If you have a registration account on your site that invites people to subscribe to your email newsletter, I congratulate you – you can advance to many other businesses who do not even do email marketing at all.

But e-mail marketing means a lot more.

First of all, you have to make a compelling bid to allow people to enter their email address. Spam with flood and increased email volume is definitely more important than ever to ensure mass separation. Why should someone subscribe to the newsletter unless they have something for them?

One of the strategies for increasing email subscriptions is to offer an e-book. Now, before you worry about writing "War and Peace," consider that an e-book can be 5 pages. This assumes that you know your audience and gives them something they want.

For example, in a local bicycle store, a web site designed to increase their profitable triathlon by using email marketing. In order to target their business segment, we have created a 30-page "Triathlon Guide to the New Jersey State" (where it is based) that has been deleted from several online sources. Using all of the public domain information and listings, this guide included a simple list of all state triathlon competitions, as well as course type, retained month, and registration information.

We turned the document into a PDF file and uploaded it to the web page with a graphic that we designed as if it were a small magazine cover with the title. We invited all those who would like to provide the free triathlon guide to give their name and address, and the e-book can be automatically sent as an automatic responder.

The bicycle shop now sends targeted email newsletters that include triathlon equipment, reviews, nutrition, training, and more. Contains concessions for an audience that volunteered to sign up. How effective is it to remove a passive newspaper or yellow ad?

With regard to printed ads, bicycle shop takes a step further and advertising the free triathlete book in every print advertisement with the intentional strategy of subscribing people to the newsletter and volunteering to enter their marketing code!

Keep in mind: Email Marketing, if done properly, allows you to own your own marketing rather than rent an audience to someone else.

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