Ask small businesses what the great customer service means and get answers like courteous, promptly serving, keep your promises. But in this high-tech age, we tend to forget that humble letter is like providing good customer service. How many times did you receive an "apology" that made you more satisfied? The message you convey, the language used – all designed to take off!

Some thoughtful thoughts, a well-designed letter, provide comfort to the complainant customer and enhance his reputation as a customer-focused business. In this article, I can share some tips on how to write a great letter.

What do you write for?

To write a great letter you need to find the right mindset. Are you writing a complaint, answering a query, or thanking them for being ordered? Inserting the letter in a proper frame means that you use the correct language and the sound is OK. Try writing a thank you letter as if you were responding to a complaint – the message is completely different.

Before we put a pen on the paper, think for a minute and decide what your purpose or goal is

your goal

Let's start by summarizing why you're writing. Open the mail when you say responding to a query or solving the problem. This prompted the reader to understand why they interact with them, and with the right mind they accept the message. An opening summary captures their attention.

A W.I.I.F.M.

No, this is not some obscure radio station! WIIFM means "What is with me?" To be able to really join your client and take them to your side, they also have the benefit. You have to get something from the letter to be happy. What can WIIFM do? Their complaints can be resolved; they may receive a discount voucher; is a priority service when they are used the next time. If the right minor is a pretty simple, kind apology, it may be enough!

Study your letters thoroughly and make sure you have a WIIFM moment.

Do not say "I" 19659002] Where possible, do not fill in the letter with I. The reader can hardly connect with you when "me, me, me" letters are received. Review the letters and, where possible, replace "me" with "you". Turn the attention to the reader. Feel them appreciated

Write As You Speak

I forgot how many times I received letters that could be read as if they were written in the early 1900's! It is full of boring, rigid and obsolete language – too formal. The style of writing should reflect the way you talk. After all, good customer service is partly due to how it communicates with the customer and communicates with the customer, and letters play an important role.

So, look through the letters and get rid of the terms they've learned in school writing! [19659002] "Please do this …"

After writing a great letter, you do not want to sink into your ear. Be clear about action-oriented proximity. Make sure the reader knows what you expect him to do – "call me to go deeper into this idea", "fill out the attached form and hit the post", "send me an order" for a strong maybe, but definitely the point!).

Loud action stimulus is a great way to end the letter and does not let the customer know what to do – another element of good customer service.

Ask Someone to Check Letter

If you have a very important letter or a complex message, then it's wise to ask someone to read it. This is not just a check for spelling, but also a control of readability. Do you want to communicate the structure of the message clearly and intelligibly? You will be surprised by what someone else takes up what you've completely missed

So you're there. Some useful tips on excellent lettering, which further enhances your image to provide exceptional customer service.

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