Every day I cross over at least one article that states that every business has to invest heavily in social networks or prevent it from failing. However, I seem to have gone through another article that social networking is a waste of time or even a bad business.

So, what is this?

Like most things in life, I think the answer is somewhere between the two. The ugly truth is that social networks are not the same size for all solutions. It will not be magically transformed into an international superstar. And surely it will not happen overnight.

Online social networks are really different from those of the regular social networking business that has been in the business world for years. Good, thank you for your customer relations being based on trust and respect. And creating such trust and respect requires time and more time.

I've been involved in social networking for more than a year and at that time I learned painfully what works and does not work. I have put my virtual leg several times in my virtual mouth several times. It's not a pretty thing.

1) Individuals providing high competitive services

2) Small businesses that need to reach geographically more dispersed customers

3 .) Nonprofit Organizations

If you fall into this group and are willing to accept the fact that good repute will take time, it is very likely that social networks have a huge impact on your business or causes.

Another thing I learned is that building online reputation is more difficult than in the real world. When a potential customer physically meets a business person, they will be able to observe all kinds of things that can help determine whether they trust a businessman. For example, how the businessman was wearing, how was their attitude and how they behaved.

When a potential customer encounters a business person on the Internet, they have less information in which a decision is made. Often, a businessman has given seconds to grab and keep customers' attention. This can make it easier to build long-lasting relationships.

Even though social networks are sometimes cumbersome and time-consuming, you can bring remarkable results and create. For some small businesses and individuals this is the difference between bankruptcy and success.

If you are on the fence to see the social network, remember this keyword, Garbage In, Garbage. If you enter, you expect simple and fast results, you should think back. Rome was not built one day and will not have the online reputation.

Creating passive income – automated income and work for itself – is a relatively new concept. I have done this work with Home Guidance to get creative ideas on how to do this. Internet work allows us to work independently, spend more time with our family, and follow our passions. The focus of this guide is not PPC ads or magazines, but the incoming marketing and the coming of customers.


Passive income is the preferred way of creating online information (blogs, websites, etc.), and then monetizing through ads or affiliate marketing. By writing content on passionate content, with a profitable part, you can evaluate online and earn significant revenue. This may take up to a few months, but it is worth waiting. The key to creating good content, then keyword research and the inclusion of relevant keywords with the section on the title and post.

Creating and Selling a Product

If there is a gap that can use a particular accessory, you can create a product when a manufacturing company designs it for you. An excellent example of adonis. Using resources such as crowdfunding, they can set up a prototype that was created and manufactured by a prototype. There are freelance designers who can make a prototype for you and easily find popular popular manufacturers with a Google search engine.

Selling The Premade Product

An easier way is to sell the premade item to the wholesalers. Freelancers can make a prototype and reproduce it.

Affiliate Marketing

An increasingly growing way of generating passive income is affiliate marketing for others' products. Many affiliate sites allow these products to be sold, that is, they are not in stock. Automatically sold to your site. You always receive a commission when purchasing the item through your link / site.

Selling Books / eBooks / Movies

Self Publishing Makes More Freedom and Control than Writing. When you're ready for your own online marketing (using SEO techniques and possibly Google), you can succeed and get a great stream of revenue from your revenue.

MLM / Networking Marketing

MLM has a bad reputation for the old days when people have tried to buy or work with their neighbors. They then bought tons of goods, just to never betray them. That was awkward. But it has developed to a certain degree and integrated with inbound marketing methods, it is a great way to earn revenue and, ultimately, your downlink earns money.

All in all, the key to working from home is to do your keyword research and find out about SEO and how to create good content for your site. I've written a home work on my blog, other links and resources to help you find the right job.

As a wellness coach and a lifeguard, I know how important it is to human health to enjoy her work. Some people are successful in creating a lifestyle blog while others are pursuing other goals. All in all, if you love what you do, it reduces stress and gives you years of life.

When we are an entrepreneur, we need to create all sorts of creative promotional methods not only for your business, but for ourselves as well. Nowadays, people need to know that their money is spent on products they trust in trusting. If you do not know a bit about who you are, how can they get enough of their business to work with them?

One way to easily promote yourself, using social networking sites. This is a great way to get people to know you and advertise your business at the same time. The best solution is that there are many ways to advertise yourself and your business is free to use, which will help reduce your advertising costs.

Most of the marketing methods available on your social networking site are really easy to use, as everyone is planning to use them, no matter what computer skills they have. This means that if you only know how to do surf and email reading, you will still be able to easily yourself and your business. Here are some of the easiest ways to start using social networking websites:

  • Create Blog – If you can write, you can blog and it's very easy to get started. Sites such as http://www.hubpages.com can simply start blogging on a regular basis and write whatever you like. Of course, it is best to write things that are related to you and your business, things that people are interested in reading and who come back to read the blogs of the future. Make sure you always have links to your site and a call to action that allows potential customers to visit your site.
  • Using Facebook – There are many ways to use Facebook for the market and your business. Your profile page should contain important information about you, including things like education and contact information. You can regularly update your Facebook friends about what's happening to you and your business with your status line and create a group or page that focuses entirely on your business. This is very easy and the instructions are simple and easy to read. You do not have to spend money to do this, so do not start today.

This is just two of the many ways you can use marketing social sites . This is a very good idea to online and check out the most popular websites and the different ways that you can use them to increase your profits. Try a lot of different things and watch them regularly to see what works and what does not, focus on the most appropriate business methods.

The social network is probably the greatest invention, as the wheel and most online businesses think so. The amount of information that a device that keeps them in the hands of all users is always priceless.

Narrows your ad simply to one or two sentence texts that sums up your data, for example, "Limited Time, Online Shopping and Free Shipping". Any computer, tablet, or telephone client will be able to receive a message and start right away to start your site to start buying. Social networking with Facebook

Social networks can be better updated through a business Facebook page. This allows businesses to share their views, inform customers of what is being created, store hours, customer service hours, and allow responders to respond to most viewers or messages and text. Your Facebook page can be viewed anywhere on the world by phone and device. Want to have a good impression and increase your sales so you can highlight your Facebook page. Do not do some boring news. Let's live in a brief description of 2-3 sentences, for example: "We started selling a new Monday Madness every Monday from 01:00 until 15:00 with all free green labels These items are marked or sold for a better shopping experience." Take photos from one or two green labels and submit them online.

Building your business with other social networks

Twitter is also a great way to stay connected with customers. This kind of socialization consists of a couple of characters, and allows you to be more personal with your customers, for example, "end the green label set". Everyone knows what they are doing and what's going to be like selling a green label. Their curiosity will be better for them and they will be able to sign up for what they can offer.

These are not the only social networks, and if we look at the sharing, Digg, Tumblr, and Reddit web pages that can immediately share their members.

There are so many other social media products that can be beneficial to your business. The higher the share of the business pages, the better the conversion rate. So if you want to add more sales, increase your business, or expand your audience, making the most of the power of social media is essential.

Try or try three of them. Keep in mind that you carefully select the words, keep your personal opinions from your post, stop your time at social media centers that are not functioning after the first month. Share only interesting content that includes images, and if you want customer feedback or comment, listen to what you have to say and apply where you know.

What is your real estate plan for 2011? If the first thing you thought was "Well, hopefully market conditions make it a good year", it's time to re-evaluate how it approaches your career. If it is a proven gaming experience, success is much easier. And that's what this month is about. It is about taking into account what you know, using your resources as fully as possible and things are going to happen instead of waiting for market conditions to dictate success.

If you're serious about success, this article will do everything for 2011. But do not forget – the plan is not a plan, unless it's been written down, so start playing the game plan. Then follow the comprehensive annual marketing plan you've mapped out. Your own plan may vary based on your budget, available areas, and other factors, but try to follow it as closely as possible.

After mapping your game plan, this guide should be in the following year. It is worth reviewing it quarterly and presenting progress.

The common problem is that agents do not anticipate their marketing and then their marketing suffers when they are working with a bullet-control method that is not focused and consistent. Agents work too often in a business-minded mentality – "It was a bad month, I'm better doing marketing." This approach is ineffective and complete waste of money. You need to break the business out of business and develop a long-term plan to expand your business. This is exactly what the game plan is about – make a plan and stick to a whole year so that all your marketing money work together to show unified images.

Develop the mix

The first step towards a successful 2011 is how it will spread its marketing message. Virtually unlimited combinations of different channels are available. Analyze which marketing methods will be most effective for you. If you're not sure about it, this article offers you many options.

Your lifelong marketing plan should be tailored to the following aspects of personal marketing: Online Marketing, Social Networking and Emails in Agriculture, Direct Mailing, Strategic Networking, Advertising and Public Relations

the basics

No matter what combination you choose, make sure your plan requires ongoing communication with the PSA, the sphere of influence, and all the leads – with direct mail and email management alike. This critical group provides the core of business and needs to do it before anyone else is targeted.

Let's look at the methods you will use in the marketing mix.

Sites and Email Management

You will never be surprised at how many agents still lack the proper web presence in today's Internet age. Agents shoot at their feet by choosing the cheapest option just because they can say they have a website. Many people do not have any or just rely on a small section on their company's website.

Through search engines and marketing, you must control all your traffic to your site. But this is not enough to simply show people to your site. The key to success is providing valuable content on the Internet for visitors. Do not just give them cause for the visit, but also encourage them to go back often. You want your site's experience to deliver a positive impression and deliver quality and reliability

Therefore, the annual marketing game plan should be scheduled to upload new content to your site. These activities should be deliberately scheduled and implemented. The beauty is that constantly adding new content to your site not only delivers visitors multiple times but also increases the search engine rankings. The more time-consuming and relevant information you can communicate on your site, the greater the business your website generates.

Your site should also demonstrate the value it offers to its customers, free special reports, and other opt-in opportunities. For the 2011 gaming design, focus should be on increasing opt-ins and expanding the email database. The larger your email database, the more you can take advantage of this huge and virtually free method that generates more leads and increases the bottom line.

Social Media Integration

Community media has grown up and transformed "the things kids do" as an indispensable element of business. From a marketing point of view, it's great to have strong tracking on Twitter, build Facebook and LinkedIn relationships, and become a reliable source for valuable information through the personal blog. The 2011 gaming plan should include the time period that is specifically reserved to improve and exploit these and all emerging social networking opportunities.

This not only means "different" but really uses them for you. Create yourself as a local property market mandate with up-to-date, market-based updates through various social media. To maximize your efficiency, you need to determine how many entries you make within a week. Try to balance personal and professional content in your posts.

If you're not sure where to start social media and feel that you're missing out, learn this topic to avoid costly mistakes. 19659002] Direct Mail

It is currently an outstanding opportunity for you to have a great impression on the farm via direct mail. By following the consistent email plan and continuously providing new content to homeowners in your correspondence, you can create credibility and create more leads.

It is recommended that you send letters on average three times a month to each person in the post office. So you can quickly create your name recognition and consistently maintain it. Some devices in the Direct Mailbox box should be examined as follows: • Customers

• Customers

• Former Customer Relationships

design and resist knockout decisions. Control content to your audience and market conditions, but do not let these factors encourage you to deviate from your plans. The more you reach your specific market segments with timely messages and important content, the more you will ring and the more you will see a return on your investment.

Strategic Networks and References

With the conversation that agents are "going back to the basics," and some are joining the doorknocking, we emphasize the effectiveness of strategic networking. Keep in mind that in the last sentence, the word "strategic", as there is a strategy, is the real distinction when networking is exploited.

Network management is an essential component of any holistic marketing campaign. This means that it is not a random activity, but a written plan, a written goal, and a desired result. It is easier to strategically schedule network activities to ensure maximum efficiency. Otherwise, it's too easy to tell you that it's coming into the network for a day, but that will never happen.

• Strategic networking involves the goal of issuing a number of personal brochures a month (100 good numbers), and keep yourself accountable for the goal. Answer the following questions:

• What do you leave yourself when you meet someone in network scenarios?

• How many personal brochures do you receive weekly or monthly?

• How many options are missing by not coordinating efforts on strategic networking on a regular basis?

• What will you do to provide more brochures in 2010 on a permanent basis?

comes to the recommendations, most agents look at the sky-like bonus client. This does not have to be so if you plan on coordinating efforts to get more referrals. Do not be afraid to ask your customers and influence on a regular, planned basis. Record the letters quarterly to make these important relationships prosperous.

Too often, agents do not consider these activities as part of a general marketing mix. The irony is that strategic networking and hyperlinks are powerful, inexpensive ways to create more businesses. Do not ignore this important activity next year.

Print Advertising

Unfortunately, a lot of real estate professionals think of one thing when thinking of advertising. This is certainly not what we are talking about here. We talk about personal, emotional, image-building advertising that fosters contact with the target audience.

Your advertising dollars are divided into segments, for example, "home" publications, ads in newspapers, magazines, bulletin boards, and cable TV. Each ad venue should include a line for the game plan.

You need to determine which of the categories will be most effective for reaching the target market you want to reach and focus on most advertising dollars. For this example, I've divided everything into a fairly uniform mix to get an idea of ​​a full-scale media campaign.

Of the sample prospect that I've provided, I've shared print ads in two categories: "homes" for publications and magazines. Home brochures are simply chosen because many agents are placing the majority of ads and because these publications are typically widely available in most areas.

However, do not limit your options to these publications. Take a look at publications available in all areas. Focus specifically on those that will trigger the target market. Particular attention should be paid to any publication specifically designed for a slot market or geographic area that you can manage. Do not worry if other agents do not promote certain publications. As long as you know that the publication is well-readable on the target market, you may need to sharpen it.

Television Advertising

Cable TV offers a new advertising boundary for many agents. We're not talking about home-cinema ads or the dull, "I'm the best agent" infomercials, but the actual 30 seconds of spot advertising, capturing the public's fantasy and linking it to your personal marketing campaign. 19659002] Due to the cost-effectiveness of the media, television advertising is not just for big national advertisers. As with outdoor advertising, prizes will be higher in larger metropolitan areas, but if you look at the cable provider, we guarantee you will be surprised at how cheap your purchase is.

Schedule for TV commercial time is similar to billboards and outdoor advertising, frequent airtime, and then off time. Cable Representative must be able to provide market analysis and demographic information to help you determine the best time and the best programming for your ads.

The Public Contact Plan

Incredible – Distributed but Important Part of the Marketing Mix public relations . If you've written an article about you, either from a newspaper or from a local television newsfeed, it's a powerful advertisement that you can not afford – and it's free!

But the only way to get this exposure is that you are familiar with local media, and it is therefore important to plan ahead of schedule for public relations. Publish a press release every month to the editors and reporters of the neighborhood. The timetable must include the specific subject of any press release you wish to send. Otherwise, when it's time to submit a release, you should suddenly think about a topic and write the release, and you probably will not do it because it's just too busy for that business.

Knowledge is power

Finally, you can not ignore continuous marketing. If you are serious about personal marketing, you must attend at least two personal marketing seminars each year. Not only will this come up with new ideas to keep you in the forefront of marketing, but every visit fills the batteries and engages your career. Like marketing, you need to plan these activities right now.

Your Work Plan for You

Most of the annual game plan analyzes what gives you the best results. After you finish your plan, you must stick to it as the glue. But that does not necessarily mean you are blind. You have to sit down once every quarter and analyze what's most effective and adjust the necessary adjustments. But be careful not to do it more often. You do not want to finish in "Week Plan" mode. Review your plan quarterly, then stick to it.

Implementation of the Plan

It was said that a plan is not a plan if it is not written down. Well, I could not accept more. You can not underestimate the power of the game plan sheet. This is one of the most commonly used paper for the next 12 months. Send it on the wall as a visual reminder of its progress.

Social networking is a great concept that companies appear to be either sweating or being disturbed. For companies providing services this is an incredible experience, as it enables the company to become faster and easier with customers and potential customers than before. This allows people who have been in contact with the company to be scattered about what they want to communicate with them in a better or worse situation.

For social networking companies, social networking is a bit harder, especially if you are not a brand representative or dominate a particular market or market.

Creating a Plan
Do not just try to join social networking once, especially because it looks like everyone else is doing. Find out which networks are right for you. Twitter may be counter-productive, but Facebook may be the order of an internet physician. Create a plan that includes how often you can update what information you will provide, how it is available to the audience, and how to handle it (especially if it's large).

After we've figured out which sites to use, the next step is to register a profile with the selected networks. Make sure you choose a username that is close to your business name if the login matches the name shown. Obviously, it is important to maintain a permanent naming system on all social networks. Be sure to choose a password that is not only memorable but safe as well. It is best to choose a long password with numbers and letters, as well as site registration.

Existing Information
Now that you're signed in, it's time to download the data fields in your profile. It is important that they are as comprehensive as possible. The more information anyone gets from your profile, the better. Users feel the more they know about your business. Essential details include a solid corporate description, a mission statement, and what kind of products and services they offer.

Here, too, it is crucial not to do anything. Although this seems obvious – I basically tell you not to let it be disastrous if the Web community gets caught in shame. Users will turn you on for a moment when they feel bad. While they sell products, they are primarily for information purposes. If you are lucky, a small portion of visitors will buy something. If you feel that the information you provide is misleading or missing, your profile will be terminated at best.

Update / Continue Visit
Now that your profiles are ready for public viewing, you should visit them at least as often as other users need to visit. The purpose of this is to gain the usual way for the user to enjoy the experience. If you see your page consistently, there is a sense of what needs to be changed.

Providing Service with the Product
This is the most important difference between product-based companies and service-based companies. You must start your services on the social network. At least you have to be at your fingertips for Twitter or Facebook to answer questions that are almost instantaneously displayed. Provide expertise on your products, no matter which one is most appropriate for the position, installation advice, instructions, or the most appropriate use of a particular user. If a customer buys herself, she wants to get you to other information about the products they sell. Use your industry experience to help them find the best customer service through social networks.

Tell people about your networks
If you set up these networks, it will not be good if nobody uses them. You can create links on links to your social network sites on your site. If you have a newsletter, tell your subscribers that you have these new resources available. Make links to future newsletters and keep them prominent on your homepage.

As people begin to visit their networks, it's important to pay attention to how many people are visiting. Encourage users to subscribe. In order to make them attractive to refrain in your opinion, you only offer discounts to subscribers. Facebook allows you to send newsletters to fans only. Offering this exclusive discount, it helps users feel as insider as if they share something that others do not get.

Start publishing blogs and posts on networks to encourage debate and discipline. If others start their own debates on the pages, they can freely participate. Focus on industry-specific topics that would affect how you and your clients would work. Serve the client in the best possible way. The more they love to lend to each other, the more they will do and recommend it to others.

As long as you begin to migrate to services delivered with your products, it's important for your customers to feel that this is a special way to do things. By representing the process as a picture, it creates a connection with the users. Make words consistently with your mission statements and the rest of the networks and sites.

Carefully press the product
And finally the product. Look at how my advice lasts for how to social networking. Everything associated with social networking is related to people. In this case, they will contact them with the materials sold. You are not trying to specifically sell this product – it's not a commercial service.

If you're not sure which networks may be for you, here's a rather comprehensive list. Many people plan more for personal interaction than dating, but others have cross-subsidies such as Facebook. It is primarily designed for personal communication, but companies have penetrated this market and this makes it possible to recognize some of our brands' enthusiasts.


Social Media and Network Marketing

Social marketing can be defined by using networks or stores as traffic for traffic (potential customers or customers). Social Media is an important tool that can help you build web visitors and ultimately convert these visitors to your customers and long-term revenue.

Network Marketing, sometimes referred to as MLM, is a marketing method that uses independent staff or representatives to reach potential customers or customers. MLM marketing can be done offline or online. Most independent marketers or representatives choose to conduct their business offline. This contact usually involves contacting your friends, family, or contacts by personal conversation or phone call. The MLM marketing online career is often ignored by most marketers. It's important to note that by using social media and marketing through online marketing, marketers can be very profitable.

Using social media networks to transform web visitors to customers or clients can be a driving force behind Social Media. The most important goal for MLM marketers is to get out. MLM Marketing is based on helping and meeting other individuals, closely coordinating the goals of many great social networks. A marketer who is able to take advantage of social networks to further expand the business can earn a big profit. A Successful Social Networking Marketing Plan is Crucial to the Long-term Development of Any MLM Marketing Business

Social marketing techniques become increasingly important in today's businesses. Social Media has become a new barrier that is used to create and maintain the interests of products and services. Big names and businesses are already following the trend of joining the most important social networks. MLM marketers need to jump into the Social Network faction. Instead of using offline only, marketers should also consider online marketing techniques.

The biggest problem with network marketing is management. There are a number of Social Media networks, each with its own flavor and public market. Sometimes it's harder to concentrate on every social network. This can be accomplished by using tools that enable network marketers to manage multiple accounts. Social Media has become an important platform for meeting other people with the same interest. Individuals who are currently neglecting social networks will ultimately get into a social network in the future. We emphasize and strongly encourage all network marketers to create a Social Media Marketing Plan now and not later.

Most of the products and services offered for network marketing come from branded companies. Using Social Media is a great way to spread business and find new staff, which is a useful tool that can greatly increase the business growth of network marketers. MLM is based on the idea of ​​expanding its network of representatives. One of the most important benefits of social networking is to keep in touch with people and bring interest to them.

MLM marketing is set up by reputable companies who want to launch their products and services with friends and family. Likewise, there are social networks that connect friends and families. A network marketing expert can be very successful in combining these two areas. Current network marketers use social networks to spread their interest in their products and services and find new recruits. Finally, Social Media can only play a beneficial role in expanding the independent business.


MLM Marketing is for people who help others. The MLM industry is a great place for individuals who are willing to get the education they need to start their own business and who want to help other businesses promote their business. An invaluable tool for network traders can be the ability to transport other people and to generate interest in the product or service. Regardless of the difficulty of maintaining the Social Media Marketing Plan, it has significant benefits for any emerging network marketer. Network marketing people who use Social Media as an independent business are getting a lot of return on both time and energy investment.

Networks must be transparent to users. The network and distributed distributed applications must be as reliable as running on a single computer. In addition, the network needs to provide self-healing capabilities that can break network traffic around broken cables and faulty components and are flexible enough to respond to changes in the business environment.

Local networks were very simple, but now they have different structures, at least five computing standards for transmission, and two standards for the network information. Local networks have become complexes that require their own operating system

Networking is still the least known and most important element in the organization's infra structure. Most client / server computing organizations are in agreement that linking local networks is not the place where you can save money. The advice is not to try to connect to compatible local networks with different platforms, such as hardware, software, and operating systems


1. Connected Device

2. Backbone Networks

3. High Speed ​​Desktop High Speed ​​Local Area Network

As local networks are spread across an organization, bridges and routers are used by them. For example, a router can be used for transmitting information between Ethernet, token ring, and fiber-shared data link networks. Users are unlikely to perform full 100 MHz fiber distributed data interleaving; because the router manages all connections

Backbone networks also connect local networks but provide high-speed data transfer and control the flow of data between different networks. The high-speed local area network connects desktop machines directly to the fiber-shared data interconnect network and thus has a full 100 MHz transmission rate. This configuration is designed for large amounts of data intensive applications, such as those that deliver graphic information and images.

The two most common local networks are the token ring of Ethernet and the International Business Machine. The Ethernet uses a baseband coaxial cable or shielded pair cable and operates at 10 MHz. Its protocol is a carrier-sensed, multiple access crash detection

This requires a device to monitor the network and send the message, only detecting that the network is not in use. If you experience a collision, the device must stop the transfer and try again when it detects the network is clear.

Token Ring uses a shielded pair of wires or optical cables and can operate at 4 or 16 MHz frequencies. Its protocol is called a token ring. A special code code, called a token, is transferred from the station to the station. If you want to send a device message, you want the token to come, take over the network, and forward the message. The token returns to the network after the transfer is completed

China is a key country for marketers who want to expand to Asia. GDP continues to rise more than 10% over the year. As a result, an ever-richer culture is emerging in metropolis such as Pekingen and Shanghai, and brands have to extend their reach in these markets. Social networks are accessible and widespread for access to the Chinese market.

Internet users in China are getting more and more experienced every day. China will have 265 million social network users at the end of this year. The number of social networking users is estimated to reach 488 million by 2015. As penetration approaches saturation, users are eager to use social sites to follow their favorite brands and products. As Chinese and Chinese government censorship blocks Facebook and Twitter, there is no transaction between Chinese Internet users.

So Facebook and Twitter are not ideal for those who focus on the Chinese market. Rather, marketing should be accredited by using local Chinese network sites to reach their target market. In China, Renren and Sina Weibo play a dominant role in the social network market. They can be considered as China "Facebook" and "Twitter", as each network currently has 160 million and 100 million registered users. There are many other local networks, such as WeaLink, LinkedIn Chinese version, and Kaixin001.


Beijing-based social network Renren is China's leading social network and literally a Facebook clone that provides the same colors and layout. SiliconAngle.com reported in February that Renren will soon start an $ 500 million IPO on NASDAQ before US networks, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are released. Due to the heavy venture capital, Japan Softbank Corp and American Accel Partners, the popularity of Renren has risen. Renren turns to "everyone", which means everyone is connected to a network. However, before they went through a name change in 2009, Renren was once called Xiaonei, that is, "at university" as the site was made exclusively for college students.

The goal of the change was to expel the network outside the exclusive university students and expand the target market for the network. Still, Renren still attracts the younger population of students and white galleries. Still, their big audience is considered to be a more lucrative advertising platform, which also creates commercial benefits for the company. Renren is also strong in monetization. Brand campaigns are sold to companies at a high price. Fan sites, while free on Facebook, start at 600,000 yuan (about $ 90,000). So social network marketing is more expensive through Renren, but if you want to move to the younger Chinese market then that is the way.

Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo's features are very similar to Twitter so this community network is great for communicating quickly with the target market. Sina Weibo allows users to limit their thoughts to only 140 characters, which has the same character limit as Twitter. The site is very popular and the number of Chinese and registered users exceeded 100 million by the end of February. The site is actually like Twitter on steroids. In fact, not only textual information but also image, video and sound can be shared. You can upload multimedia content to Sina Weibo or embed content that is hosted by a third party channel. Sina Corporation, China's largest web portal, launched in August 2009, Sina Weibo experienced explosive growth, fueled by celebrity users and over-market ratings. Susequehanna International analysts predict that the company will reach 120 million marks by 2012. For comparison, Twittern had 175 million users since September 2010.

network "is another very popular social network. Kaiser said that users are mostly" white collar middle class "and typically a" first-class city ".
Renegel versus Kaixin001 attracts intellectual office workers to ease Kaiser noted that Kaixin001.com is extremely popular among people working for multinational companies, advertising agencies, and other intellectual businesses, and that the site is valuable, in a way that is more intuitive to older audiences,


Founded in 2004, WeaLink is China's leading corporate social networking platform, a network that is basically the LinkedIn Chinese clone, a profitable user profile for a free account where you can contact your contact information, professional experience, educational details, and other people or companies' recommendations. However, corporate profiles are not free, costing about $ 900 a year. However, this account allows you to authorize corporate updates, company followers, and posts available at your company.

International companies in the Chinese market need to understand how to use local Chinese network sites to reach their target market and successfully expand their business. The research presented in this article will help you.

Do you think Networking for Stay at Home is something that we do every day, knowingly or unconsciously? we did not give a name. If you know a friend is looking for something important to you and if you see this article or service in an advertisement, or hear it on the radio or someone is talking about it, you definitely want to bring that friend to "close the deal." [19659002] In business circles this is "Network Marketing." & # 39; "If you find a great idea that you think it will work for you, you will definitely tell all your friends and collections, but that's his prerogative.

In the homes of a network, moms can get a dignified life, believe in ourselves and give this

Keep in mind, however, that there are many pale and there is nothing wrong with making money and not selling the promised goods and services. thoroughly before joining any network marketing business, make sure you know that you have proven results, are reputable and include products that you know that you will use, sell or use others.

mothers companies are extremely complex in networking, but this is a very simple business, some basics you need to master, and as long as you survive the basics, a when you do not go badly, you probably have to be careful before going to a business.

You need to spend some time asking questions like:

• Want an online business?

• Do I want to visit people better at home?

• How many hours can I dedicate each week?

• What products and services does the company provide?

• What is the compensation plan?

• What financially stable is the company? Can you afford bonuses and promises?

• Does the company have a registration card?

• Who showed me what to do?

• Will I be a member of a team?

• What are their follow-ups?

• Can I look at good and bad reports, and are there any more good than bad?

• Do you have registered headquarters?

• Can you control your leadership background?

• How quickly do I enjoy the benefits of my efforts?

A counseling for networking at home mom's home. Do not run into a business that offers a training program that you have to pay. CDs, meetings, weekend seminars, etc. They are all very entertaining, but are freely offered by the connection and the monthly fee. You will learn about tons of networking with a reputable company and executives, but you do not have to pay for that teaching.