Email marketing is still the primary way for direct communication to customers. But customers have received emails by e-mail and have to open it first before they read the email. So the subject of email is so important. Here are 10 ideas to increase the open prizes for email marketing.

first Ignite Their Interest

Do not tell them all about the subject line. Feel your interest and ask them to open the email to find out more. Note what they see when they receive your email and put the words in the right order to find out more.

2nd Use your personality

Pass your personality to your email marketing. You need to finish the incoming mailbox, and if it's appropriate for your subscriber, describe the subject line just as you did when you sent it to a friend.

3rd Make them curious

If you know the audience is sending e-mails well, it should not be difficult to deal with curiosity topics.

4th Do not be too smart

Be careful about trying too smart on the subject of your email. If the reader's leg tricked when he opens the email, regardless of whether the bid is good, they want to sign up.

5th Using Keywords

Some people search for incoming mailboxes with keywords, so they include relevant keywords in the subject line of the email. Plus, when the email arrives, the keyword is immediately noticeable.

6th Customize

If you can use a person's name in the subject line, it's more likely that you will open the email.

7th Avoid Load Words

There is very little space in the subject line of the email. Check the different words to find out what works best for you. The general guideline is 1-7 words or less than 130 characters.

8th Dropdown

If you use a name of a famous person, or the name of a person who likes your audience, it will help you in the open proportion. But make sure you do this because you do not want the person to be angry, so make sure all this is positive. There must be a clear situation.

ninth Inserting a deadline

Utilizing the deadline for the subject line will tempt the audience to open it. If you have a special offer that ends in three days, say it in the subject line, but make sure you stick to it!

10th Ask a question

If the audience sees a question you want to respond to, you would like to open the email to reply.

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