I never thought networking could take my life as they did. An introverted man turned out to be an entertaining and productive process. I find myself in building relationships and helping others.

Over the past two years, I have dealt with more people in networking and got great feedback from my workshops and trainers. All this information has helped to better understand the networking process and how it works. The three main steps of the networking process are:

# 1 Preliminary Design

This step will do everything and everything; starting with deciding whether or not the event is right for you; as long as you make sure you reach your goal. Hundreds of organizations and events happen every day around the city. You can not participate in each. It simply does not spread too thin.

Be selective about events. Find out who will be there and how it can be useful to you. If necessary, call the organizer of the event and find answers to the questions to be ready.

Decide who you want to meet and who you want to connect to.

Make sure there are plenty of business cards and memorable lift pitches.

There is a positive attitude and a Pay-It-Forward mentality.

# 2 etiquette

During the event, the first goal must meet the people you are thinking of. It's always a good idea to get in early and leave it late.

Host is a good icebreaker and can help keep in touch with new people. For those who have an introverted personality, approaching tribes are challenging. So the friendly attitude at the door can help you meet new people and help you at the same time.

To create business cards and notes, develop a strategy or system that works best for you. Be an easy process by knowing what steps you can take to ease interaction with others. Know where your contacts are located on your body or wallet. You know where he puts the collected new contacts … make sure they're divorced from you. You do not want someone to share another card.

Always wear a small notepad and a pen. Use it to make notes and to share those who need pen and paper at the same time.

Show conversations with others and listen to what they say … Simply connect with them! # 3 Consequences

After you spend money and money on a particular event, you usually have a lot of business cards and come up with promises to contact the new people you met. Make this promise and make the best contact with them 24-48 hours after you meet. Send them an email or call them. If you feel like, make sure that you notice this preference and respect it.

If you have promised to email information, contacts, resources … again, make sure you fulfill this promise and come across the email with the promised information.

The point behind everything is really to find out what works for you and how to build new relationships while making a process that will make it easier for you and your relationships.

Three major steps in the networking process are extremely important for successful and successful results. One common mistake is that network builders usually miss one of the most important steps or even block the ball during the process. For successful results, we recommend covering all three steps, one step at a time … and slowly monitor your ROI during network efforts.

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