In most structured networking groups, members are given the opportunity to hold a ten-minute presentation at their local meeting to learn more about their business, types of managers, individual sales points and ways. which members can help them. One-sided business description can be used as the outline of the presentation.

In addition, ten-minute presentations should include ideas or guidelines on how members can find a leader in you or assist you in other ways. This section of the presentation may include information about types of referrals or strategic partners that are best suited to you, what types of issues should be invalidated, materials such as discount coupons or free samples, customers, etc. Most members do a good job of describing their business, but few do good work on how others can help them. This part of the presentation is extremely important because other members want to help your business, but they can not always help.

The ten-minute lecture aims to focus the members of the chapter to help you and provide them with the information they need to help you. Close your ten-minute demonstration for action or a specific task that members can easily do. For example, you can give each member coupons that can be divided into a specific target group that they both get in touch with. Or you can identify the specific type of inviting partners and invite members to think about their relationships and let them know if they know the description. The simplicity of these tasks increases the likelihood that members will fulfill them. The feeling of the power of a simple sense of accomplishment will make them take further steps to help them.

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