Dear people, online marketers, let me clean the fog!

Subject lines may be the most serious elements of email advertising and marketing. But how could something be potentially short, enjoyable, impressive, tempting, just like at the same time?

Takes a mixture of all these emotions to design a complete email object. As a result, marketers question some of the most common investigations:

• Are shorter lines better?

• What should be the optimal counting of characters?

• Is the size size?

Frequently, responses to such tests remain in the statistical data that we will soon find out. However, to manage the numbers, we need to create a series of processes to analyze the actual data needed to create the catchy topic lines.

Collection of information

Generally speaking, it is a mistake to believe that the best question we need to ask is: what is the material size associated with a higher opening rate? The measurement data in this section are as follows:

• Subject line

• Number of e-mails sent

• Number of e-mails sent

• Unique opening rate

• Open%

• Number of clicks received

• click-through rate%

• Abolition Rate%

Evaluation of Information

Most of our lines lie between 4 and 9 words, which is simply considered safe. We've tested some key metrics with 4 to 9 or 10 or more spaces to determine the size of the subject line that provides the highest degree of interaction and we found this:

• Average open rate% found to be the highest 4-6 words.

• The average clickthrough was the highest compared to the open% ratio with 7-9 words.

Open prices were not actually linked to opening the click. Commitment seemed to be key here, not just e-mails. You understand well.

It is quite obvious that a 4 oral object line does not convey the actual intention of the email content despite the initial turmoil. That's why most people prefer an email, with a 9 topics, because they have a lot better feeling about email ideas from the beginning.

Take information and make it optimal

now you need to know what we are looking for!

We sent thousands of emails and find the metrics listed at the beginning:

• The Open Rate is the highest 4-5 words, averaging 6-7 words, the lowest being 8 or more in several words, the number of its opening opens the same statistics.

• Click the Open button The highest value is between 6-7 and 9 words, averaging 4-5 words plus 10+ words, while the lowest 8 words.

the highest percentage of clicks were 7 words, and the lowest 8 words. Obviously, the champion had 7 words for full interaction, 8 words as shocking. Nearly half of the efficiency was just a small word.

As for the number of characters, an average 7-word subject line should be an average of 35-49 characters. However, do not leave the characters. Instead, keep the words in mind.

What material ideas should be shared? Have you discovered other email secrets? Share it with the comments below.

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