One of the basic networking skills you need to develop to know how to work in a room. In my definition, operating the room simply means that you talked to a lot of people at a meeting. Walking through the room and through the room. While networking, you do not have to promote your business, meet the right people, or promote your own agenda. It may be business networking, cocktail, or even family reunion. Handling the room is a special skill that allows you to tap people's bases and leave it welcome and get into the event. They want to leave them to be optimistic and positive about themselves.

Unfortunately, the term "running a room" has a negative meaning because it's people who have been misusing over the years. They think that they have to work for other people, be false, or anyone who matches their business card and sales pitch. Put the idea out of your mind. Networking is not about selling and the room does not work. This is an important skill where people feel they love them without monopolizing them in the evening.

When you work in a room, you want to contact a large number of people. It helps to think of yourself as a hostess as a guest. The hosts run around the room, look at the people, but they do not continue the long conversations. Here are some ideas about what to say:

"Hi, good to see, thank you for coming."

"Hello, have you seen delicious meals? Have you tried anything (anything)?"

"Hi, I'm waiting for you to drink (or have food) for you something?"

"Hello, how are you? Have you met Bob Smith?"

"Hi, do you know Mary Jones is here? People may be in contact with the eye in the room and swinging when they know them well. They may later meet at the event or not, but at least acknowledge them.

The use of the room requires a practice, perhaps a bit like a social butterfly After a while, however, you will find out how great a way to meet with many people, help others feel more comfortable and enjoy themselves

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