E-mail and text messaging has become a major distraction in many workplaces. However, most employers have difficulties in controlling productivity breakthroughs.

Forty-one percent of the latest Proof Point voting companies pay someone to monitor employee emails. Forester Research occupied 40% of the email monitoring companies on a full-time basis. Even as a high percentage of supervisors, only 14 percent of employers were forced to actually distinguish a person who was abusing a message.

The issue of data protection law is one aspect that the employer faces. Although it is clear that the postal service provided by the postal service belongs to the employer, even if it is personal or confidential, it is less clear for e-mail or text messages.

The city of Detroit faced this problem when the Mayor's malware investigation revealed text messages. The mayor's legal team made seemingly convincing arguments in court before it turned out that the mayor had caused damage. He found that all text messages sent or received by the city-owned phones or the employees correspond to the travel time owned by the city in the public register. The Mayor's messages were made public and confirmed his conviction that they did not publish a relationship, which could result in millions of forint pay for the gunpowder officers.

Two methods for proactive and positive collaboration with the problem The key to eliminating e-mail is not disciplinary. Companies have found two methods that are very effective in controlling email abuses.

first Make sure your employees are connected. Well-employed employees are more likely to tell their messenger friends to wait until they are working. They want to work because they have a bright vision for a successful company.

2nd Pre-employment evaluation is applied. Effective use of modern online pre-employment surveys identifies potential e-mail abusers. Integrity and work ethics provide clear indications of the willingness of the applicant to abuse corporate policies.

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