Have you ever been to a quick dating site? If you will understand the concept of speed augmentation.

A quick dating site lets you meet a lot of people in a very short time, and the idea that first impressions count when you hit and feel that there are things you can later meet and take more time to build relationships.

Speed ​​up business is equivalent because it has given a specific time period (2 or 3 minutes, for example) to initiate a relationship with other business people. Just enough time to provide you with basic information about your business and the services you offer, as opposed to in-depth debates.

A positive point in the speed network is that you can meet and exchange business cards with other business people in a relatively large number, and at the same time, the time limit will force you to move forward and eliminate the possibility of talking to a whole person with the same person.

For me, an informal network session is also needed for an event that may take time to meet up with other people who feel they are in contact. This way, you can start the connection building process instead of changing the business card.

In this type of event, it is imperative to master the art of effective business card usage. When you finish the session, you may have a bunch of cards and it is difficult to pick a face on the card at a later time. This is one of the reasons why the business network tips listed below are essential for speed limitation and speed measurement to best suit.

first Before deciding to participate in fast business network events, it takes time to understand the format. Do you have full-speed networking or free network time? If you understand the format, you are better prepared and more about the event.

2nd One of the above is the understanding of how much time there is for each other. If this is short, you really need a well-practiced and fine tuned sixty second presentation. If you can do a little longer, maybe you can let yourself be a little deeper.

3rd It may be that your meetings, such as yours, business, etc. You must stick to a specific agenda. Awareness of this will promote the right topic before the event.

4th Fast networking when you have a fixed agenda is a very convenient way to meet new people and save time to identify people you do not already know

. Do not be in a hurry to give your pitch, let the other speak for the first time, so if you have a "common area" you want to use, you can set your track to match. [19659002] 6. Make good use of business cards. When exchanging cards, it takes time to read aloud what is on the other person's card. The other person will see this interest, but most importantly, will help to remember the face and name at a later date. You can also use the business card to make notes. This is an important point in creating your own cards – make sure the background is bright in color so anyone can comment on the card

. Considering point 6 – do not forget your contacts and the pen!

8th Do not look for time to look for business cards to find your own. Make sure you have the right place for your collection and for your own. I use two pockets in my jacket or coat.

ninth Finally, if you feel you are saying something to someone and that there can be synergy – make it clear. Now is not the time for a polite conversation to be direct and tell them that you want another appointment and suggest a date and time.

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