Boogers are the facts of life; they come to the world with them and usually appear from time to time. For some people, from time to time, it resembles more from time to time. To understand what we can do about Boogers, we need to understand what causes them and what they are.

What is the Booger?

Booger is the hardened mucus that covers the nose and throat. The mucus is to protect it from dust, dirt and debris that inhale. The mucus grabs all the debris you breathe in your nose and surrounds you so that it does not get in your nose. The mucus is damaged around the debris and it will be a clown.

What Causes Excessive Boogies

If you always have a clown as you are likely to breathe something you are allergic to. The mucus looks like acne, that breathing like a potential health responsibility, more mucus develops your body to protect the intruder. If you always have sticks as your body, if you are an allergy sufferer.

Cold sores and infections

Cold or any infection cold or any infection of the sinuses. You always have a criminal if you do not get rid of the sinus infection or you are regularly allergic to it.


Diabetics need liquids to function properly if you do not hydrate yourself regularly as ever. The mucus in your nose is dry and lets you feel crunchy.

If you always have clowns and you can not figure it out, allergic tests should be taken into account.

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