Do you need to search for an email address to find or identify a sender? This can be achieved even if your email account is now closed and is no longer active. It may be a bit harder, but it is still possible to identify the person behind the email address. In this article we will try to address the additional issues a researcher must face when trying to investigate an old or state email address that has been deactivated.

First, we need to make sure that we know our email address is trying to investigate whether it is still active or sealed. If we have opened an e-mail address that we investigated with the purpose of contacting our customers and closing it immediately after sending an e-mail, it will be difficult to track it. But if the bill has been used for years, but has only been deleted recently since the offensive message was sent, then this is a very simple test. In fact, the e-mail address can be found with an instant database.

To determine if your email is active, you will need to try one of the many online services that will tell you if the email is active. You can also send an account by email from a fake email account to see if it is going back. Of course there are many other technical methods, but we are dealing with the basics in this article.

If we have determined that the email is inactive, we will reduce the test techniques by half. Because we can only examine the data that comes to the e-mail. In an ideal study, analyzing the sender's computers, we analyze the information that opens the excuse email sent by us.

So let's analyze the incoming headers, subtract the IP address, use geographic tracking, IP address positioning, and good old Whois to identify the ISP's ISP. We can also look at the IP address to see if it is related to other online activities. But besides IP information, we can say the sender email program, such as Outlook Express.

You can send the email to a database search to see if you have used the Internet in the past. You can search for deep web, tag ship sites, online billing and payment services so that if your email address has ever been used by a financial transaction. Social networks also have e-mail search functionality to find or to join their friends.

There are also payment searches, such as online invalidity tests and online gambling tests that can track your email to an online gaming site or a secret online personal ad for a dating site. This type of email test can really return the image of a person behind the email address.

So you can see that you can track an email and find or identify the sender, even if your email address has been deactivated or deleted.

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