Most people are connected to network events to establish new relationships and maintain existing relationships. Both are equally important. Some people just want to extend their network and rather neglect their existing relationships. Others do not know how to approach new people, feel uncomfortable, or feel "guilty" when they leave the groups they have long been in.

There are five steps to take part in a network event that can both be used: [1]

Most people are not preparing for an event. But they complain later, saying they wasted their time or did not meet the right people. Therefore, before attending an event, ask yourself the question: what is my goal at the event? Do I want to meet you? And is this event the best place for these people? Is there enough time for networking? And who are the organizers?

Most of the people find the hardest part: contacting other people, especially if it's a whole new situation or event. Here are some tips:

  • Ask a question about something in your community. There are always at least 3 things: venue, theme / speaker and organization.
  • Describe your acquaintance with new people. If you are new, ask your organization to present it. They are there for you!
  • The most important thing is to talk to each other. Let's just start. No one can stand it and almost everyone welcomes new relationships. But many people feel uncomfortable about coming close to someone else. If you are the first step you will be grateful!

3rd Step After Conversation

Having contacted you how to have a real conversation?

  • Ask open questions (starting with how, who, where, where, who). This gives you more information to ask other questions and to know the other person.
  • Ask what is specific to or characteristic of the other person or organization that he or she represents. This helps to better remember the other person.
  • Focus on the other person: let him talk more than you do.

4th Step Ending the Conversation

At one event you and the person you are talking to both meet new people and maintain existing relationships. That's why OK is the conversation. After 15 minutes. You do not have to compile the whole event. But how do you do this?

  • Thank you for the other person for the conversation.
  • Check out if you can help each other. If this is the case, change business cards.
  • Let's introduce the other person to the other people in the room and / or ask him to show it to another person.

5th step: tracking

Whatever your goal is at the event, track the results. However, this is the part most people forget. Some things need to be kept in mind:

  • Tracking does not start a few days after you met, but during the conversation. Find the communities, interest, and help the other person. This will give you tracking and building relationships.
  • Scheduling time on your agenda to track your actions.
  • Do not forget to sell people and not transfer contacts to a call center to do this. Create a personal relationship!

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