Blind Carbon Copy, or BCC, is a little-known help for professional appearance and etiquette-wise emails for more people.

Simply Blind Carbon Copy ("Bcc:") replaces Carbon Copy ("Cc:") and multiple "To:" entries that are valid for each recipient to view the addresses of other recipients. sent.

You want to use CC for the e-mail recipient to know that someone else has sent the information; whether as a tacit threat (cc: your supervisor), or whether the recipient knows that the correspondent has the information – they do not need to be forwarded. I dare say that most of the time this is not the optimal solution.

There are 4 reasons to use Blind Carbon Copy

  1. A specific recipient does not necessarily want your email address to be issued to others . This can be the privacy they are entitled to, or as a preventative tool to reduce their spam. (See "SPAM – 7 Steps to Prevent SPAM.") Early e-mail writers used to place everyone's address in the "to:" or "cc:" fields. Everyone has seen everybody else's address. I know a banker who once did this and several of his addressees called his boss who called for his termination (he kept his job but offered an apology). I have seen some very interesting names in this list; and I had the opportunity – I did NOT – to record the email address.
  2. Conflicting personalities and interests . Or you or the recipient do not want everyone on the list to know that there is a connection between two or more other recipients in the recipient list. This can be a business or personal relationship.
  3. Increase readability . If you have 10, 20, 30 or more email addresses on the screen, it occupies more space on the screen, it seems unprofessional, and it takes a lot more space if anyone sends the email without having to use my article "Etiquette – Making YOU Look Good "from the forwarded emails to info / information.
  4. It looks like a pro . Even if it is felt to others? privacy preference, do it for yourself. Polite, professional, and looks good. You can still save your job!

Hopefully you are convinced that Blind Carbon Copy is a device that should be used for at least a while.

Here is the use of Blind Carbon Copy

First addresses your email to yourself. An empty "To:" field may work, but some servers will display such e-mail as spam (the same applies to the blind theme). And withstand the desire to place more titles in the "To:" box unless you know that each one is currently in line with each other and this can not cause problems between the recipients. Even though "Bcc:" is only safer.

Second locate the "Cc:" field and select "Bcc". Here are three popular email programs:

  • Outlook – Select "View" from the menu and then "BCC Field".
  • Outlook Express – Select "View" from the menu and select "All Headers".
  • Thunderbird – Click the drop-down arrow where it says "To:" and select "Bcc:" instead. According to Thunderbird, I think Thunderbird ignores the "To:" entry with "". If you do not want anybody to know more than one title, just enter your own email address in the "To:" box and just indicate that this is the usual procedure for anyone to ask.

Finally enter a meaningful topic and create an email as anyone else. Click Send and start again.

It's pretty easy, is not it? I suggest that Blind Carbon Copy is the usual way to send e-mail and just use regular Carbon Copy if you really want to; and rarely, if you ever use multiple "To:" posts.

It looks like a professional, feels like a pro, and avoids potential problems with this valuable email technique.

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