If you are in business with the network, do you worry about approaching strangers? You can welcome and stimulate your relationship by showing that you are open to people. To invoke this interaction, use these simple network tools and tips to take advantage of networking:

o Show eye contact to be accessible.

o Be the first to recommend a warm smile.

o Keep the body language open. Do not move your arm over your chest. This indicates that it is unavailable

o Place yourself near the door. So you can talk to a lot of people in a short time.

o The most appropriate person to be approached is someone alone. He is likely to be uncomfortable and grateful if you have to save him when you approach.

o Know that people are always gathering at the bar or in the restaurant. Approach and comment on who's out there about food, decoration, and event.

o Do not forget the old saying: two companies, three masses? Two people who talk deeply should not be interrupted. Find the approach of groups of three or more people.

o Receives the role of the host. Describe your acquaintances. Offer to show people who have a coat control or a washbasin when asked. You will talk as soon as you are old friends.

o Move on. If you sit down or stand in the corner of the room, nobody will meet you.

o Do not stick to your buddy. If you come to an event with a colleague, select new contacts and join later.

o Enter a positive attitude to meeting new people and have an interest in meeting others.

o Whenever possible, eat before the event so you will not be strange when you arrive. It is difficult to talk while food and drink are juggling and people will be less likely to approach you. If you can not eat in advance, it will take a few minutes to sit down and eat and then get up and mix.

We invite these tips and tools to connect with people and the benefits of business networks.

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