Yesterday, some of my newsletter members received a message with a broken link. This message should not have been sent out. I was not careful when I changed the messages in my existing email tracking sequence.

Do not hit a series of auto-responders

An automatic response message is sent to a person who has just joined the email list at specified intervals. An email marketing provider like Aweber, GetResponse, … uses this feature for a variety of purposes. For example, a 7-day, 30-day or 4-week email course. It can be used to promote affiliate products, or simply to refer readers to older blog posts or other resources.

Before you start changing the series of messages that are already in use, make sure that there are two types of operations:

* Safe Operations and

* Secure Operations

for details. You should note that the email tracking list is linked to the subscriber database. Each user associated the message number sent to him. When you change the order of the messages, delete or add some things, it will be a bit strange as it turns out to get your subscriber's complaint.

Safe Operations

Only 2 of these.

* Editing a Message

* Adding a New Message at the End

Dangerous Operations

Before performing the following operations, you must change the number of last messages from the selected members in the database to avoid page effects.

(1) Deleting an Existing Message: Any subscriber who has already received the message you want to delete will receive one message in the following order.

(2) Rearrange Messages: Some subscribers receive the same message twice and another is missing.

(3) Inserting a New Message Between: Some visitors never see the inserted message and receive another message twice. For example, any member who has completed the tracking sequence will receive the last message again.

What can you do about it?

I've already told you about the trick: "Reassigning the last number of messages to the database" doesn't seem interesting at all.

Without the service provider or the software, you will be supported by the automatic or semi-automatic mechanism in this endeavor – I have not heard of any service – Don't get into that! If you have more than 100 subscribers, it's ugly, painful, time-consuming. And maybe you are wrong.

(1) Select the users that depend on the people involved.

(2) Increase or decrease the last message number index.

(3) Change the tracking order.

(4) Optional: Schedule a message for members who will otherwise miss this information.

As you can see, it is a complex task that you have to think about in great detail. Draw a script on a sheet of paper to help you see how the sequence changes and how different members are affected.

Quite frankly, when I sorted out with the series yesterday, I didn't think of the second to redistribute message numbers.

I learned the lesson: I will only stick to safe operations.

Can Make Certain Solutions for Safe Operations

Safe Solution

Delete: Why You Must Delete. Just replace the contents of the message you want to delete with something that is related to the previous message or makes the following.

Reorder or Insert: Sorry, there is no real way. You can always send a message to important things. But the new order may have to start a new order in the new order.

Best practice is to design new tracking sequences accordingly. It is not difficult to provide subscribers with random emails.

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