Business e-mail etiquette is constantly evolving. E-mail is a form of written communication, but since it is so fast, the format is closer to a conversation than a written message.

Many e-mails today begin with a simple Hi. Hello and Dear (greetings) are also used, depending on the form and the relationship with your reader.

You can usually rely on the common sense to tell how to deal with the reader with respect. Here are some guidelines if you are not sure how to address the email label:

Business e-mail etiquette – how to start a message

o If you reply to an e-mail, simply follow the formality level used by the sender

o Choose an official or informal address based on your reader's relationship and the severity of the message

o International e-mail is more formal than email in the United States or Canada. Hold the official voice until the reader is in conversation.

o Shorten all courtesy titles: Mrs. Mrs.

o Avoid using the two titles, which is the same: Dr. Paul Smith MD

o Describe professional titles except the MD. Example: Vice President, Not VP

Business Email etiquette – Completing Messages

Conclude: Thank you for offering help or requesting action to a certain date. Quickly and gracefully. Do not repeat the information unless you increase the final score.

Avoid using formal business cliches, for example: Do not hesitate to contact me. Or: If you have further questions, please contact me.

Would you tell this to someone? Do not write anything you never say.

Put your words in a personal and friendly way.

Here are some finishes you can try:

1. Please call me anytime if I help you.

2nd Please let me know if you need more information.

3rd I answer the following questions: (phone number)

4. Thank you again for contacting me. Next Wednesday I'm calling if I can answer any other question

Develop an automated email signature that includes your phone number, mobile address, and mailing address to help people reach [19659002] I'm calling you to use these tips and techniques for starting and ending business emails.

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