In most structured network groups, every member gets 60 seconds at the beginning of a session for a "commercial". This brief presentation has two main purposes:

1. For those who do not know your basic marketing messages and

2. Prepare and motivate referral partners who are part-time employees.

When you first connect to a network group and if there are visitors at a meeting, you want to use the first 30 seconds to display a basic marketing message or "elevator talk". Even if only your other members are present, you will regularly return to this speech to refresh our memories.

You can use the remaining 30 seconds of your 60 second ad:

1. Provide your members with something new about your business,

2. Get help from a specific marketing goal,

3. Share a testimonial letter or a story about how you helped your clients,

4. Identifying the ideal leader or referral partner.

If you are satisfied that the recommended partners are familiar with basic marketing messages and have no visitors to the room, you can use the full 60 seconds of the above four topics. Certificates are a particularly effective way to educate members. Remember, facts tell, but stories are sold. It's amazing how easy the enrollment partners remember the stories and link them to someone they know and to which you can rely.

When looking for 60 seconds of advertising, be as accurate as possible. "I would like to meet with the XYZ Society Migration Manager," is more likely to respond than "I would like to meet with those who relocate employees". Someone in the room knows the manager of the XYZ Society, who can show the head of the resettlement department. It is less likely that someone knows exactly the head of the relocation department.

Make an advert with a catchy slogan that includes humor or alliteration, so it's easy to remember. Anything that makes recall easier, while other members are in their daily lives, increases the likelihood of recognizing and intercepting recruiting.

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