The success of business and business email marketing campaigns depends on many things, but email delivery is at the top of the list. According to the Returns Path 2016 Performance Comparison Report "the proportion of e-mails in the intended mailbox has declined steadily over the past year. The report follows mailing addresses from 140+ regional and worldwide e-mail servers This decline affects anyone who uses digital direct marketing campaigns to draw attention to B2B customers and customers

Return Path reports that 20% of all emails sent around the world did not reach it the e-mail message you sent it to. Not only is this number shocking enough for companies who send hundreds or thousands of business messages to business email in an ad campaign, but the report also marks a significant decline from quarter to quarter. Second-quarter e-mail service was 79%. In the same period last year a e-mails reached 81% in the mailbox. In the third quarter, they reached nearly 82% in 2015.

Not only global numbers are damaging to direct marketing technicians, but the numbers in each country are even worse. Shipping is most likely to be the case in the United States. In the third quarter of 2015, the delivery rate was nearly close to 80% worldwide. In the second quarter of 2016, it dropped to only 69%, a significant difference in the global range of 79%.

Many major countries around the world have reduced e-mail marketing performance over the past 12 months.

first Australia 90%

2. Canada by 89%

3. Great Britain by 88%

4. France by 84%

5. Germany by 80%

6. Brazil 79%

7. USA by 73%

During the same period, spam mails from email recipients remained steady at 5-7%. Missing emails jumped from about 15% in 2015 to about 25% in 2016.

Changes in business and business e-mail landscape due to US e-mails and businesses and private individuals using digital direct marketing.

For those who understand that this is still viable and effective brand building, funneling and sales promotion, the exact cause can not be so important. After all, they can not change the email industry, just adjust to better working methods for their limitations. Due to the lower share of e-mail delivery, marketers need to increase their gaming efforts if they want to build strong B2B relationships and achieve the most profitable result of their revenue.

Despite the less inspirational news from the Return Path Release Report, they offer valuable suggestions to enable marketing professionals to successfully use digital contact via email. After all, if the e-mail's usability drops, marketers have to fight the fight against droppings. All e-mail campaigns that are sent should pay more attention and encourage the activities of people who are in contact.

# 1 – Understanding Email Accessibility and Plan

Do not be surprised when a certain business and business email marketing campaign is returned or disappear in cyberspace. As some emails will never reach your goals, distributors need to design this problem by sending multiple emails or by developing more specific targeting criteria. The word for Wise owner and e-mail adviser Laura says brands have to think (lack of emails) as something to design. "

# 2 – Reduce Opportunities to Include Anti-Spam Traps

If companies do not want e-mails to be automatically moved to spam or Spam folders rather than Inbox to ensure quality relationships focus on the clarity of their reputation. Follow all of the CAN-SPAM policies, always provide a clear "Unsubscribe" option, do not miss any redirects, headers, or line items, and never use a business email server for relevant activities.

# 3 – Keeping and Updating Direct Marketing Email Lists

Not only obsolete and incorrect e-mail contact data gives companies the ability to successfully maintain contact or future business activities. that their message is spam. There are several non-deliverable e-mails sent by the email account or domain name, the greater the chance. This is directly related to how the B2B community and a particular industry look like the company in question. In order to create a positive reputation both online and offline, the company needs advice and consideration with all recipients of the marketing message.

# 4 – Focusing on the Commitment's Commitment and Value

If a person who receives an email from the "This Spam" button, the plan is obvious and the sender is punished . Even without this clear action, many other emails will disappear from the incoming mailbox. Everything falls on the wedding. Obviously, the unread email does not indicate the connection to the recipient at all. An email that is opened, read, clicked, moved to another folder, or "No spam" indicates that it has a value and is not automatically ignored.

Some of the most popular email system providers such as Microsoft and Gmail use these commitment signals to provide their users with a pleasant and less frustrating email experience. Collect data about the above actions and others to determine if a particular sender is worthy or not. Direct mail merchants need to create business emails that provide a positive commitment and a true value for anyone to send.

If a trusted source, such as the Return Path Performance Comparison Report shares sobering numbers as a result of a decline in email delivery, markets using business users and business email to involve new customers or clients need to modify their plans. Digital direct marketing continues to be an effective way of creating brand recognition, receiving messages to industry players and increasing customer interest or interest. The fewer e-mails you have achieved your goal, the importance of direct marketing e-mail is getting bigger than ever.

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