BNI or Business Networking International is proud to be the world's largest reference organization. The chapters consist of one member per expert. As a co-founder and president of the BNI South Florida chapter, I would like to share some of my experiences in helping to make business decisions about the organization.

BNI was founded in the mid-1980s by Dr. Ivan Misner and California. One of the most important concepts of organization is "givers gain". Dr. Misner has made the organization a nationwide and soon-to-do worldwide business network.

What's the matter?

Whether you are starting a new BNI chapter or joining an existing one, for purposes as it applies to this chapter, it is twice that. The first important thing you do is keep your eyes and ears open to other members of the chapter. Another important feature is to hire other business professionals to join.

On average, members are expected to provide at least one reference per week to other members. If you do not have a transfer request and bring a visitor to the meeting, you will still be in good standing. If you do not have an incoming or visitor, you are expected to testify of the group with whom you have a professional relationship.

What are the benefits of membership?

You have the advantage of passing the referral because the recipients get the commitment. Do you think so, how do you feel when you get a present during the holidays and there is no one who will return to the person who gave it to you? The same applies to business links.

The reasons you're still adding new members will make the chapter more intense. The statistics have shown that if there are 20 members in a chapter, about 20 have been transferred weekly. As one chapter grows to 30, the recommendations are about 40 per week. You can see the advantage of having a larger chapter. Another advantage of a larger chapter is that, as time goes by, they always lose members by dropping out and remain strong with a larger chapter.

BNI is a very well structured and worthwhile organization. Some chapters have difficulty because other people are also involved in strict compliance with the rules. One member per se certainly is considered the power of the organization.

Although there are few disadvantages, some of them are. As a member of the BNI member, you may not participate in other network groups that have a work structure. And although BNI must be the core MLM structure itself, it should not promote business opportunities such as MLM, but are limited to advertising products.

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