The rapid deployment of social media networks and social media media with social media networks is key to effective use. The social media planning plan allows you to streamline your social networking efforts by adapting social networks to your business goals. The social networking plan helps you track your results so you can see how effective each network is to reach your business goals and, if necessary, try other networks as well. So you can not waste time on a social network if it does not meet the same goals.

Here is an important element of the effective community media network plan 7.

first Creating social networking goals

Tip: Popular community media centers, as everyone else has them and feels that there is no way out, not a goal. Everyone knows Twitter, Linked In and Facebook, but they are not the only social networks.

Is your goal to alert your brand? Do you support your products? Leading companies? Share your expertise? The network of people with similar thinking? Do you get references? Then, choose a social network that meets this goal and you will get more success than simply randomly selecting it. Goals are business goals. Articulate them and describe them. Statistics say that those who describe their purpose are more likely to reach them. It is no different in social media networks.

2nd Carefully choose your social networking page

Because there are literally hundreds of social sites, you have to try to find what fits your business goals. Twitter, Facebook and Linked In are the most well-known (Twitter is the location of the clock) and while they are excellent sites, they are not the only social networking sites.

Just sticking with these three means you're on the most popular pages; nevertheless, make sure you do not miss out on other or more business networking opportunities. For example, while building relationships is the cornerstone of online or offline business, some business community sites are more open to promotion than networking, while others enhance the promotion of a product or service to a different extent or prohibit products.

Here are some business social sites that are worth seeing. To see the links, see "Blogging not much more for social networks" like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, where you'll see that I'm mentioning Biznik. Supports products in your business profile and sites and paid revenue for the links

Entrepreneur Support your business on the Entrepreneur Magazine's Social Network Take Advantage of Email Marketing and Virtual Exhibitions is a start-up community that deals with expert advice and finance It's great for businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals to explore their products, services and new business relationships, find suppliers, and continue new developments You are the newspaper and mag Create Your Own Social Network

If you already feel that some of your business social networks are opting for a limited number to participate. It is almost impossible to be active in more than three at once.

3rd Decide Your Ideal Relationships

Who's Looking For? Though you may have hundreds of connections, if you decide who you want to reach and make deeper relationships on the front, your social network will be more effective. Looking for corporate executives, authors, writers, recruits? Make it clear who you want to join because it determines how you can connect with them. Focus on finding similarly mined people who share the goals and meet the target market. Be selective, do not accept all the invitations that are yours.

4th Attend consistently

After you've selected social networks, you regularly participate with valuable content, sharing expertise, answering questions, listening, and establishing new relationships. It must also show how it can meet the identified needs. Drive traffic to your own websites by inserting your signatures, sites, and blogs into messages, articles, videos, and more.

5th Plan Your Time for Social Networks

It's important to release your time before joining social networks and this is where your social networking plan helps. Many businesses go in without a real plan, find other things that have priority and are quickly overwhelmed with the time needed for full participation. Be patient and develop a strong, focused network that supports your business goals.

6th Monitoring and Measuring Outcomes

Small businesses suffer from lack of time because they do everything themselves. Take time to build solid relationships, but make sure that these are relationships that move toward your goals. If you've been successful in social networking from the start, you can keep track of how successful you are going to meet and adjust accordingly. Successful actions include, for example, the number of bids received, the deposit of the free offer, the number of tracked or tracked leads, the connection to the e-zine or the like. While traffic to your blog or website is good, you need to make sure you're tied up with what you're doing between your financial goals and plans.

7th Review from time to time

How to maximize your time on business social networks? Are your changing networks still relevant to your goals 2-3 months later? How do you activate your activity between these goals? Do you have to try another network? Review your social networking plans and pinch as needed.


1. Establish Business Goals in Social Networks

2. Select community pages for these purposes

3. Decide Your Ideal Relationships

4. Fully and consistently participate

5. Plan Your Time for Social Networks

6. Measurement of results

7. From time to time, review the plan and modify it if necessary.

Follow this 7-step plan and is more likely to be a more focused business community experience.

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