For 25 years in the field of IT sales, I can suggest that several steps in the sales process need to be discussed and reached an internal agreement and a contract negotiated and signed with business customers [19659002] This sales process is called the " closure plan "describes the milestones that need to be agreed from a resource perspective, from the point of view of suppliers and from the point of view of business customer resources. This sales closure plan allows you to prepare the expected expectations during your business sales process during negotiated negotiation milestones

Talk to your business customers about your plan and tell customers to close the Sales Close plan for deadlines and milestones. Once every milestone has been completed, confirm it by email to customers so that expectations and possible roadblocks are transparent and visible as suppliers and business customers. Identifying Power Sponsors:

Which customer relationship has the approval of a major contract or veto?

Who are the owners?

2. Identifying Customer Procurement Processes:

Submit your post for approval.

Perform customer due diligence and screening.

Do you need filtering suppliers' employees?

What are the terms and conditions of your customers?

What are the expected legal challenges? Intellectual property, guarantee …?

What payment terms are there?

What is the VAT number?

What are the details of the shipping address?

What is the billing address details?

Discover the cost of spending.

What is a business id code?

Will the deposit be $ / euro …?

What are financial affiliations?

What legal resources are needed from the supplier internally, externally?

3. Approval process:

Should you approve the IT department?

Who should approve the business class?

Is there a budget available? If not, when?

Does the board have to approve the closing of the deal? Yes, when will the next meeting be held

Which board supports the business case?

Do we need a reference visit and will you be a member of the client?

What is the reference for on-site visits or telephone conversations?

I agree with the travel rules of the reference visit

4. Feedback Round 1 Legal / Suggestion Meetings:

Do the proposals / T & Cs proposed need to be upgraded to obtain the deal?

If so, what resources do you need from the vendor and the customer?

Do we need this top management for internal approval?

Customers ask for regulatory adjustments that require further legal review from suppliers

5. New bid / T & C contract submission:

Date of submission of final customer submission.

Are the customers literally accepting new proposals / T & Cs?

6. Contracts:

When Will Clients Sign / Termination?

When can you contract the contract with the customer?

Confirm the allocation of resources.

Start Project or Delivery.

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