Email – today is the most preferred business communication tool – provides a simple, efficient and affordable way to develop, manage, and maintain relationships, and deliver products and services. Let's briefly consider that license-based e-mail marketing has a positive impact on:

* Brand Awareness

* Market Research

* Web Traffic

* Prospect Leads

* Loyalty

Consciousness. E-mail creates a trademark by promoting the company's name, appearance, feel, and appearance. Users now use HTML e-mail for text emails. HTML e-mail allows the inclusion of logos and other corporate images to revitalize the existing brand.

Increasing market intelligence. Permission-based email allows you to easily assess your current customer base to get feedback on your site, customer service, products, and services. With this initial survey, you can measure how attitudes and awareness change over time. With the capabilities of professional email programs, you can segment the results and differentiate between existing and latest customers. Such results help to change marketing and PR efforts.

Drive your site traffic. Your site can be one of the most important tools for acquiring and retaining customers. People need to visit the site to book them as clients or to include them in other services. E-mail marketing programs can create new visitors to your site and re-create your customers.

Creating Leads. A worthy e-mail newsletter or a high-value promotional offer can be an incentive to persuade prospects to enter your email address. Once they have their address, they can initiate a dialogue that will lead to the acquisition and retention of the right customers. Profitable Clients.

Build loyalty. In our opinion, the most important feature of the e-mail program is building loyalty. Licensing-based communication enables customer loyalty and client loyalty triggers a number of positive events

* market share gains because the acquisition costs are amortized, allowing the customer's lifetime [19659002] * Some studies show that six times greater customer acquisition to keep one

* Harvard Business Review reports that only five percent reduction in customers' mistakes could lead to up to 35 percent profitability growth [19659002] * Sustainable growth continues because it has a solid foundation there are customers who attract others

* to attract better staffers who, in turn, offer better value to customers

There is no good reason why unlicensed email marketing to release the power of customer relationships.

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