Email marketing is still one of the most effective forms for small businesses to participate in it. Think about how many times you check email during the day. However, if you want your email marketing to work, make sure you don't fall into one of these critical errors.

first Dull topics

The main element of this topic will be to convince the majority of your subscribers to either open your e-mails or ignore it, so it's no wonder you need interesting writing. However, many businesses are unable to deliver attractive topics, much less testing them!

2nd Shared Testing

Shared Testing is an important tool to figure out which parts of the email campaign can be improved. If used correctly, you can learn important statistics about future campaigns to continually improve your open fees and commitment. For example, you may find out which topic you get the most (name opposite to your name, etc.).

While most of the services see this feature nowadays, many are still not using it and this is a big mistake.

3rd Simple text e-mails

If you do not include graphics in e-mails, you are actually asking people to click on their received messages when the second one opens. People need large, bold headers, clear and concise text and images that help in conveying the message context. People are busy and do not waste time on email, which does not immediately grab their attention.

If it's about it, it's only about. It takes 8 seconds to open the email, so make sure the first few lines are really interested. The whole should be digested in 30-60 seconds or less and refer to further information if they want to.

4th Not using the video

Video on the Internet is the most formidable form of content, and most video clips are ready, they make a mistake if they are not in your email campaigns. If a video cannot be embedded directly into an email, use a gif from the video and connect the video directly to allow people to watch it.

Video is a fantastic way to turn readers into customers, so you can use every chance to get more information about your products or services than anyone who would ever dare to read. This will increase your commitment and improve your conversion rates.

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