By building a network marketing activity, you can easily literally recall people with all the information you want to share with them. In this article, I'm talking to you about being a messenger and not a messenger in network marketing.

Get Company / Upline Tools

Your business or up-to-date video or more videos can share with people to show them the business. It's easy to get excited about what you're doing and start talking to people. This is something like verbal appearing, even though it is less structured and has its whole place.

Video assets through your company or over the topline are formatted in a format that tells the story of the company and products to the prospects so they can understand what's going on and how things can go ahead.

Use 3way Calls

If someone needs your product or service, you must use a 3-point call. It basically inserts people up to ask their questions or hear their stories up. 3way calls are simple and can help you do business without having to do a lot.


If you learn to be a messenger and not a messenger, you will see much greater success in product sales and recruiting.

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