E-commerce, as a word, means doing business online or on-line. The business scope may include:
O Electronic goods, such as e-books, mp3 music, software, graphics or images

o Selling ideas or services

o Selling goods via electronic goods such as phones, computers or shoes

a merchant must be online on the Internet or a virtual shop on the Internet to sell the goods online. The prospective customer will find the site, buy it, credit card or otherwise pay the owner. The trader gets the payment and supplies the goods and supports the customer. Virtually This E-Commerce In The Easiest Way

Among these ecommerce transactions, there are lots of technology to complete the sale. For example, a trader needs to design and build a website that is called a complex HTML program. The trader has to register a domain name to identify his business on the Internet. All information from your online store or business is encrypted and stored on the merchant's computer server or hosted by a third-party web hosting company. In order for the customer to find the merchant's site, you need a computer that in turn is linked to a system popularly called the Internet to be able to visit the merchant's site.

Personal Computer on E-commerce

A PC or personal computer is a computing device or device built around a microprocessor. There are plenty of different parts – memory, hard drive, modem, etc. It is also referred to as general purpose equipment. The general purpose means that you can do many different things on your computer. You can use documents, send emails, browse the web, and play.

All of them can use computer to speed up processing and storage of information such as word processing. They can also be transmitted and received on other computers on their computers. These computers can communicate and exchange information between themselves using a common computer language or protocol. The computer is the most valuable and most important technology needed to run e-commerce and Internet business.

Computer Network for Ecommerce

Two or more computers can be physically connected and communicated with other computers in a local area network (LAN). The term used to describe the link is called a network. Networking of computers is possible via a wired (wired) or wireless (radio) connection. Connecting networks or computers is usually a function of limiting a range or distance, as signal and communication quality is deteriorating as the distance increases. A Computer Network Is Used for Most Internet Businesses for an Effective and Effective E-Commerce Business

The Internet for E-Commerce

The Internet is a system that connects computer networks. The internet system allows computer connectivity of computers across the globe. This allows your computer to keep stored information from other computers.

A computer protocol (TCP / IP) or language similar to a computer used on the Internet. Therefore, computers around the world understand each other despite the different manufacturers and manufacturing sites.

Numerous computers are stored around the world with a lot of information. The internet system linked them. If you have access to the Internet, you can read it, hear it, and view all information from your computer. The Internet is the reason for the existence of E-Commerce and virtual on-line business without internet connection. It completely ceases to exist.

E-commerce-related telecommunications

information from one computer to the other at a great distance. Telecommunication companies join the image to serve the need to connect a computer network to another computer network with different types of transmission technologies.

Telecommunication is a widespread term as it involves not only data communication, but includes the Internet, but also includes audio-telephony.

Telecommunication companies serve Internet companies to access the Internet. Without them, they could not have their online business, as only telecommunications companies could connect networks through very large geographic distances.

Connect with e-commerce

Relations are wider than networking. Network management means a physical (wired) or virtual (wireless) connection between computers. Connection is the state of connection. For example, a computer can be synchronized with a phone, music player, and other devices. The status of internet access or internet connection is the information superstar's classic example of relationships.

Internet connectivity is important in both urban and rural areas.

In some regions there is a lack of telecommunications infrastructure, so the Internet access service is very limited. In order to access the Internet, remote villages or satellite connections, wireless radio systems and long-distance telephone networks are used. Some communities have set up telecoms that serve as a communication center and connect to the rest of the world from outside. All forms of connectivity, including Internet connectivity, promote the reach of the entire Internet business.

So, I've read the ecommerce review and support technologies. Try to imagine and figure out how ecommerce practices practice and how important these technologies are to make it possible.

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