Most people have been burdened by e-mail at work. Amongst the steps we take with friends and family, we're flooding promotional emails and emails that let us know what's happening on our social networks and, as always, a lot of spam.

A couple of e-mail tips and tricks can help you rationalize the day and stay as productive as possible. Undoubtedly, most of them are more of a "tip version" than tricks, but they help almost everyone who is struggling with email management.

1) Setting Custom Filters

All appropriate email services have a filter function. It can take a few minutes to filter out large amounts of emails based on topics, sender, keywords, and email addresses.

Depending on the purpose of the account, the total amount of emails can be reduced to a fraction.

Filters work well with custom filters. For example, setting up a filter based on email addresses can ensure that friends and family members get into a "read later" folder and leave other emails in the inbox.

2) Essential Speed ​​

If you want to reduce the amount of time spent on email, try working at the fast speed. Filters and folders help to make this easier, but a more ruthless approach is also helpful.

If an email is not important, do not read the full message. If so, answer it immediately. Unless there is a reason to send an email, for example to a family member of another Member State, keep it brief.

Most conversations are personal or telephone better. Use emails to set up appointments, fill an important topic or event, and then proceed.

3) Use CC field

Unless there is no reason to store a message between you and another party, use the carbon copy (CC) freely. Trust that others can keep up with what they need to do and involve them in correspondence

This is especially true for e-mails about events or projects that require planning and implementation. Others can see email and contribute to their ideas or take some responsibility. This will reduce the overall email load over time and help no one miss out on important conversations.

4) If an e-mail responds with a warranty, do so immediately

It's easy to see an email and schedule this response for the next day. Even if it is not important, it is not uncommon for someone to send the next email to make sure that the first message has passed.

The result is that the incoming messages fill unnecessary messages that ignore the importance of other tasks. Send a short answer and send it immediately unless there is any mitigating circumstance that prevents you from doing so.

5) Use the Block Function

In Gmail, click the "Show Search Options" button. Type your email or domain with "@", create a filter, and click "Delete". This will automatically delete your mail from this unique sender or domain.

Cancel E-mail

Email does not have to be a chore. It always takes a little time and a little work to keep the organization, but with some simple tips and tips, the amount of mental energy that stays on top of things is reduced.

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