In our lives, we have argued that technology will be able to create a better life when technology has deprived us of interpersonal relationships. Communicating with people in real time has become known to increase life expectancy and it is important to personally speak to someone every seven days.

What you need to do to get closer to someone and the best way to make this date or even have dinner together. Bring your partner for a Friday dinner every week and share your moments.

Take the time to eliminate all contacts with others and remove those that are not beneficial to you. It only releases energy, and your life will be miserable. It's time to narrow down your buddy list.

Get in touch with spirituality. Go back to the church and see if there are people who missed the conversation. Even if you are not religious when you are sitting in the temple for an hour, listening to great words will be enough to connect with new people and yourself.

Technology can still be used to reconnect people daily. There are various applications and programs that help relaunch the lost relationship with our parents who live in the rest of the world. For the workforce abroad, the Internet proved to be a useful tool for eliminating the lack of communication.

It's time to regret people what you've done wrong in the past and started a new relationship with them. It can be difficult but the reward is satisfactory. You can get more from experience than at the office.

There is a plan to contact your colleagues from time to time. If you find it lost in a world where no one ever knows anyone in the office, start by combining all of us with activities that you feel like making them feel moody.

Talk to the elderly. Older people have more experience in life and can be valuable to you. Visit a park where flocks will generally be, and they are surprised how much they live in life.

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