My email address is imperfect the most bad thing in this world that you can throw it on. Yours ?.

I know a secret. This secret raises an important question: "How do you create a bulletproof email address?" The short answer in my opinion is "Yes". However, there is still an educational problem you will get before it becomes impenetrable against abuses. The biggest bullying currently is Spam. But before I go on, let me explain a few things. Well, nothing is technical.

From a human point of view, we are inclined to share things. We also assume that our friends will not let us down or let us in the wrong situation. Right? In most cases, this is true until you mix an email address into the mix.

So let's go back and look at the picture from a different perspective.

We know our friends will not let us down, so how do spammers send our most personal address to our computer. Think. Think. Think. Think.

Have you ever seen these websites where you join, and do you think this is the coolest thing since IM? Oh wait! You may be asked to invite something. Did one of your friends have typed your e-mail address into a web form? Hmmm … What would be the forum or even a newsgroup?

Ok. You really want to know what the perfect email address is.

Let's recap.

The left of "@" is typically a mailbox. This means that within the e-mail server where the domain name is found, it contains mailboxes. That is true. This is where your actual email arrives.

So most of the time you or your friends share this mailbox name with others along with the domain name you are in.

So think about it. Would you let your keys outside your house for anyone to use when you say you throw a package when you were not home? No, you would not.

But we did this with our e-mail address. The biggest difference is that the trash can come to a mailbox. They can not do anything, they can only do our storage.

So how do you create an email address that will remain completely private?

Do you remember in a previous article that my domain name is Do you really think so? My friends will not send email to my buddy @ domain. My bsheerer @ domain name is not used either. You are my friend? Not yet. See how secret you are. My friends know.

No. I do not pull your feet, please read the left side.

My friends know exactly where I live. Like house number and street name. This is my secret.

123-mystreet @

You can change the "123-mystreet" to all that is more personal.

Not yet finished, so read it.

Here's what I did.

first Number: I bought my domain name. Yes, that's a cost and you need a hosting account for a service provider.

2nd Number: I configure the catch all configurations.
The Dotsters definition is: " You have the option to set up your Mail service to handle mails that reach users who do not exist in the domain (s), send certain messages or redirect mail to a specific e- mail "

If someone sends me an email, you need to know my secret left. If they try to figure it out, they'll go to all the configurations of my catch. I can still get it, but it's easier to get rid of OutLook or OutLook Express. Usually they send them to my public e-mail address such as Yahoo or Google.

3rd Number: After the catch-all has been set up, I set up my mailbox. Yes mailboxes. This is where it will be entertaining. My friends know that I change the left side of my domain name from time to time, but they also know the term that should only be added to the topic.

4th Number: Here's what I'm doing when you get an e-mail address. Let's say I'm going to the web site of the Google AdSense Internet Absolute Best Payer. Let's say your site's email address is to be added to my list. No problem.

If this is a site I still want to receive at my e-mails or sales point, I will create a new mailbox address for AdSensePro @ But before I do this, they will go all the way to my doom until they prove to be worth getting into.

Then I created rules in OutLook Express to grab the email when I hit my AdSense email folder.

Up to now. No spam. No email virus. And no problem.

Does it make any sense? I hope so. If you are a dedicated Native citizen, you should think outside of the box. I hope this process is so far out on the box to keep the people I want and the circle of my friends.

If you think this article is unique, you will never guess what's on the body.

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