The most widespread community networking is the "better" type of attitude, because it is not. Publishing hundreds of hundreds of messages a day can have the same results as a maximum of 4-5 daily jobs at the right time. The success rate from the traffic through social networks is achieved by moderation, timing and accuracy. You will never divulge all social platforms on the planet due to the tsunami affiliate links because in that way you will not have any results. It only irritates your audiences.

Commenting and publishing Groups and / or Forums requires that you first read the rules for that group or forum. Some sites do not allow link sharing, and if you do this, your site administrator will block or even delete it. Even though sharing links is allowed, you should never share raw links. The only link you have to share within the social network must be a link to your own landing pages, websites, or blogs and groups. Another confusion is "duplication," as many newborns fall victim to this tendency in a desperate attempt to sell. Social networking is not a sale but a purchase of subscribers, followers or friends within their ears. If you send too many duplicate entries or content, you've tagged it as spammer and you do not want it. In many cases, your profile may be suspended and deleted.

Sharing "affiliate links" is another turmoil, and with some community platforms such as Facebook, the link can still be tagged if it's unsafe. If that happens, every effort to expose the social networks to exposure is futile. Nobody will click on a link that warns them about the PC, especially the professionals. As mentioned earlier, there is only one type of connection that needs to be shared through social networking. You can only share links to your personal website, blog, landing page, or blog or group.

Avoid these pitfalls, and if you do not have your own links, you should start with this. Even if it's just a blog where you also have an online form to get subscribers to your list. The purpose of this blog is to encourage and share useful content with the goal of gaining a subscriber and even a tracker for your blog.

Wishing for Prosperity,

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