If you're a Linux geek, I'm sure you're in love with the terminal. If you've surfed the Internet for Linux solutions, you can often find pages that have some commands on the terminal at the terminal. This is why many people hate linux, as they have the impression that Terminals are the most useful graphical interface (GUI) in Linux. & # 39; The irony is that the same thing is that many people are invited to love linux.

Why narrow the terminals to many?

Everyone has occupied Microsoft Windows at least once in their lives, and many still insist on it. Yes, we all used Windows once, which is trying to drag users as much as possible. What was the result? These people (including myself) were unable to recognize the options of the command window. Yup, we did not know the power of the terminal. I'm saying that even MS-DOS is quite powerful.

Why do you have to fall in love with the terminal?

As mentioned earlier, we have seen many places in many places that we use a lot of things using the terminal. When we count a lot of screen captures, we get a lot of commands. Have you ever wondered why? The answer is quite simple – it is far simpler when a person copies and inserts commands into a terminal window than a series of screenshots. Another advantage is that people often use different desktop environments, which are different graphical applications, and often have a separate solution for each desktop environment. Whether it's any desktop environment, the terminal solution remains unique.

If you need a solution by typing a simple simple command, you can always go to shell scripts. Shell scripts contain a lot of commands in a single file, and their execution means that they must execute these commands sequentially. What to do, just download the appropriate shell script and run it on the terminal.

How to fall in love with the Terminal?

first Start using the terminal.

2nd Learn about each command and try each one at the terminal.

3rd Use & # 39; man & # 39; and & # 39; info & # 39; to know a Linux command. (Use Man & info here.)

4. Learn shell scripts.

5th A & # 39; vim & # 39; scripts and programs.


Better late than never. Be aware of the terminal commands and fall in love with the terminal.

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