Without adieu, here's two sample e-mails for the auto responder campaign. You can use them, change them, or modify them in their own campaigns:

Email 4:

Dear {! First name_fix},

Welcome to the fourth day of the email course, "First Five Days". I trust you've already created your site and will send traffic to you so that you can start creating a good mone.y online.

Today's Lesson:

The Importance of Writing Quality Emails:

Think for yourself. This is the fourth email you've read from mine and was curious to arrive in your inbox. Why? I guess it's because you've got a lot of value and I've learned something new in each of my previous emails.

Emails must be written in such a way as to provide incredible value to their subscribers. Your subscribers should feel that they have received more of you than their time after reading their email.

So how do you do it? Give them the best things. Give the best tips for your subscribers, the same things you use every day. Keep in mind that your email order is one of the ways your subscriber will try to get you before buying from you. If they feel like they are getting good value from their free emails, they can assume that they bring great value to their products.

Okay, {! Firstname_fix}, which is enough today.

The following lesson: How to draw your first e-book (do not want to skip this email)

To Online Success

Sean Mize

Email 5:

Dear { ! First name_fix},

Just a quick, free gift package today. Look at this – this is a new website that offers 100% free e-books that really help you develop your business online.

(Add a link to a free e-book or other membership site)

Take a line and let me know what you think of your site.


Okay, he's there – you can use two emails, abuse, and make money.

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