Is there such a sound like you?

Joanne was vivid, 30 years old, with a very active lifestyle. He spent his weekend with friends, two labrador retrievers at home, and a real go-getter at work

Until he was

He started headaches shortly after his 34th birthday. They did not mean bigger migraines, but they were bad enough to interfere with their work. He could not count how many times he entered a room just to forget why he was the first to go.

After the brain has triggered irritability. The irritability then led to depression and anxiety. And when the anxiety began, it was almost impossible. His work and his friendly lifestyle soon became untenable. She did not know how much longer she could be in this state.

Desperately, he went to his doctor. He did the normal test but did not find anything wrong. The only thing he was offered was the antidepressant recipe. He bought the drugs, but he was very relieved. Deanne downhill Joanne knew she was not depressed. There was something else.

So what was that? What caused Joanne's illness?

Joanne was actually perimenopausal. But wait, is not he too young for perimenopause? Is it too young?

Years ago, they were considered to be too young for 34 years for perimenopause. But unfortunately, women in the 30s, and sometimes even in the 1920s, have experienced symptoms of perimenopause.

Because now, as ever, we live in a poisonous environment. These toxins have a catastrophic effect on the body's production of hormones. In particular, Xeno estrogens mimic the estrogen in our body and leave naturally-produced estrogen and progesterone ratio. As a result, our sensitive hormone balance is interrupted.

And this imbalance is a disaster for our health.

When our body is excessive estrogen and progesterone levels due to exposure to toxins and stress, it is called estrogen dominance. And even if the level of estrogen decreases as menopause, you can experience this condition. The term refers to the ratio between estrogen and progesterone. So even if you have low estrogen levels, you can even achieve lower progesterone levels.

Simply put, estrogen dominance in perimenopause is a living nightmare. And he could reach him much earlier than expected, as in Joanne's case. So if you think you're too young for perimenopause, think again.

But do not be afraid. Estrogen dominance can both be reversed and avoided. With proper nutrition and lifestyle changes, you can balance your hormone levels and feel good again.

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