Obviously, as time passes, this file will also increase. The problem is that the larger the PST file, the more time it takes Outlook to complete various tasks, including downloading and opening emails. Therefore, it is very important that the size of the main PST data file is rather small, so it can be handled and Outlook can run smoothly. You can always enable Outlook for AutoArchive or manually share emails between multiple PST files to keep the daily PST file small.

To create an archive of old and undesired messages in the Outlook main menu, select File> Data Management and click "Add". Now go to the "Office Outlook Personal Folders File (.pst)". Enter this folder. If you archive your e-mails for six months, a good idea might be the name of the file within the time that emails were sent or received. You can choose the archiving period depending on how often and how many large emails you receive. Remember that the resulting PST file size should be kept at one or two GBs because the larger ones will not be more efficient.

To snooze newly created folders or other items, just drop entire folders into the new folder. Once you have created an "Archive" folder where you moved all the old mail, you can simply select it and drag it to the new archive file. If you have not sorted your emails or other items before and you want to move the email before a certain date to the new archive file, follow these steps. Go to the Outlook main menu and select File -> Archive. In the window that appears, select the folder you want to sort. Enter the date, the emails you send, placed in the newly created Archive PST file. Use the & # 39; Browse … & # 39; to select the PST file and to perform the transfer.

With Outlook Auto-archive, you can reduce the size of the main Outlook PST file. If any of your files, including the most important PST file or other archived file, are corrupted, you can use Advanced Outlook Repair with DataNumen to quickly PST recovery. You can retrieve large files and split output PST files into more manageable files using the PST Recovery feature with Advanced Outlook Repair

. So with Outlook, you can easily and without error with the Archive Service and Advanced Outlook Repair

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