Is network construction just beginning? These network funds are starting the right way. Here are the five things you need to know to get started with the network. Network Basics:

1. How do you find your contacts? Creating networks is necessary to take advantage of the benefits. Do you have a monthly or weekly event to participate in the local area? Could you start your own network event?

2nd What's in it? What are the benefits of your new relationship? Is this a transfer fee? Can you send customers the way? Can I offer a discount for your product or service? How will you follow the links? It may be as simple as a spreadsheet, making sure that you ask every customer how they found it.

Collect contact information. Make sure you collect your contact information. You don't want to wait to get in touch with you, so you can control them. And leads to my next point.

4th Keep track of and keep in touch. Take time to track new connections every week. This will build rapport and keep you in the mind when you meet someone who may require the product or service. Every Monday you can make a call, give a monthly lunch or coffee to the mix. E-mails are fine, but try not to make this connection every week. You want to talk about your passion and excitement in your voice about your product or service; Make sure your contact information is available. In most cases, it is best to have a business card. You can also request permission to add this person to Facebook, this must be done on site. The new contact must know how to contact you when you are doing business. You can even make Facebook and business cards even better. Networking in the right way is the best way to build your business in the long run and has very little cost to get in touch with. Customers usually only buy from people they know and trust.

We talked about the rules of the Canadian Spam Law, a law that is more than a spam attack. In my honest opinion, the law was wrong. It requires businesses to obtain consent, identify themselves with their name and physical address before sending commercial messages online, and clear the consent by unsubscribing. One more. The contribution required to send marketing messages is a good practice, but not for a person with whom you have been in the past for a long time.

Bona fide businesses have a three-year grace period for current business relationships, but what does this legislation mean in the long run? Frankly, it will destroy many business models or change them dramatically. It won't do much against spam, so let's talk about the effects of CASL.

Why CASL Does Not Work Against Real Spam

First of all, I don't see why we need new spam laws. Today's web filters very well block almost every spam. The few pieces that pass through are usually fraudulent emails that encourage someone to launder money, and CASL won't stop them. In fact, because I don't get a gift from Best Buy because I somehow lost this consent email in the CASL flood, the real spam emails will seize us and make us even more confused. The very illegal email that uses high-level technical tricks around the filter, which is still in the inbox and CASL won't stop them. In the past, e-mail from the local large boxed coupon will only be thrown into any other form of spam and can be viewed in the spam folder. We used to be. It is not strange that we spent a lot of time, energy and money on CASL to stop the so-called. E-mail spam, but we still have a physical mailbox at home, full of real spam, which is more than 1000 times wasteful?

All of these efforts and CASL have no real teeth to handle illegal spam at all, without having to go into it! It comes from almost all of North America. Can a Canadian court call someone in Asia or Africa and pay demand? I find this ridiculous. Of course, if someone can't do enough to run a classic illegal spam campaign in Canada, they'll pay a lot of time.

It is even more ridiculous that CASL only affects Canadian businesses. International companies have no reason to comply with the law! A professor, Pitt Leyland, SFU believes that this law will only reduce about 2% of spam.

The upcoming flood

Last month, customers, collections, etc. Logout application for flooding emails. Current and New Relationships If it hasn't happened yet, you can accept to agree to fatigue.

Further Fall: Own CASL Predictions

In the short term, businesses are working to comply with the law. However, there are some predictions:

Companies with great difficulties in email marketing can conduct their offshore e-mail operations through an offshore affiliate:

Some parts of the law make this difficult, especially identification rules, but not impossible. After this trick has been found, wait for more emails that do not comply with the law but cannot be penalized.

Digital marketers are destroying this law:

Google and Facebook love this only in Canada. Some people are burning the midnight oil to help businesses with the law. PPC advertising companies will see great revenue as companies find their e-mail marketing less than 95% of their email listings very quickly.

Canadian companies are disadvantaged:

CASL is basically a "Do Not Call" register for email marketing with the same errors. Once companies find out how they can legally move their email operations at sea, they won't prevent them from sending messages. Does not stop illegal email activity. It places an additional burden on Canadian businesses and consumers and makes it more difficult for Canadian businesses to compete against international interests. For small online businesses in Canada that use mass e-mails to communicate with their customers, this may be a death sentence. They are now locked in the CASL Prison and are looking for a way out.

The digital strategy for businesses becomes mandatory:

For those who have the know-how to work, they are not lost. Obtaining consent is not difficult if something is desired by customers and potential customers. I always agree with customers because I give them the information they care about. Leading casting and digital hooks will be extremely important and for companies who know how to do this, a very busy email list that will be in the increasingly important sales channel. Little consent goes a long way to learning how to crush the internet!

A small guide to confusing the e-mail marketing terms you find on different websites, I hope this helps.

Automatic Response (AR)

is an e-mail service that is pre-written e-mails for anyone completing the opt-in form

Opt-in (Subscribe) (OI)

is what the subscriber does when he wants his information. It then fills in the opt-in form on your website. If you fill out this and click on the "Subscribe" button or anything you choose to call the button, you have been given permission to communicate with them by email or phone, depending on which one you are requesting. )

is the recommended setting for anyone who travels through the auto responder. When a site visitor fills in the opt-in form, they receive an email asking them to recognize that they actually want to receive the message and receive additional messages from you. If you choose the double option, the emails will be higher with their availability, so if you choose not to have dual opt-in.

Fold-the-Fold (ATF)

. on the computer screen (by e-mail) where you do not need to use the scroll button to display the rest. This is the primary property of e-mail messages, so be sure to write long e-mails that you need to be aware of before you scroll or lose interest before reaching your call for action. ] measures how many e-mails he has sent and how many have arrived in an INBOX

Hard Tackle (HB)

when an e-mail has not reached the e-mail because someone wrote wrong e-mail or fake

Soft Bounce (SB)

is a technical issue, such as a full e-mail account or an unavailable server

Subject Line (SL) [19659003] is what entices the subscriber to open his e-mails.

Open%% (OR)

is the number of emails sent in the email marketing campaign divided by the total number of open emails.

Clickthrough Rate (CTR)

is the number of unique clicks on the link in the email divided by the number of people who open the email.

The success of the conversion rate (CR)

which was successful in his email campaign. If you refer to a partner's sales page, it calculates how many emails you have sent and how many sales have been made from this email. pictures, background colors, custom fonts, etc.

HTML emails can use a high clickthrough rate if they are used.

Simple text e-mail

because not all browsers allow HTML e-mails, so you need to write so-called simple text that does not allow images or text to be formatted.

E-mail Signature (ES)

The best practice is to sign your signature at the end of every e-mail. You can add social media accounts, a link to your company, services, product, or website by signing. This is a great marketing opportunity that is often overlooked

Spam or junk

when you did not allow e-mail reception, often does not include a unsubscribe link, so it is very difficult to stop emails. However, email providers can now send permission-based emails to the spam / junk folder because they contain words that the email provider sees as spam. So if you chose something but you can't find it in your inbox, I suggest you check the spam / junk folder.


If you no longer receive email and want to stop communication from the sender, always have an unsubscribe link / button at the bottom of each email. Sometimes it can be hard to find, but it's there!

I hope this will clarify any misunderstandings.

A The Top

Kiesha Michelle

Email is the most commonly used application on the Internet. According to Epsilon International through the Econsultancy Blog in June 2009:

E-mail is used more regularly than social networks for personal communication. 79% of respondents use e-mail as their primary communication mode, only 10% use social networks.

E-mail has long been used as a marketing form, but if you are new to e-mail marketing, you may not be sure how to use it and what results you expect. So here are the five best uses of email marketing:

1. Newsletters

Create newsletters for the regular forwarding of existing customers and prospects. Some companies choose weekly, others choose monthly. If you really like it, you can even send them daily (as long as the content is good quality). Sending e-mail newsletters is a very effective form of communication and helps to further develop the brand. The more you keep your name and logo in front of your customers and prospects, the more likely the top of the list will be when the customer wants to buy.

Newsletters may contain a number of information – new websites added, new articles, business changes, new product families – whatever happens, as long as it means value to the person you send.

2 Promotions

Many organizations want to use email marketing to send coupons / codes or promote a special offer. Offering exclusive coupons to the mailing list is also an effective way for subscribers to increase their email marketing list. If people are already committed to your business, what better way to strengthen your relationship than with your own special offers?

3rd Event Invitation Ions

E-mail marketing is a fantastic way to promote event events. Not only can you send e-mails about customers and prospects to keep an event, you can still use emails to invite people directly. Email marketing tools are highly sophisticated and customizable, which is an invitation. This also reduces the cost of printing and posting traditional calls

4. Promoting Blog Entries

If you create a regular blog, you can use emails to promote new blog posts. Some people prefer to receive a direct email with an email address rather than directly on their site. Alternatively, you can also send a weekly or monthly email containing all your recent blog posts and use it to drive traffic to your site.

5th Business Updates / Press Releases

If you have created a new product that has been added to a new employee, or any other news, email marketing is a great way to post it to your mailing list. Using e-mail marketing, you can also send press releases to a large number of journalists.

Key Benefits of Email Marketing:

  • Speed ​​
  • Flexibility
  • Low Cost
  • Ability to Measure Results

These benefits are a useful tool for every big company. The low cost of entry means that virtually anyone can participate and start using it.

What is Network Connection?

Improving My Misconceptions:

There are many misunderstandings about the network, so many people do wrong or don't try at all. Networking is not about distributing or receiving most business cards, and is not limited to "network" events. There is no need to create a network to develop the network; You already have: friend, family, business partner, getting to know you. The goal of networking is to increase your existing network to make it stronger for you and for everyone in it.

Many people confuse networking with sales. When you approach someone for sale, the goal is the transaction. When approaching a new relationship in networking, the goal is to learn more about this person and how to help them, either with information, feedback, or redirection to another person. Sales should be the poorest of your mind, without your contact expressly requesting information from you. Networking is like dating. Interconnecting sales with networking is like asking the contact at the first meeting.

Now that we've removed some misunderstanding, let's talk about the network. Networking is a daily lifestyle that can be used to connect and connect with others to build lasting relationships. It's really that simple. As a woman, this of course comes to us, although we do not always take the next steps and follow the link.

Display Value Display:

Maybe you ask yourself, "Why am I going to focus on helping other people? It doesn't seem logical for everyone to focus on securing their own success, but I tell you why

First of all, the goal is not only to help other people, but also to add strong and valuable people to your network. and establish relationships with other people, they will be seen as someone you know. Want to participate in a network of 10 or 500? The more you attract, the more attractive you are to others and don't speak

Third, the focus is not on getting everyone in the network to be a customer. It's a bigger thing. The goal is to join all the people in your network! If everyone knows at least 200 people on average and has a network of 500 people, you have the opportunity to reach 100,000 people with a personal recommendation. There is no marketing strategy on the planet that allows you to access your target market for money and effort.

Contact vs. Transaction:

As discussed above, networking and sales are not the same. There are many sales strategies that use networking skills and are generally more successful than selling cold calls. But pure networking creates relationships. When you encounter a new relationship and are interested in adding it to your network, the goal is to get to know him.

  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your needs?
  • Can you help him achieve his goals?
  • Interested in mutual relationship?

Once you decide to add a link to your database, important work will begin. Like all relationships, you get out of what you've inserted. After the first meeting, adding the person to the mailing list and forgetting it is not networking. In fact, it is one of the quickest ways to lose a new connection. Finding quality links requires quality efforts to get to know them. Not all of our contacts need to become friends, although this happens from time to time, but the same caution and attention should be paid to your new friend when you establish a relationship.

Practice: Draw a look at your current network and relationships you have created through others . Place yourself in a circle in the middle of the page and start drawing links. Can you see any possible references? Any relationship you would like to deepen? Is there a connection to a network you want to connect to?

There are several ways to grow networks, connect with others and make a viable business in building quality relationships. Networking does not have to be personally, but on the Internet, on applications and on other online routes. Social media in particular is a remarkable way for individuals, groups, companies and associations. But like other online platforms, knowledgeable network managers need to learn how to make the most of their network efforts.

The following are helpful tips for creating, promoting, and enhancing community success.


The use of "#" is critical to the efficiency and effectiveness of Instagram. After setting up a profile, link, and other information, consider brainstorming hashtags that resonate with the brand. These labels can help you get in touch with like-minded people who share your interests, skills, passions, etc. We recommend sending at least 8 relevant hashtags.

@ Sign

The use of "@" is both critical for maximum use of IG. This feature allows others to be included in the post. This activity can result not only in viruses, but also in other networks. Select individuals, companies, and organizations that can benefit from your comments, find value in content, and be able to return to your followers / community.


Last but not least, it is important that your post is short or long. Includes eye-catching photos, interesting video files, graphics and designs to invite viewers. This is an opportunity not only to be creative but also to promote brand and unique identity.

Follow the instructions below to learn the art of networking through IG. Contact others, increase your networks, and continue adding value.