketing Payment Terms?

From small business nonprofits to full corporate brand awareness, most Internet marketing companies report prepaid payment and stage payments based on agreed milestones and results. Be cautious of any internet marketing company that requests full payment before starting the project.

6th What is Internet Marketing Company's Policy of Disclosure and Confidentiality of Information

To make you a perfect marketing plan, an internet marketing company needs to have important information about your company and you do not want to know the competition or anyone else.

This is especially true when you are launching a new business. You do not want others to steal the concept before you have the chance to monetize. Therefore, a solid disclosure and privacy policy protects your data.

7th What is the average timeline for completing a web design project, including ecommerce, logo design, and corporate branding?

If the company asks about both web development and Internet marketing, ask whether the company typically takes a turnaround time for similar projects in size. This should be quite clear if the website designer / developer uses tracking and project management systems in time. If there is a tough deadline, you need to be sure to tell the planning company to plan it.

8th Who will be your central contact with your Internet marketing project?

It is important to have a single point of contact for the project to ensure that nothing is lost in the translation. Each project must be assigned a project manager. If you are working with a small web company, the project manager may be the web designer and / or the web developer himself.

ninth If so, which components

Although outsourcing is a valid business decision to reduce costs and reduce costs, you want to be cautious about any internet marketing company who takes the project and the major components in another country. If you are concerned about low-quality, low-cost labor and remote project management issues when outsourcing jobs to India, be sure to prepare them before starting the project.

10th Can the internet marketing company help you copy the content of the web site?

SEO copywriting can create or break your site. Designing your website may call the reader and focus your attention where you need it – but the words themselves sell out. And if the content is properly optimized, your site may appear on the search engine homepage for the search terms you've selected.

Make sure that an internet marketing company selects a copywriting offer and asks for samples – especially samples of locations in that industry. This provides you with a good basis for your decision.

eleventh Which programming languages ​​and operating systems are working with an internet marketing and / or web development company?

Ideally, the web development company must also offer open source PHP / MySQL and ASP.NET programming languages. They need to make a technical recommendation that the

platform would best meet your needs and budgets.

12th Internet Marketing and Web Development Experts Build Web Sites to Web Standards?

Compliance with standards, such as W3C and Web Standards Groups . The most important reason is how visitors visit your site on different platforms and future corrections.

13th What is covered in a corporate website testing / quality control phase Is the webpage available for viewing while being upgraded?

The basic test requirements must be a browsing test, and look at faulty links and general usability tests to ensure that the website is easily accessible to and interact with website visitors.

By viewing a development stage, you can check your site before you start it and make any necessary changes.

14th Is the internet marketing company enabling customers to host any hosting site?

Sometimes, for functionality or other good reasons, a web company may ask you to host the site with them, but this is not always the case. You may have an existing commercial relationship with an internet service provider or web hosting company that you would like to use. It is important to know before hiring an internet marketing company if they require you to move to host them.

15th Are there any training sessions when starting a website?

If your site's project contains personalized systems or software, it can be very useful if the internet marketing company provides educational documents for future references. If the system is very detailed, it may be optimal to develop a training program or continuous customer service.

16th Web-based marketing-conscious company becomes known in Web 2.0 Is this listed in your quotation or does it have any special features?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a science itself; An experienced internet marketing company should be able to offer you various opportunities, including organic, PPC and social media marketing, including Facebook ads. Depending on your business needs, you should consider adding an online marketing company that can create a custom online campaign that will help you achieve maximum results.

Generally, they charge a fee for items such as videos, commercials and ads, photos, texts, etc. Ask them if they are part of the marketing plan.

17th What is charging for website updates after the original website has been completed?

Marketing is a continuous process, the site is often viewed as a one-time effort. But there's always extra work to do: changes and updates, new content and more.

Be aware of the upload structure for your site updates. Consider how often you need updates and ask your internet marketing company how to handle future upgrades and maintenance.

If you have frequent or large upgrades to your site, consider a Content Management System. CMS is only useful if regular changes are made and employees have good training. If it is not so, then the vendor will only be cheaper to handle small updates.

18th What is a Problem Solving or Code Error After Completing a Site A Graphic Design Company Has Any Type of Warranty Guarantee or Warranty

Web companies often change when small are not without any additional costs. Keep in mind, however, that if it's a change, and it's not a bug fix, you may have to pay an extra fee. In general, internet marketing companies provide you with a number of plans that are originally approved and will involve themselves in every step of the way. All approved sections of the project are considered ready. Returns and changes – even if they seem simple – may be costly.

19th Copyright on this Site after Completion of the Project What about Websites? Logo design?

Copyright is a specific legal field. You should ask that the owner of the copyright has all the work planned and developed after having fully paid for the project.

20th Does the developer of the website note the source code?

Writing the code is part of a good website development. If the code is well formulated, it will not spend much time if it is unthinkable and will be forced to find another site service provider through the project or its maintenance.

Disclosure of responses may seem time-consuming and sufficiently concerned but an important part of the interview process. After interviewing several companies and asking questions and problems, you should be able to choose a talented internet marketing and web development company that is well-informed and easy to use. The company you choose must also be able to produce a web design and a web page that represents and improves general corporate branding.

Of course, you can decide that you will not follow our suggestions and only take the least expensive company available – or your friend's friend who has graphic design and internet marketing. But then you can lead to a real mess. Your online business depends on how well you look. You would not ask a friend to install new dentures for you, right?

In the world of business development and brand building, digitization is all the confusion. So what is digital marketing and how can we use it to increase our business?

Digital Marketing Definition

Digital Marketing is the advertising and promotion of businesses and brands through digital media channels. Digital media currently includes web pages, social media, radio, television, mobile, and even traditionally non-digital media, for example. Billboards and transit signs. Essentially, any electronic media that is delivered electronically is considered digital marketing.

Apart from digital marketing frameworks, you only leave personalized (P2P) marketing, print advertising, and direct marketing. Even print ads, direct mail, print libraries, kindergartens and posters are starting to connect to their digital counterparts. With elements such as landing pages, QR codes, web banner ads, online libraries, and text codes, traditional marketing and advertising, almost always have digital marketing links.

Focus on Digital Media

is managed by marketing agencies, business owners, and consumers. The ever-increasing demand for quantifiable results will be dream-like for the digital marketing agency. Most digital media, including web pages, social media, and mobile ads, are much easier to track than traditional marketing media such as print ads.

Many forms of digital advertising for businesses are very low. Web presence, customer engagement in conversations through social media and email marketing, are low-cost alternatives for printing commercials and direct mail. These digital channels are available to businesses of all sizes and help newcomers, small businesses and independent business consultants seeking new businesses.

For consumers, life makes digital advertising fast-paced. When consumers need goods and services, days are gone when you find them in the phonebook. Now that we choose our mobile phones or respond to our computers – and find them quickly.

Using digital media for business and brand building

No matter what size your business – large or small or medium-sized businesses / businesses (SMBs or SMEs) – can effectively sell your business through low-cost digital channels. Your marketing efforts will be based on your site. Feel free to treat your site and make sure you do the following:

  • Sufficiently represent your business and brand (appearance and feel, messaging)
  • Speak to your target audience
  • Search engines can be found on the highest search engines
  • Most recent and easy to navigate [19659012] Linked to other marketing efforts

We recommend that you develop a professional webdesign company that is trained in web development and search engine optimization. As the web site is the foundation of all other digital channels, it is one of the most important business investments.

After you've completed your site, follow the steps below for regular monthly or bi-monthly e-mail campaigns and contact your customers through social media. If you are really a shoe budget budget, then you are making efforts that you can do at home at home (a person with the right skills) or an external digital marketing agency at a low cost. Make sure that your efforts will bring customers back to your site where they can fully participate in your business, products, and services, and select the channels through which they will contact you.

If you're interested in aggressive search with search marketing, you can separate some digital marketing dollars for search optimization and pay-per-click. Many businesses today rely heavily on getting new customers. The widespread misunderstanding among the owners is that customers simply find it using a website. It is not true. Your site should be built with special keywords and phrases, metadata, page content, and linking strategies that help you reach the highest search rankings.

As many keywords and phrases are in competition with the highest search rank, you can supplement your organic search engine optimization efforts with click-through ads. Creating click-through ad campaigns can be a bit scary, but some time, effort, and instructions, either in-house or in an external digital marketing agency at reasonable costs.

In addition to email, social media marketing and search engine marketing, you'll find many other digital marketing efforts. Mobile advertisements, radio, television, electronic billboards and much more are available in marketing stores. Whatever the digital effort you choose, all of you have to connect to the foundation – your company's website.

If you have this tool, it would be a wise investment if a digital marketing agency helps its marketing efforts. Today, many digital agencies offer multi-level services to large and small businesses.

Garbage is collected only by dust
Web designers are engaged in the sale of web designs. This is the first business principle for a web design company, like many other types of business. There is nothing new here, except that the overall purpose of a web site is to create a business for the owner and a site that only collects the dust does not do so.

No one says that web design must create direct sales for every business, but it must connect to the business owner's market and engage the market. If your site is not connected to the market, it's just a garbage dump. It might be a nice job, but it still picks up the dust.

Part of the problem is our small business responsibility. We did not go to a web designer and say, "I need a web site designed for a web site."

Instead, most small businesses say, "I need a web site designed for business".

Our Market Does not Care About Us
The difference is that the focus is on words and the intention to give a project. And when the focus is on our business, it is not on the market. So, in the end, it is something we are excited about, even though our market is not fascinated or interested.

What we care about our market is the problem, not the appearance of our website. They will not share our website with others because it looks cool but will be shared if our business website helps them and offers them to the industry and how to best choose their needs.

Do we envision our marketing opportunities?
The odds that our web designer does not really want to go there. Instead, they jumped straight to their portfolio and suggests how they can customize and find something totally original to us.

And our fault is that we're going to do this – we can not do better.

But this is not really our fault. We go to the experts to get the best information and too often talk to a professional who is in conflict with the interests. This is where the web designer gives us advice on the product we sell. We can never get clear information about what our choice is.

For example:
If the conversation never affects the low cost or cost of "cheap marketing," then we do not get all available choices.

If conversations never come to discuss the differences between the demographic market and the virtual market, we can not see our real needs.

If conversations never come to discuss how to define a marketing profile for the online market (not just our virtual market), we will not use the best that a web site can offer to our business.

And more if this webdesign industry does not speak. Web designers are not talking about anything else on the market than asking us to describe them. It is much easier for them to plan something for us. So most small entrepreneurs must have a beautiful location starting from the first day.

Planning a web market requires a design company to know how to discover our virtual markets, even if we do not know it. They need to know about virtual markets and why they differ. Web designers need to know the shopping habits of the market, we appreciate our market and what values ​​we have with a common market. But web designers, fashionable or not, give us nothing.

The solution is in the market segmentation.
This is just another expression for psycho-graphics. Segmentation divides a whole geographic or national market into 7 segments, each having a psychological profile that describes the buying patterns, values, likes and dislikes of segments, as well as general beliefs. These are better tools for working on the Internet.

Reverse Engineer
We could also go back from our own business and ask the business a few questions to find market-related things.

  • Is not our business offering a solution on the market?
  • Is not our experience included pain and hardships in the market?
  • Can we name the biggest problem in the market?

After we've put in words for the solutions we offer and those we've given to you, we're fine, we know that our website needs to be designed.

We do not have to accept trendy web designs that are not attracted to our market. They just sit and gather the dust. We want a site that involves our market, and this means that we involve our market.

Read the last line again. It's like saying "If nothing changes … then nothing will change."

If our website does not use our market, it's just a rot

It does not matter how beautiful and pleasant our eyes are.

And our job is to make sure our web designer is thinking about the market and what would be the best on the market but we should not expect this to happen. This is because no one knows the business better than we do but we need to stop listening to the people who just think about us.

A professional web designer does not deserve all responsibility for the insect web site except they are self-appointed experts and they expect us to listen to them. Therefore, the first rule for recruiting web professionals is not to let us design our website.

Of course, we have to learn more about our virtual market, about how they think about their shopping habits, what their values ​​and what they believe. There is no single article covering the Internet as a virtual marketplace or market segmentation to create a market profile. This information can be found in other articles.