If you've just started online business, it's likely to be harder than you first thought. You probably have a website and maybe it looks like a winner. You have the beautiful graphics. All of your products are in a strategic position. Still, every day when checking the numbers, nothing sells. What gives? It is likely to be one of the most important 3 challenges facing online business owners.

first Challenge: Traffic

Imagine creating a beautiful boutique. Maybe jewelry, picture frames, figurines, etc. You sell. All of your products are just placed so that all the customers can see all the wonderful items. The only problem is that nobody comes to the store. This brick and mortar equivalent is that there is no traffic to your site. To get buyers to your site requires traffic. Ideally, it requires targeted traffic, so you need users who are coming to your site who are interested in buying their sales. Traffic # 1 was the place to be, because it's actually the most important thing. If there is no traffic, it does not really matter what the site or what it sells.

The solution to getting more traffic to your site is the same as the solution to getting more buyers into the boutique: advertise! There are many ways to advertise on the Internet. Regardless of whether you choose free methods, such as blogs or forums, or paid methods like PPC. If nobody knows your site is out there, they will not be visited. One thing you have to remember: the more you pay for ads, the more important it is to get targeted traffic. Why is it that? If you pay for clicks on your site, you'd like these clicks to turn into sales and at least pay for your ads.

2nd challenge: the sale

advertised your site. You have a man in your business. But none of them buy. How do you get them to buy? If this was the boutique shop mentioned earlier, you can hire effective vendors and pay them an order. You can not do this with your site, so you should make an effective sales copy.

The sales instance is what you actually write to your site. This is the seller. The most important thing to remember is that because of the sales copy, not the graphics, people buy the product. This does not mean that you ignore the graphics and the layout. These things can help, but the best search engine site can be found on the "net" and if you do not have an effective sales copy to accompany it, just a lot of visitors are coming to see your awesome web site; they just will not buy it.

So there is a way to make an effective sales copy? Unfortunately, there is no. As you work on a product, it may not work for another. However, the most important thing to remember is that there are no sales functions; benefits. Your potential customers will not care about the characteristics of the product. If you have not yet described your life is better when you buy the product, you will not sell it. Try to put yourself in yourself. What would you do if you were in the shoe?

3rd challenge: Networking

Network management is important for every business. It is twice as important to have your business a network marketing business. Everyone says we need a network, a network, a network. But how do you do this online?

Welcome to social networking. You may be a member of a social network such as MySpace or Facebook. Maybe he follows his friends and some celebrities on Twitter. All of these can be used on the network. I would like to make a recommendation: If you want to monetize social networks, use a separate account for your personal and business activities. Your business relationships will not be interested in the same things as personal relationships. I make life easier.

There are social networks that exist for monetization. They are great for networking, because somehow everyone is interested in making money. Just make sure you follow the rules. These networks are too valuable to prohibit the ban.


The owners of online business face many challenges. The three most important challenges are traffic (1), (2) sales, and (3) networking. I hope I can give you some ideas to help your site succeed.

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