Networking is one of the most important skills you need to learn in business. More money is generated by networks than any other marketing tool. To build a network, you must learn key networking skills and create Master Networker. Each master network has ten key features if you do not have these ten key features, you have to accept them immediately and have to live their lives.

first Always Positive in a Bad Situation

No matter how you feel or the situation in which you are, you must always be positive. One of the sad things in this world is that nobody cares about you down. Unfortunately, this is a fact of life, so it is important to always be positive when it is networked. Even if someone steals from you, you still have to be positive. Always be honest

The world seems to be very rough people and it just seems to get worse because more people adopt the rough feature. Because rough will never win your friends and only alienate them around you. Master Networker is always a key feature to always be honest, even if it is in a difficult position. Be prepared to help others

Always be prepared to help others regardless of who you are. If you remember that there is only 6 degree separation between us, we need to be prepared to help others because we never know who knows or can help someone who will help in the future.

4th Always Networking

When you leave home, your mind should always focus on networking. You never know when a new possibility may arise; you might want to buy the everyday food in the supermarket or someone you sit on your computer when you go to a business meeting.

Master Networker is always attempting to build and expand its Mastermind group [19659002] 5. The Work of Your Network

In Thinking and Growing Rich, Napoleon Hill speaks of the creation of a Mastermind Advisory Group. The network is different from your Mastermind group, which helps you achieve the desired success. Network operation involves routing from the network, asking for advice and asking them to share their experience.

6th Always follow the bidders

If someone suggests calling someone or showing you, make sure they follow your recommendations. If someone has offered you a referral, they will give them the opportunity to give them their reputation. If you do not follow up your submission, you may be lost in the future.

7th Be enthusiastic about life

Business is a tough world and many people are easily ruined by the pressure they bring. One of the secrets of Master Networkers is to be enthusiastic about life and to love the challenges and excitement that business brings. Love life to the fullest and get up every day, find the reason to continue.

Think and Grow Rich teaches us that we have a clear desire for what we want to succeed in life. At least, every single day must be enthusiastic enough to go after your desire and one step closer to achieving it

. Always Keep Your Word

One of the great words that many business leaders have heard, including Donald Trump: "It's not personal, it's just a business." Many believe that this saying gives you the right to do whatever you want to do for another person in the business. This is far from the truth. If you say you do something, you have to keep up your word. Some great treats are done without a contract because the people doing the deals know they are keeping their word.

ninth Be 100% Reliable

Trust is an important feature of Master Network. If your network does not trust you, they will not show you the quality recommendations or allow you to join the Mastermind group.

10th I always thank people

The sweetest thing to hear Thank you very much for thankfulness and business is one of the things that people rarely heard. Thanks to the people that they can come in many forms, with a simple oral thank you to send a simple note to thank you. For example, if you meet someone in the Local Chamber of Commerce Meeting, then as a Master Networker is important to send a comment to thank them for their time at the meeting.

Networking is an important skill, wanting to achieve the ultimate success that Napoleon Hill is talking about in Think and Grow Rich. The features outlined in this article are mandatory to learn and to live their lives. You can only accept one or two of the features as successful, you must accept all ten features.

To finish, I want to list the Top 10 features that each Master Network must have:

1. Always Positive in a Bad Situation

2. Always be honest

3. Prepare to Help Others

4. Always be networked

5. Network Operation

6. Always follow your recommendations

7. Be Envious of Life

8. Always keep your words

9. Be 100% Reliable

10. I always thank people

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