Although small business owners are now choosing a number of marketing methods, focusing on email marketing is the way to go. AWEBER Communications has recently been based on a survey of business marketing with e-mails on the ground when it gives value to entrepreneurs.

Depending on Email Marketing
82% of respondents in the survey also stated that they plan to implement their efforts for e-mail marketing for the remainder of this year and in the coming years. This is based on the fact that 61.46 percent of these small businesses are firmly convinced that return on investment of this type of marketing or ROI is easier to take into account than the social media ROI. It was only 5.28 percent who thought differently.

The emergence of social media in the equation
Although this statement has been made, it would still be very beneficial to use social media as part of the marketing campaign. According to Aweber, as social media mushrooms on the Internet, respondents are marketing the use of unnecessarily strengthened. In fact, according to the results of the study, 54 percent of the participating small businesses use Facebook to use it as an e-mail list generating tool.

While about 70 percent of these entrepreneurs use some form or other social media, 77 percent have made it clear that e-mail marketing is a priority. This number of marketers believes that this step is "moderately important" in the list of priorities. Many people believe that about 20 percent of them share the power of social media and marketing e-mail, as they can stimulate customer loyalty. Thirty-eight percent of entrepreneurs participating in the Aweber study used Twitter to send e-mail newsletters, while 35 percent sent emails by e-mail.

Tom Kulzer, founder and CEO of Aweber, stated that based on the results of the study, marketing did not lose grass without selling the owners of small businesses, not what business they are doing. He also said that these entrepreneurs do not discount the positive effect they can bring through social media and marketing efforts through e-mail. Despite learning how to implement it effectively, Kulzer said that bringing these small businesses closer to a larger crowd. By using sales tracking and behavioral targeting, which accounts for nearly 66 percent of respondents, a combination of social media and e-mail marketing unnecessarily introduces money to small businesses.

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