Do you expect immediate results from networking? If yes, disappointment. Networking is not a one-off activity. The most successful network builders are consistent and the network for life.

As a business and career trainee, I'm asking customers about the networking plan. Some customers say they once tried networking and did not work. Most of the day I talk to everybody. I speak to all kinds of people, including business professionals, small businesses, strategic partners and other regular people. It is very rare for these discussions to be immediate sales or creating new customers.

What is happening to develop in contact with people. I look for ways to add value to your career and personal life. After the interested article, the invitation or the note I will continue after the hello.

There are times when I meet a person several times before I talk about my career. It's not uncommon for me to get a call from someone who I know 6 or 12 months ago with a coaching request or public speaking. Everyone knows the others. You never know when one of your contacts connects you with the perfect job, strategic partnership, or new customer.

If you're looking for a network to make huge changes at night, then it's time to restore your expectations. Slow and constant is the way to develop and feed network connections that are mutually beneficial to both parties.

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