Email is a very convenient and important tool for business communication. It's important that you do things properly when communicating with your email, to avoid professional rumors.

first Observe your habits It's still important to say things such as & # 39; and thank you & # 39; In addition, its addressees can only be used as a contact if they are comfortable with it. Listen to your voice. You do not want to sound harsh, arrogant or indifferent, but you want to meet in a respectful and approachable way.

2nd Go to the bottom line. Avoid long-term emails. Get the most out of your emails as quickly as possible without leaving the most important details and the essence of email. Time is short, people are busy, and they just want to reach what they say.

3rd Be a pro. As a specialist, you want all forms of communication to reflect the level of professionalism. Is it worth answering your important email in time? It is a very bad deal to respond slowly to legitimate email. You should always strive to always answer every time. And remember, however irresistible, it's always cool, courteous and helpful.

4th Look at punctuation, grammar, and spelling. No scream is "unprofessional" over bad spelling, abbreviations, slangs, emoticons, and inappropriate language, terms and phrases that do not have room for professional communication. Checks bugs, grammar errors, and other common bugs? Use spell checker or dictionary if necessary.

5th What does your email address say about you? Do you really think your email address is right for you to communicate with your customers? The email address of your domain or even your ISP will show and forward it better than a professional image as a free address and is more likely to impress your customers. When choosing your business e-mail address, always think about choosing the right name.

6th Send your email to the appropriate person. It does not look good if you send an email to the wrong recipient. This email may contain sensitive information that "reads Daniel but is wrong" Dan & # 39; "Always be careful when selecting names and adding the following: & # 39; A: & #

7. Where are the attachments? Personally, I've been guilty several times. If you find the missing attachment quickly and you can send the face shortly you can save it If you continue to make this mistake, you will look ruthlessly and carelessly Try this Before you write anything, first attach the files before you forget

8. DO NOT STILL all caps are equal to yelling and should be avoided at all costs It is not only difficult to read, it is rough and frustrating and only the reader can seem impractical and unattractive

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