Recent research shows that 67% of marketers worldwide have evaluated e-mail marketing as the most effective marketing method in 2012. But you are ready to create a successful email marketing campaign so the target audience actually opens your email, email mailbox

Here you will find 8 e-mail marketing campaigns.

1. The subject line attracts attention.

The first rule in your email marketing campaign is a theme that seeks attention to opening the email. Think of the title of a newspaper or ad. If you grab your attention, you want to read more.

2nd Write a readable copy

If someone has opened your email for an interesting topic, you should keep your interest. Use short paragraphs with relevant copies and metrics so people can quickly review the content. Use a simple, easy-to-understand language with short, concise sentences.

3rd Easy tracking of links .

The e-mail marketing campaign is designed to encourage readers to click on a link to a landing page or sales page. Make the links between texts clear and provide more opportunities for readers to click on them. Use texts that have a compelling reason to click on the link and try to avoid "click here". Allow people to give up the opt-out.

No one wants to buy anything from the intrusive seller. E-mails should be friendly and provide relevant information to the reader. However, if the reader decides that he no longer wishes to receive emails, allow him to easily unsubscribe. If it gets harder, you'll start e-mails and definitely never buy from you. They may be spam, which may cause problems in the future.

5th Be personal.

Your email marketing campaign should be as if you're going to a person. Always talk as if talking directly to your reader. A personalized email marketing campaign will increase your clickthrough rates and open prizes. You want to get acquainted with their friends and somebody who really cares about them. The secret is to try to get involved in the conversation that is already in their heads, and the more they are able to do so, the more interesting the content.

6th Give Value

Every time you send an e-mail marketing campaign, you should think that content will be beneficial to the audience. People buy from people, companies, and brands they love and respect. If your only goal is to only sell stuff and earn money, you will not build a relationship with your list and the unsubscription rate will be very high

. Test Before Submit

Do not send your email marketing campaign without making sure it works. Send the e-mail to yourself to make sure it looks and reads as intended, all links work, and each person is working properly

. Get the auto responder.

Your responder is like a customer service that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Auto-responders are one of the best tools for email marketing, as you can send e-mails to your target audience for a specific time. This is important because research has shown that sales generally end with the seventh contact.

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