When it comes to business networks, I find that people are often encouraged to make "small talk".

And I always thought, "Why?"

Sometimes people are encouraged to chat to do something else than on network events.

Perhaps the purpose of the small conversation is to find out about another person, so you can find points of common interest – ideally the common business interests.

Or depending on people who are uncomfortable to talk about your own business, they may be more likely to enter the conversation in a different way.

Or sometimes something else. In any case, it seems to me that small conversation is a technique or techniques used by people to reach the goal.

And when a technique – whatever technique – does not work for you, do not use it!

Find a method.

So why do you want to (or feel that ) has to make a small speech?

What do you think he will do?

What's the other way to do the same?

For example:

If you're talking a bit (or trying to make a big mistake) to find something in common between you and another person, just ask and ask questions.

And ask questions about topics I care about.

This includes topics you do not know, but which you really care about or are curious about.

For example, what is what XYZ has something to do; what do exactly do? Or when and how did someone relate to a particular hobby? (If your business offers products or services to the hobby, I can imagine that this is a very interesting topic for the conversation!)

You do not have to talk about the weather if that's not what you are interested in!

If you talk about a topic that interests you, it rarely feels like a challenge.

And even more likely to find common interests more easily – which in this example was the original goal.

So what do you want to do through the little conversations? What's the other way to do the same thing?

Go ahead. Try.

And let me know how it went.

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