Just because e-mail messages are sent quickly does not mean that they can be hastily compiled. I'm sorry! He hoped I would say that little annoying things like grammar are not important.

Here are some grammar indicators that you can use to start the right way to send the right email. This is not an exhaustive list. The full textbooks are grammar. However, these tips will be useful

Incorrect modifiers

Insert the modifiers into the correct location. Of course – as I tell you what's with a modifier, you can tell us where to go.

Modifiers are adjectives and words. Adjectives are used to change nouns and pronouns. Adverbs are used to modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs. One way to remember this is that most words are written in "ly".

Example – Correct Use of Modifiers

The following example shows how to use adjectives to change nouns and modify forms to change a verb

When you change a noun, use an adjective:

• Wrong job

• Frequently Involved

Adverb when changing a verb:

• Often contributes

Noun / Pronoun Agreement

Another common grammatical problem is when the pronoun does not agree with its antecedent. Or simply in English, this means that we use the plural noun incorrectly to change the singular noun, or vice versa. The most common crime is the plural, when the sentence really requires "he" or "his" singing.


This will become clearer when reading the following example. The chart also offers several options for rewriting these statements to be correct

Single verse plural pronouns

The following statement is incorrect.

"When a client is upset, they need ventilation."

Here are some ways to rewrite the statement to be correct:

• Transcription in plural:

"When Customers Crash, they must empty."

• Use:

"When the client gets confused, he must empty it."

• Reusing the noun:

"When the client shakes, the client must stop."

• Vote the statement:

"An upset client must open."

Recent phenomenon

is a specific problem with another phenomenon. In the past, "he" was the usual pronoun, which refers to both sexes. In the present times we tried to be politically correct. This leads to the question. The bugs in this problem not only lead to bad grammar, but are offensive to someone.

Future Trend

Now that we have a quick historical lesson, let's look at the future. In a few years, it may be acceptable to use the plural name pattern as "they" with singular precedents.

However, these times have not yet arrived, despite the fact that we can see the opposite. So don't use plural nouns with singular nouns until you get the official English reminder

Surprises of Grammar

Here is a last point about grammar. You may be surprised who will be upset if your messages are not correct. Your client, colleague, or boss can constantly use the wrong grammar. However, this does not mean that you do not recognize misuse when you hear it or see it from others. In other words, they may have a higher standard. Make sure you measure it.

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